Akari Ichijo (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Fu Reisen - Near opponent, press Back or N or Forward + C + D

Denmen Katsuru Yadoyou - During jump and near opponent, press Back or N or Forward + C + D

Unique Moves

Akiru Hae Hataki - Press Back + C

>Akiru Makineri - Press Forward + C

>Tendon Hodou no Hakushin - Press Press Down + C

Special Moves

Shikigami Tenku - QCF + A or C

Tenmon Hoshi No Meguri - Press Down, Up + B or D

>Tenmon Tenzuru Hokuto - Press Down, Up + B or D (SC)

Gaiki KiyoHime - Near opponent, HCB + A or C

Koumyou Isoi - RDP + A or B or C (0.5 stock required)

Akiru Homitsuke - During jump, press Down + B

>Akiru Shaban Tobashi - Press Up Back or Up or Up Forward + A

>Akiru Mari - Press Up + B

>Akiru Mari Otoshi - Press Down + B

>Akiru Bonchinri - Press Up + D

Akiru Hayakuke - QCB + B or D

>Kagetsu Tsudodo Shippori - Press A or C (SC)

>Kagetsu Tsukaiyako no Haukibashi - Press B or D

>Kagetsu Tsureisen - Near opponent, press C + D

>Akiru Sokukage Yamu - Press Back Back

Fushimei Gobau Reikoujin - DP + A or B or C or D

>Akiru Mari Koroge - Hold A or B or C

Repel Moves

Tenmon Yadoyou no Shizuko - Press Forward + B + D

>Tenmon Shikosei no Douhyou - Press B + D

>Rantayuu 13 - QCF + A or C

Tenmon Tenkyuu no Kazuato - Press Back + B + D

>Tenmon Shousei no Douhyou - Press B + D

Tenmon Shouyou no Hirameki - During jump, press Forward + B + D

Desperation Moves

Shikigami Rikugou - QCB Down Back QCF + A or C

Shikigami Hyakkiyakou - QCF QCF + A or C (2 stocks required)


Akari NGBC Primer I(by Dark Geese):

Akari has some of the best standing jabs in the game. Her bnb mixup is the following:

A. st. ax2 to hcb+p command grab (Hit)

B. Hcb+p Command Grab

-C.Cr.B to Command Grab (Low)

This alone will get you far...esp since her jabs are very good and stuff a lot of stuff on wakeup.

Strat rules about Akari

-Rule #1: As great and funny as the Ghost Train super (Level 2 qcfx2 p) is its only really useful in combovideos and in certain situations. I wouldnt use it unles they are reall low on health and I'd use it as an anti Air or off "certain situations" I'd get into later.

Rule #2- Use her parries instead or even better..down, up +D, to her guaranteed followup which is down, up and the same kick button pressed for the original move to get her addon which the opponent CANNOT tech and you can super cancel into qcbhcf+C Ride the Dragon Super. This is perfect for countering Tung's Dive Kick also as she actually is a good counter for Tung just because of this shit.... doing two of these into Super Cancel Ride the Dragon is hella better and more damage plus more practical than ONE LEVEL 2 GHOST TRAIN..

I learnt this after a good while playing with her.

Last part for the first Primer- The infamous Guardcrush Loop-

Theres a Single and Double Guardcrush Loop as well as more advanced tricks like Karacancel Loops..but for now the Single GuardCrush Loop is:

- [Cr.C to begin, qcb+k command run, ], then repeat brackets.