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Alessi's Stand power is to turn his enemies into defenseless children, allowing him to beat them up with impunity. He's hopelessly cowardly when fighting anyone bigger then him, and his fighting style reflects this. Alessi is a difficult character to do any real damage with without transforming your opponent via his specials or supers, but he can do a lot of damage if he gets his opponent transformed.

Moves List


 Joystick Position
       7 8 9      
       4 5 6      
       1 2 3      
A == Light Attack
B == Medium Attack
C == Heavy Attack
S == Stand button
T == Taunt/Start button
AA == Any two attack buttons (pressed at the same time)
3P == All three attack buttons (pressed at the same time)

Normal Moves

Stand mode off

5.A - A simple forward jab. Fairly quick, but as Alessi doesn't really have any combo potential outside of tandems this is nothing more than the most basic of combo starters.

2.A - Low version of above.

5.B - Shin kick. Hasn't got much range or speed. Must be blocked low.

2.B - A slower punch version of 2.A. Little practical use outside of tandem and extending his damage after tandem. Can be linked from 5.A dash cancel (663) into dash 2.A 5.A 5.C xx tandem.

5.C - Alessi shoves his opponent with both arms. Your basic link ender into a tandem or his pistol.

2.C - Sethan swings an axe around Alessi, very close to the ground, in a circular motion that can also hit behind you. Fast sweep that can be linked into from 5.A and dash 2.C. It deals decent chip damage when canceled into pistol.

Jumping A (7/8/9A) - An aerial 5.B. Basic jump-in that hits ever so slightly lower than jumping C. One of the few decent moves in the game that can cross-up and link into tandem.

Jumping B (7/8/9B) - Sethan pokes upwards with his axe. Decent air-to-air but not reliable enough to not trade most the time.

Jumping C (7/8/9C) - Sethan punches downwards. His better air-to-air move when challenging short hops and can instant overhead most the cast.

Dashing 5.A (66A) - Same as 5.A. You link into this from 5.A then attempt a tick throw or cancel into 236AA to bait a throw tech, these only work as one time gimmicks.

Dashing 5.B (66B) - Same as 5.B. Slow and you should be using dash 2.A or 2.C instead for dashing lows/pressure.

Dashing 5.C (66C) - Same as standing 5.C. Can cancel into pistol or confirm into tandem if you're reactions are quick.

Dashing 2.A (663A) - Alessi slides with his 2.A. It has decent range and hits low. Another one of his main links to confirm into tandem. Can usually catch people trying to move after pushblocking your 8.C.

Dashing 2.B (663B) - Sliding 2.B. It covers the same distance as 663A but can't confirm into anything.

Dashing 2.C (663C) - Sliding 2.A/B. This travels the furthest of his dashing lows. A decent poke and tandem confirm, can also link into 2.C for a knockdown.

Stand mode on

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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