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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6C-Upward arm hit-Alex swings his arm in an upward angle. If this hits the enemy, this will cause the enemy to fly in a slight stagger. You can follow up with his Air Knee Smash (623A/B/C) or with a mix-up using his Stun Gun Headbutt Super (421+Any two attack buttons).

Special Moves

  • Flash Chop-236A/B/C-Alex takes his arm and does a horizontal slash at the enemy. Each version has its own speed as to how fast Alex does this special, different damage output, and how long the enemy's back will face you. The A version comes out pretty quickly while the enemy's back is briefly seen (~2,800 Billion Damage), the B version is slightly slower (barely) and the enemy's back is out longer than the A version (~3,120 Billion Damage), and the C version takes the longest for Alex to perform this special, but the enemy's back is facing Alex for about 2 seconds (~3,440 Billion Damage). If the enemy is hit by Alex's Flash Chop, the enemy's back will face Alex. This is good to use in a ground combo (particularly B (but you should Baroque if you are going to combo with Alex alone, or use your Assist to continue the combo)) because you can cancel Flash Chop into any of his supers. If you Flash Chop into his Power Bomb (11 Billion Damage), Alex will throw the enemy differently compared to just Power Bombing the enemy by itself (around 7,500 Billion Damage). This rule also applies to his Hyper Bomb super, instead of the three slams that Alex does by itself (around 26 Billion Damage), with a Flash Chop -> Hyper Bomb, he does 5 body slams (around 28 Billion Damage).
  • Machine Gun Chop-236C (Hold C down for full effect)-A fully charged version of Flash Chop, Alex takes about 3 seconds to charge his hand. Once his hand is fully charged, he swings his arm at his enemy; if the enemy his hit by Machine Gun Chop, Alex will do 21 hits of karate chop fury, causing great damage (around 17 Billion damage). This may be possible to combo this special with the proper Assist, or after a Stun Gun Headbutt. Machine Gun Chop is unblockable.
  • Slash Elbow-Charge 4 for a few seconds, then 6A/B/C-Alex dashes towards his enemy with a fast elbow attack. Each version travels about half way across the screen but has its own effects. The A version travels half just hits the enemy (normally), the B version will knock the enemy down, while the C version will slam the enemy onto the wall (causing a wall bounce). The C version can be used in a combo (especially if you are close to the corner or if you Baroque right after the C version).If you time this combo correctly, you can launch your enemy into an air combo (which can lead to some nice damage output).
    • Drop Kick-During a timed Slash Elbow, 623C-Alex does a slamming drop kick out of the enemy. If you are close enough to enemy (usually near the corner), you can forcefully switch your enemy's partner out. You will know if you have done this special move correctly because Alex would have done the special, and a message would appear (Snap back!). You can use this in a ground combo.
  • Power Bomb-63214A/B/C (this can also be done in the air)-Alex's grab. There are two versions on the ground. The special by itself will have Alex grab the enemy, jump high in the air with the enemy in a bear hug, and slam the enemy onto the ground. The other version is with the Flash Chop (you may need to Baroque this if the Flash Chop is too fast)-> Power Bomb. This will have Alex do a reversal throw on the enemy, slamming the enemy head first to the ground. In the air, it's great to use to end your air combo with Alex because it causes knock down, and does a lot of damage.
  • Air Stampede-Charge 2 for a few seconds, then 8A/B/C-Alex does a powerful jump in the air and slams right on the enemy's head. Each version travels about half way across the screen. This can be combo off 2C -> Air Stampede. Use this as a "cross-up" or to trick your opponent (you can trick your opponent with this special because your opponent may block the wrong way, giving you a free hit).
  • Air Knee Smash-623A/B/C (this can be done in the air)-Alex jumps into the air and grabs the enemy with his legs, and slams them onto the ground. Each version has its height differences. The A version travels about regular jumping height, the B version travels about the height when you launch your enemy into the air (3C height), and the C version travels about a super jump height. You can use this in an air combo; however, this does less damage than his Power Bomb. Use Air Knee Smash as an anti-air and a way to surprise your opponent if he/she is "jump happy" (or jumps a lot during a match).

Super Moves

  • Boomerang Raid-236+Any two attack buttons-Alex does four Flash Chops, and ends the super with a reverse Power Bomb. This is great to use for a ground combo.
  • Stun Gun Headbutt-623+Any two attack buttons-Alex jumps in the air, and grabs the enemy's head. If he is successful, he does 5 headbutts which will dizzy the enemy. The dizzy lasts about 5-6 seconds. The two attack buttons you use determines how far Alex will travel with this super. If you use AB, Alex will travel about 1/4 across the screen, if you use AC, he will travel half way across the screen, and if you use BC, Alex will travel about 2/3rds across the screen. You can use this in a ground combo (usually after using A/B Flash Chop or with the proper Assist).
  • Hyper Bomb-(Level 3-63214789 (i.e. 360 motion)+Any two attack buttons)-Alex has two versions of his level 3 super. By itself, he will do three powerful slams on the enemy (and does around 26 Billion Damage), whereas if you use this super right after A/B Flash Chop, Alex will do 5 reverse body slams on the enemy (does around 28 Billion Damage). This is a great level 3 super to use in a ground combo or to punish your opponent when he/she makes a mistake.

As An Assist

Alex jumps in and does his A Flash Chop. You can use this in a ground combo. His Assist is fine for corner combos, because you can continue to hit the enemy and potentially save a Baroque set up.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy