Alice (ROTD)

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Command Moves

(n)fwd A - Puts her hands together and steps forward to deal 3 hits. Good range

          and is comboable after her strong attacks.  

Cancelable at any hit.

(n)air dwn B - Puts her legs together for a stomp like move.

Knocks the opponent down when hit.

Her qcb K can be done after it(it won't hit 'coz it knocks opponent down).

Special Moves

(n)Eat it - qcb A/C.

She swings both her arms down like a double sledgehammer move.

A version is fast and comboable.

C version is slow but has overhead properties and hits twice(2nd hit knocks down).

(n)Rising Hell - DP A/C.

She raises her hand and a wave of purple energy comes out from the ground.

Decent anti air.

Button pressed determines where the wave would come out.

A is right next to her while C is 3/4 screen distance away from her.

(a)Twinkle Twinkle - qcf A/C.

Her version of Geese/Rock's Reppuken/Double Reppuken.

C version fires 2 seperate projectiles consecutively.

Stuns the opponent a bit long.

(a)Heads off - air qcb B/D.

She does a knee dive with purple energy.

Knockaway and comboable after any of her air normals or air command move.

Super Moves

(n)Red Rose - hcb fwd A/C. She makes a purple shield in front of her.

If it touches the opponent, he gets stunned and she will fire a huge blast of purple energy.

This also acts like a counter super.

If ANY attack(including projectiles and super projectiles) hits the purple shield, it will negate the opponent's attack and she'll proceed to fire a huge blast of purple energy.

Super Tag


First Impact combos:
Ground - A, A, C, C, C
Air - B, A, C, D, D

My B&B Combo:
Jump D, close D, fwd A(3 hits), qcf A or C/DP A/qcb A

Her ground moves have good recovery... almost zero lag. Even her super pushes
opponents back far when blocked. So abuse the recovery of her moves.

Other combos:
-Jump D, hop forward D, air dwn B
-Jump D, close D, fwd A(3 hits), hcb fwd A/C

Infinite combo(courtesy of neokbron):
-CD, air B, A, C, D, D, dwn B(miss), repeat from CD.
I suggest you refrain from using this one, but use its structure on some of your FI combos.

Trick Combos:
-Jump D, dwn B, fwd A, qcb C
-dwn B, qcb A, qcb C.

Wall Combos:
-Jump D, close D, fwd A, DP A, qcb upbck B(miss), hits wall, CD, air B, A, C, D, D, dwn B(miss), CD A, A, C, C, C, hcb fwd C. 24 hits, approximately 70% damage.
(needs at least 2 and 1/2 levels of super meter)
-Jump D, Close D, fwd A, hcb fwd C, hits wall, dash in hcb fwd A. 14 hits, approximately 55% damage