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Alsion III is a king of Egypt that summons the power of Anubis to stretch his limbs and teleport. It is unknown what his true name is; rumors suggest it could be Allison.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Alsion has a different "back + attack" command move for all of his standing attacks. He has no close version normal attacks. In the air, he has a "down + attack" for each of his aerial attacks. Only the worthwhile or special moves of this nature are discussed below.

  • Teleport Dash - f,f or b,b. Alsion will teleport a fixed distance. He can pass through moves, even projectiles, if timed correctly. It is not invulnerable the whole time.
  • Throw - f or b + HP while close
  • Air throw - f or b + HP/HK close while both players are airborne
  • Overhead Punch - LP + HP. Alsion does an overhead that brings him off the ground. He can dodge low moves and strike the opponent with this move.
  • Overhead Kick - LK + HK. Alsion does a 2-hit kick where the second hit is an overhead. Unless done extremely close, it is breakerable in between. The first hit is cancellable whereas the second hit is not, making this move overall worthless.
  • Stretchy Sweep - b + HK. Alsion does a low-hitting knockdown move that makes him airborne. While airborne, you can input any aerial move, even specials. Pretty good priority but really weak range.
  • Standing Low Kick - b + LK. This move hits low and is special cancellable.

Special Moves

  • Knee Attack - qcf + K on ground or in the air. The HK version causes knockdown, and the LK version comes out quicker. The LK version is used in combos. This is a bad move to use alone.
  • Teleport Drop - qcb + K on ground or in the air. Overhead. The LK version of this move will cause Alsion to teleport directly above himself; the HK version will make him move a little bit forward and can even cross up. It very low priority and is simple to beat or even block and punish. It does however allow for comboability via super if it hits. It has an invulnerable start up, like Alsion's dash, but using it like a dragon punch can be risky.
  • Poison - hcf + P. This cloud is a projectile that causes the opponent to go flying backwards if it hits. The LP version stays out for a shorter time and is almost stationary. The HP version stays out for quite a long time and travels forward slowly, about half a screen length. Alsion recovers from this move when the cloud disappears, even if it is destroyed by another fireball. If this hits in the corner, Alsion can combo a super from it.

Super Moves

  • Combo Super - qcb, qcb + P. Alsion does a quick combo on the opponent. Alsion's breaker attack with starting invulnerability. Not quite safe on block, but almost. Can be comboed into from a few moves including b+LK, cr.LK, and Overhead Punch.
  • Anubis - qcf, qcf + P, then mash when it hits. Alsion summons Anubis to grab the opponent. If this projectile hits, start mashing to do more damage. He can combo this from a few moves including j.LK, j.d+LK, and Teleport Drop.

The Basics

  • Notable Normals
    • Standing B - A kick. This is a very far reaching, very fast poke. It has no combo options and doesn't do much damage but it has high priority and will stuff a lot of moves.
    • Standing C - Two-armed slap. More damage than st.B but slower. Has a bigger vertical hitbox.
    • Standing D - A big kick with a glowing foot. This is an excellent move for destroying jump-ins when used fairly early.
    • Crouching D - This move doesn't hit low but it has massive reach.
    • Crouching C - This move must be blocked low and pushes the opponent very far away on hit. Can go under some fireballs to strike the opponent.
    • Crouching B/Back + B - Low combo starters that both combo into Knee Attack (qcf + K).
    • Back + D - A short-range sweep that puts Alsion in the air, where he can do normals and specials.
    • Overhead Punch, LP+HP - Can be comboed after with cr.B xx Knee Attack. Use sparingly!
    • Jumping C - A great big slap that is pretty high priority.
    • Jumping D - A great big kick that is pretty high priority.
  • Crossups
    • Dashing - Alsion can dash through opponents. This leaves him pretty vulnerable but it can be quite tricky.
    • Teleport Drop, qcb + K - The D version of Teleport Drop can cross up the opponent. Used after dashes it can be very confusing!
    • Jumping down + D - This crosses up, but there really isn't a reason or a good time to use this with Alsion, especially considering how slow he is while jumping.
  • Meterless Combos
    • cr.LK/b+LK xx Knee Attack (LK version) - Standard combo.
    • Overhead Punch (LP+HP), cr.LK xx Knee Attack (LK version) - Standard combo done from overhead punch. Not breakerable if done quickly.
    • back + HP xx Poison/Knee Attack (LK version) - This combo is useless, but it is here! If you land a back + HP without meter, do this.
    • Jumping LK anywhere,/Jumping down+LK in corner, land, back+C xx Knee Attack (LK version) - Jumping LK and jumping down+LK both float the opponent on hit, making this combo possible.
  • Combos with Meter
    • Teleport Drop, either super - When you land a Teleport Drop, the opponent goes flying. You can combo into either of his supers this way. All hits of his combo super WILL hit, and it is easier to land than Anubis. Since Anubis does more damage, try to combo into Anubis if the opponent is in the corner or you hit the opponent while they are airborne midscreen. Otherwise, do the combo super.
    • back+B/cr.B xx either super - Optional LP+HP Overhead Punch or jump-in attack before this, not really his best way to use super bar but this combo is here if you'll kill with it.
    • Jumping LK anywhere/Jumping down+LK in corner, land, back+C xx Knee Attack (HK version), Anubis/Combo Super. - Same deal as the combo in the previous section, just with a super at the end. Anubis will hit fat characters at midscreen but not regular sized characters. Combo super will hit all characters anywhere on the screen. Do Anubis if you can for more damage.
    • In corner, Poison, either super - Combo off a poison in the corner! Decent since poison is a safe meaty in the corner and easy to hit-confirm into super.

Advanced Strategy

How does Alsion III play?

Alsion III is a zoning and gimmick character. You should try to keep your opponent out when you want them out, and bait them into getting hit when they come in. Alsion has to be extremely careful because once an opponent gets in on him he has next to nothing to deal with them outside of his Combo Super as a breaker. He excels in gimmicks with his Teleport Drop and dash. Dashing around a downed opponent and hitting them with an unexpected crossup Teleport Drop can be a great mixup when used sparingly. Using Teleport Drop in the air to bait anti-airs is also super-gimmicky but can lead to great damage as well! He has more gimmicks than this, more will be listed in "Random Tips."


Combo Super is Alsion's best breaker move. It has invuln for the startup and hits extremely fast and combos all the way on airborne opponents. Teleport Drop can be an excellent breaker when used extremely sparingly, as it can be very confusing. It also combos into super easily so it is great damage.


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