Android 17 (DBZ:B3)

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Generic <KK- for eating your opponent's pokes.

Generic >P+K nullifies and knocks down. It moves you forward if canceled.

<P is 16's with less range. You have to walk forward a little to score unblockables against rising sidesteps. <P<P^ is chargeable and leads to infinites. It seems he can't infinite wakeup backdashers, so just <PPPP for another knockdown.

>P is your fastest move. >P>P is chargeable and nullifies while active. >P>PPK^ is an infinite.

K<K is a chargeable nullifying tracking knockdown. This is useful for 17 because knockdowns obviously lead to unblockables. KK<K^ is an infinite.

Energy Field punishes sidesteps if you're quick. It can't be teleported. It moves you back a little bit which may make attacks whiff. If you connect Energy Field low enough to make your opponent slide, you have time for an unblockable.

combo demo

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