Annie (ROTD)

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Air throw - fwd C in air near opponent

Command Moves

(n)fwd B - 2 hit lounging knee.

Comboable after her strong normals.

Cancelable on both hits.

Special Moves

(n)Zuum - qcf A/C.

Dashes in and performs a horizontal chop.

Knocks away opponent.

C version does 2 hits.

(a)Zuum Cross - DP A/C.

She does a chop-like uppercut.

C version makes her do a rolling attack(1 hit) downward in a 45 degree angle after the uppercut.

She has good recovery after the C version, but its still punishable.

(n)Ichi Ni San - hcb B/D. She dahes in, if it connects, she holds the opponent, slaps them 4 times and kicks them upward.

Opponent must be on ground when you hit them with the initial dash in hit, or else the rest won't connect.

this move only combos after the first hit of her fwd B.

Close D, fwd B(1 hit), hcb B connects.

Team Duplex starter combos after this move ANYWHERE on screen.

Cross Sword Super connects after this move only in corners.

(a)Comet - air qcf A/C.

She throws a purple shiruken shaped projectile that electricutes enemies.

Button pressed determines the angle of the projectile.

(a)Cat Attack - hcb A/C. She jumps toward the opponent with her knees out.

If it hits, she'll get on the opponent and scratch thier face 4 times then lets go.

Only A version is comboable.

C version jumps higher and has more range.

Super Moves

(n)(a)Cross Sword - qcb x 2 A/C. She charges a big star shaped energy on her head then throws it.

C version throws 2 big star shaped energy projectiles.

Both versions can be delayed by holding the A or C button.

When you delay this, the big energy she's holding can't be air blocked.

But once you release it, it can be air blocked.

Also, her upper body is invincible to attacks when this is delayed.

Great anti air.

Super Tag


First Impact combos:
Ground - A, A, B, C, C
Air - A, A, B, D, C

My B&B combo:
Jump D, Close D, fwd B(2 hits), qcf A.

Other combos:
-Jump D, Close D, fwd B(2 hits), hcb A
-Jump D, Close D, fwd B(1 hit), hcb B/D, DC C
-Jump D, Close D, fwd B(1 hit), hcb B/D, qcb x 2 A/C(corner only)

Trick Combos:
-Jump D, dwn B, hop forward D, air qcf A. If air qcf A hits, continue with any of her combos starting with close D.

Wall Combos:
-Jump D, Close D, fwd B(1 hit), hcb B, DP C, qcf A(miss), hits wall, CD, A, A, B, C, C, qcb x 2 A. 19 hits, approximately 55% damage.
(needs at least 2 levels of super meter at start)
-Jump qcf A, close D, fwd B(1 hit), hcb B, qcb x 2 C, qcf A(miss), hits wall, CD, A, A, B, C, C, qcb x 2 A. 20 hits, approximately 65% damage.