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"Hmph! Without my fans, I just can't get into this." By:Balrog/M. Bison, aka Boxer



This guy with the boxing gloves is Balrog(M. Bison in the japanese version), but let's call him just Boxer, to prevent confusion. If you used him in any Street Fighter game, you'll probably know that he is a charge character, but there is a difference between the SF games, and this game. Here, he is bad. Bad enough to be low tier(I think Dan can stand a chance against him). Now for his pros and cons:

The Champ's Good and Bad things

Good Things:

  • Has nice normals to use as pokes/footsies;
  • Has decent charge attacks(I mean, he has only charge moves);
  • He got an anti-air that can juggle your opponent;
  • Exceed does good damage(Like most of the others in the game, but it will help him);
  • His TAP(Turn-around punch) can dodge some moves(Only the mid and low-hitting ones);
  • Has a very fast dash;
  • Has easy, short, but effective combos to use in a match;

Bad things:

  • Very hard to master(You can use his strats from other games, but I can't say that they will work);
  • Has no Command Moves(When I said that he has only charge moves, I wasn't lying);
  • Most of his Special and Super Moves can be countered easily;
  • Exceed has short reach;
  • Although the TAP can dodge some moves, it can't dodge Super projectiles(Probably because most of them are big);
  • Has no long range options;
  • And no good air options(Meaning that he can't jump freely, unless if he can get a stun);
  • Has no long combos(I think he has one, but it will be hard to do, I'm pretty sure, because you'll charge almost everytime).

Moves List

Normal Moves

Boxer's normals are very useful(The ground ones, I mean). You can try using some them on footsies, due to their nice speed.

s.LP - The Far and the Close versions are the same. Just a simple punch that can chain into itself, other Light Attacks, and can be normal canceled. Whiffs on small crouching chars.
s.LK - The Far and the Close versions are the same. A cancelable punch that cannot chain into any Light Attack, but won't whiff on small crouching chars.
s.HP - (Far) A great attack for poking. Very fast, won't whiff on low crouching chars(Although it can look like), but cannot be normal canceled. (Close) Move for combos, but most of Boxer's combos will be while crouching, probably.
s.HK - (Far) Another poke. Very fast too, and Boxer will walk a little forward while performing this move. Cannot be normal canceled. (Close) Can be used like the cl.HP.

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same with all of the jumping attacks. Just a simple punch, very uselesst too, Boxer has better options(I can't even say that the other options are good).
j.LK - Exactly the same as the above.
j.HP - Just a jump attack with good damage. Boxer doesn't need to jump that much, so this move is nearly useless for him.
j.HK - On Boxer's jumping normals, this is the only one that can crossup the opponent. Nothing special.

cr.LP - Like the s.LP, but won't whiff on small crouching chars(Obviously). You can use this on combos instead of the standing one.
cr.LK - A punch that hits low. Strangely enough, this move cannot be normal canceled, and cannot chain into the other Light Attacks.
cr.HP - Anti-air. Good to use when you're charging down-back, and your opponent wants to do a jump attack on you, or on some punish combos. Can be normal canceled too.
cr.HK - A punch that hits low and knocks down. Only that. Cannot be normal canceled too, and it lacks reach.

Special Moves

(Important note: All of Boxer's Special Moves can be MAX canceled, leading to some good, but hard to do - due to the charge - loops, and some of them can be supercanceled in MAXIMUM Mode, but I can't say that all of them can be MAX canceled into supers, if you could prove, add on the.)

Buffalo Head

  • Charge d, u+P - One of Boxer's classic anti-airs. It has some invincibility frames on the startup, which makes it a good move to use, but isn't good on combos(Due to the startup).

Wild Smash

  • Charge d, u+K - Boxer will do a punch aiming up. The LK won't do anything special, but the HK version will juggle your opponent if it hits, and this is the version that you will use on combos/anti-airs, but watch out, because Boxer will move forward during the move(On each version), which can make the anti-air fail.

Dash Straight

  • Charge b, f+P - Another classic move! Boxer will dash, and do a punch after a little time(This is determined by the button pressed). Good to use on combos too. There is a good trick that you can use with move buffering to make Boxer dash more forward. First, charge back/down-back. Now, do a dash, and press P, Boxer will do the special move after the dash, making him move more forward! This can be used with other characters with charge moves too, and this works with Boxer's other charge moves too! You'll need this strategy in his game. The move can whiff on some crouching chars too.

Dash Upper

  • Charge b, f+K - It can be a classic move, and it's like the move above, but Boxer will do an uppercut after the dash. It will whiff on small crouching chars.

Dash Ground Straight

  • Charge b, df+P - Boxer will do the dash again, but he will do a punch that hits low, and knocks down after the dash. Good to use as a surprising move, and only that.

Dash Ground Upper

  • Charge b, df+K - Like the Dash Upper above, but won't whiff on small crouching chars, and will knock your opponent down.

Turn Punch (aka Turn-around Punch, or simply TAP)

  • Hold PP or KK, and after 2 seconds(Or more) release - This is the move! You probably know how it works, just hold two punch/kick buttons, and after some time, release them. The longer you charge, more damage it will do. It can be MAX canceled into supers too, and while you're charging the two buttons, you can charge back/down-back too, it's not that hard to do. While Boxer is in the "Turn-around" animation, he will dodge mid, and low-hitting moves(Including projectiles).

Super Moves

Crazy Buffalo

  • Charge b, f, b, f+P- Boxer will do a series of punches, finishing with a "NO ESCAPE!" punch. It's said that Boxer has good combos involving this super if the last hit whiffs, but I'm not sure about that.
    • Press/Hold K - The punches will turn into uppercuts, but do it only if you think that it's cool, because it won't add damage, or something like that. The last hit won't be changed while you're pressing a kick button.

Gigaton Blow

  • Charge b, f, b, f + Kick - Boxer will do a straight punch that can do up to 9 hits. You can juggle your opponent on the corner after this move. I think Boxer has a damaging combo with this super involved too... And I think it's the same mentioned in the other Super. I'll search for it later.


Ultimate Smash

  • Charge db, df, db, uf+KK - Boxer will dash a little forward and then he will do a punch. This move is his most damaging, and will cause a hard knockdown on the opponent. Problems with the input? You can try to Charge df, HCB, uf+KK, it should be easier for you.

The Basics

Boxer's Gameplan

Balrog isn't a jumper, just know that(Jump only if your opponent is stunned/in a punishable state). Just know your best anti-airs(Like the cr.HP, and the Charge d, u moves) and you'll be fine. If you need to punish, do it with any damaging combo below. For his combos, they aren't that hard, and Boxer can do good damage when he needs. Only that. Good luck in your matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Boxer's combo options are very good, but I'll put here only some notable combos. You can add some more possible ones if you know some more.

1- [Jump Attack(You won't need it, but... Use it if you need to)] cr.HP(While charging db), (After the Charge) f/df+P/K - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

Good combo to begin. The best finishers for it are probably the df+P/K, because they will do a knockdown, and won't whiff on some crouching chars.

2- [Jump Attack] cr.HP(While charging b/db), (After the Charge) u+HK(While charging b/db), (After the Charge) f+P/K - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

Variaton of the first one, but with a little more damage. Nothing very special with this combo.

3- [Jump Attack(Only works on a crossup)] cr.LK, cr.LP(While charging db), (After the Charge) Any Super - 7/9 hits(Depends of the Super used); 8/10 with a Jump Attack

Just Boxer showing what he can do using his hands with a low starter. You can do the combo with some Special Moves too, but the Supers are just more damaging. Well... I said that the cr.LK can't chain into other Light Attacks, and that's true. That above, is actually a link(Chain isn't the same thing as a link). I'll put another example of a link below.

4- [Jump Attack(Same thing as the above)] cl.HK(While holding b), f.HK, Any Super - 7/9 hits(Depends of the Super used); 8/10 with a Jump Attack

That's it, another link. It's possible too, I can assume. Like the combo above, this can work with some Special Moves too. Move buffering with a dash can help you with this combo.

5- [Jump Attack] cr.HP(While charging b/db), (After the Charge) u+HK(While charging b/db), (After the Charge) f, b, f+K(Early), (You can charge b/db while on the corner), (After the optional charge) f, b, f+P(Hold K here, just in case you miss the timing) - (Up to, with the two supers) 16 hits; 17 with a Jump Attack

One of Boxer's most damaging combos! More than one bar of health in damage terms and two damaging Special Moves on only one combo! The sad part is that you'll need to have two levels in your meter. But don't worry with that! If you don't know what to do in MAXIMUM Mode, you can use this combo, because you won't lose your two levels, and you'll be happy with the damage!

6- [Jump Attack] cr.HP(While charging db), (After the Charge) Exceed - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

Another damaging combo, but used mostly for punish situations, or while your opponent is stunned. It has almost the same damage as the combo above, and you won't lose meter. Don't worry if you think that "It's so hard", because you have a shortcut for the Exceed.

Advanced Strategy

A little help for that combo

Oh, you tried to land that damaging combo with two supers on the corner, but only have one level? Don't worry! You still can do something after the Super! We'll do what we call a "reset". "What is this?" Well, after most of the Supers, your opponent would be knocked down, right? But and for the moves with juggle properties, what would you do? Watch your opponent fall down? Of course, no. I'll just try to add damage, because it's a combo, you can't waste any opportunity. So let's just add a normal after the Super on the corner, it would be like this:

[Jump Attack] cr.HP(While charging b/db), (After the Charge) u+HK(While charging b/db), (After the Charge) f, b, f+K(Early), (If on the corner) s.HP(For damage) or cr.LP(If you want a faster move)

After the normal hits, your opponent will have a hit animation, and will land, but standing! That's where the mind games will begin. You have three options now(Or even more, you can create yours):

  • You can jump and do any air normal for an overhead attack, and after that, you can land almost any combo after it(Note: You're on the corner, you can't crossup, obviously);
  • You can do an empty jump(A jump without any jumping normal), and after you land, do a combo starting with a low or a low move itself(Can be dangerous depending of the character);
  • You can just do a low move/combo on the ground without jumping(Yeah, Boxer lacks a ground overhead).

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
I don't know many interesting combos in MAXIMUM Mode, but I saw a loop on a video(I don't know if it is really possible). If you know some more interesting combos, you can add them here.

1- Charge b/db, f+P, (MAX cancel it on the K version, MAX cancel it on the P version, and there we go) - n hits(Where n is the number of loops)

That's the loop, and I dunno if it's really possible, I just saw it on a video. Click here if you want to see it.

2- Charge KK/PP(While Charging b/db), Any super - 6/10 hits

Easy, and can be damaging(The damage is random due to the TAP). Use it on punish situations, or if you want, to counter certain projecties(The ones with bad startup/recovery). It doesn't work with the Exceed too.