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Marvel vs Capcom 2, like all fighting games, has a series of basic commands used to control a character's actions. These vary from normal moves, through special moves, to team moves or even ones with their own special abilities. Some of these commands are free, however others come at a cost of one or even up to five stocks of the super meter.

Normal Moves

On the controls there are six buttons, four of which control normal moves, being the first two columns. The top two are for punches and the bottom two for kicks. The first column, the Light attacks, acts differently from the second column, the Heavy attacks. Previous Marvel/Versus titles had six normal attacks, Light Punch, Light Kick, Medium Punch, Medium Kick, Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick. However in Marvel vs Capcom 2 there are only four buttons. What Capcom has done this time is combined the Light and Medium attacks into one button. On one press of the button a Light attack will come out, but a second press will throw out a Medium attack. It is not possible to draw a Medium attack unless the Light attack or, in some cases previous Medium attack, has connected with an opponent.

To make the Versus series more fast paced and combo-dependent, they added a feature known as the "magic series". The magic series is a rule that allows canceling between normal moves to create large, multiple hit combos. It has been in every Marvel/Versus game to date and has even been used in other Capcom titles. The magic series rule is as follows:

- Light Punch > Light Kick > Medium Punch > Medium Kick > Heavy Punch > Heavy Kick

This is the full magic series. The game allows players to chain all six attacks together in one combo, leaving the opponent unable to do anything until they fall out. Unfortunately not every character can do this full combo, but the rule still applies across the cast. In the air it's not always possible to do "Heavy Punch > Heavy Kick" because Heavy moves tend to have knockdown properties. Meaning, if the move connects with the opponent, the character being hit will be propelled away from the attacking character to the ground, causing the following attack, Heavy Kick in this case, to whiff (not hit). Using a knockdown attack causes a property called "Flying Screen" to take effect; this will be covered in the future.

- Light Punch > Medium Punch > Heavy Punch
- Light Kick > Medium Kick > Heavy Kick
- Light Punch > Light Kick > Medium Punch > Heavy Punch
- Light Punch > Medium Punch > Medium Kick > Heavy Kick

Shown here are other examples of what can be done with the magic series. All though it has to be in order, it is lenient enough to allow skipping attacks in the series of six, so it can be shortened to five, four, three or even two attacks. As long as it goes in order and the chosen character can do all five/six hits, it will be allowed.

Assist Attacks

Players not only have buttons to control a character's attacks, they also have two buttons that control the other two characters' moves, the third column. The top right button controls Assist one, the second character in the list and the bottom right button controls Assist two, the third character in the list. Upon character selection players pick three characters as well as an Assist Type. These Assist types determine what attack the partners will do when called. These come in various shapes and forms but tend to be one of their special moves. The only downside that is their moves aren't instant, as they jump in from off-screen, so take into consideration the delay as they enter the screen. Although they're an easy attack to whip out, they're still vulnerable to attack from the opponent, so great care should be taken.

There is an oddity with the Assist buttons that prevents them from working on the exact press of a button. An Assist will only be called when the button is released, but if held, they will not appear.