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Battle Fantasia is a fighting game released in 2007 by Arc System Works.


While Battle Fantasia is pretty much a beginner's fighting game, and it's certainly not a contender for Evo, it's still pretty legit nonetheless, and an interesting little game to be like "Hey, check this out" when you and your friends get together to play fighting games. The game's just-above-bare-bones gameplay and charming, RPG aesthetics definitely make it worth coming back to every once in a while.

Game Mechanics

Aside from all the basic fighting game systems, such as combos, juggles, supers (with some really awesome names might I add), a heat-up mode as an alternate use of meter, the game does have one mechanic that keeps it from being totally bare-bones: Gachi, which is essentially parrying. The interesting part is that it's mapped to a fifth-button, as opposed to any of the attack buttons or pressing forward at the correct time. However, if you do press forward as you parry, you'll launch the opponent back and into a wall-bounce, which is a tremendously satisfying way of basically landing a free super. Another interesting thing to note is that despite being made by ArcSys, the game's 4 attack buttons are mapped like an SNK game.

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

Tier List

Current Tier List as of 2009


S: Ashley
A: Cedric, Coyori
B: Watson, Face
C: Donvalve, Marco, Deathbringer, Odile
D: Freed, Urs
F: Olivia


S+: Ashley, Donvalve
S: Watson, Cedric, Coyori, Urs
B: Deathbringer, Olivia, Marco, Odile
D: Freed
F: Face

Information found on Dustloop Battle Fantasia Thread - [1]

Game Versions

The Characters