Billy (ROTD)

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Command Moves

(n)fwd B - Overhead axe kick. But this ones better 'coz its a knock away when you hit the opponent with this in the air. Made specially for juggle combos. Does not combo after his normals. Bufferable.

Special Moves

(a)Slash Cross - qcf A/C x 2. He slashes and creates a blue wave of energy.

A version becomes a full screen projectile after the 2nd qcf A which looks like heidern's cross cutter move.

C version creates a stationary 2 hit cross cutter in front of him,doing another qcf C will make billy throw it in a very short distance and send the opponent away in flames.
(a)(n)Ko Ryu Kyaku - DP B/D. Does a flying kick upwards.

D version does a slide kick, which must be blocked low, before the rising kick.

B version can easily be airblocked.

The D version however can only be air blocked if opponent is high in the air.
(n)Lightning Tail - qcf B/D. Rapid kicks into kick finisher.

Think Robert's multihit kick move.
(a)Blue Rage - qcb B/D. Does a horizontal flying kick that knocks opponent away.

D version can be done up to 3x and only the 3rd hit knocks away.

Both versions can be done in air.

On ground, D version only combos after fwd B.

Super Moves

(n)Back Slash - qcb hcf B/D. Does a somersault kick with a power geyser emission.

D version does 2 somersaults with 2 geyser emisions.

Great anti air

Super Tag


First Impact combos:
Ground - B, A, C, D, D
Air - A, B, B, C, D

My B&B Combo: Jump D, Close C(1 hit), qcf A/C

I use close C 1 hit only 'coz some of his moves only combo after the 1st hit. 2nd hit pushes opponent way back.

You can use qcf B/D, qcb B, DP B/D instead of qcf A/C.

Other combos:
-Jump D, hop forward D, air qcb B
-fwd B, qcb D x 2, close C(1 hits), qcf B/D
-fwd B, qcb D x 2, close C(2 hits), qcb hcf B/D

Trick Combos:
-Jump D, dwn B, fwd B, qcb D x 2, close C(2 hits), qcb hcf B/D
-Jump D, close D(1 hit), fwd B, DP D. (High-low trick)

Wall Combos:

-Jump D, close D(1 hit), qcf D, qcb B(miss), hits wall, CD, B, A, C, D, D, fwd B, qcb hcf B. 23 hits, approximately 45% damage
(needs at least 2 levels of super meter at start)
-Jump D, close D(2 hits), qcb hcf D, hits wall, CD, B, A, C, D, D, fwd B, qcb hcf B. 19 hits, approximately 70% damage.