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M. Bison can be considered upper mid tier or high tier depending on the source. He posesses fast, damaging pokes that can be used rapid fire to retain charge (stand mk, lk, hk), has a strong jumping game with mp (juggles 3x) crossup mk and neutral hk. Bison also has a powerful tick throw initiated by close lk. Bison also has a high jump that can help him avoid projectiles very easily. Unfortunately, he has only one true reversal, the Knee Press Nightmare, and he has very tough matchups with Chun Li and Honda in particular.

Move List

Double Knee Press: charge back, toward+any kick Psycho Crusher: Charge back, toward+any punch Skull Dive: Charge down, up+any punch Headstomp+Skulldive: Charge down, up+any kick then press punch (optional) Knee Press Nightmare: charge back, (quickly tap) toward, back, toward+any kick


General strategy for M Bison relies on cornering the opponent with his fast mk, cmk, jumping mpx3 and spaced knee presses. (they are safe on block from the correct distance, you can follow up with cmk, standing lk etc) Apply pressure safely with lk knee presses when your opponent is cornered, do your best to not let them out of this situation! Jumping HK works well in the corner to counter many attempts to escape, standing kicks mixed up with knee presses can virtually lock down the ground game. Begin to corner your opponent as soon as the match begins because much of his game occurs there.

Though the corner is never a nice place for a character to be, it is far worse for M Bison than any other character. Because he lacks a shoryuken, the Bison player has only a few ways to get out of the corner and most trade rather than beat moves cleanly. Psycho Crushers can be suprisingly good against certain attacks, for example it can sometimes beat lighting legs clean. Standing hp can also deal with jumping opponents, the slide can sometimes trade with projectiles in the corner.

Bison vs E Honda: Very bad matchup, if Honda can corner Bison there is little he can do to win. Bison has only one safe option against Honda and that is lp psycho crusher which beats most of Honda's moves clean. Honda is hard to tick throw because he can store Ochio faster. If Honda gets Bison into a corner without meter and scores a knockdown, Honda can clp Ochio until Bison dies. Best bet for victory: Try to keep him within the range of standing hk/mk and do anything possible to not get cornered, use lp psycho crusher to anticipate headbutts, buttslams etc.