Blade (EC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves


Inner Strength Moves

Mist Form A + C 5 hits, 3% dmg/hit
Bedazzle X + Y + Z 0% dmg
Manifest A + B + C 0% dmg
Doom Dog QCT B 3 hits, 5% dmg/hit
Ceiling Ram QCF C 10% dmg
Flying Wall Smash Charge B, F Z 13% dmg
Life Drain Charge B, F X + Y + Z 15% dmg

Skill Moves

Demon's Fang (in air) Charge B, F C 13% dmg
Rapid Fire Charge B, F B + C 5 hits, 3% dmg/hit
Overhead Stomach Smash F A + B + C 18% dmg
Shoulder Roll QCT Z 12% dmg

Move Analysis

IS Moves

Stun Beam: left right Z 0% damage-Freezes opponent for a few seconds

Straight Blade: left right Y Z 15% damage- Weapon hovers momentarily, then attacks. Once on the attack, it cuts into the opponent before exploding.

Wild Fury attack: A + B + C 16% damage max (8 hits x2%)-Unleashes a flurry of powerful slaps to the opponents chest.

Backfire: A + C Neutralizes projectile-Fires a tracking cursor that disables the opponents ability to use projectiles.

Personal Shield:X + Y + Z Damage resistance-Absorbs 50% of all damage inflicted upon Blade. Drawback: it can be overloaded by too many attacks and implode! This will take health of you, so be careful.

Tracking Blade: C Back Forward + X and Y 15% damage-Like the Straight blade with the added avantage that it auto attacks!

Projectile containment field: A + B 0% damage-Causes any projectiles fired at Blade to travel at half speed.

Blades Skill moves:

Slice n Dice: Down, diagonal right, right + C Up to 16% damage (4 hits x 4%) With blades extended, the fighter attacks, slicing and dicing the opponent.

Lightining strike: Down, diagonal right, right + B + C Up to 15% damage (5% + 10%) Charged with energy, Blade explodes forward with a high-velocity punch and kick.

Brick wall 12% damage + wall smash. Blade uses his own mass and strength to rack the opponent.

Excessive force Up to 15% damage ( 5 hits x 3%) Blade punches, kicks and batters the opponent with this 5- hit attack.

Skill Moves


Javelin Pierce = Down, Down, Forward, Forward +Weak Punch

Blade punches the opponent into the opposite wall then powers up his Armbands and fires a deadly energy spear which pierces into the beaten fighter.

Overkill: Knock the opponent into the fan

Sudden Death: Make your opponent land on the second part of the metal band on the left hand side of the fan.


J HK, S WP (2 Hits), CBF+B {4 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), CBF+(YZ) {4 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), [ABC] {11 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), QCF+C {8 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), CBF+(BC) {8 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), S HK, CBF+(YZ) {5 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), S HK, [ABC] {12 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), S HK, QCF+C {9 Hits}

J HK, S HK, ¿CBF+(BC), [ABC]¿ {11+ Hits}

J HK, S HK, ¿CBF+(BC), QCF+C¿ {10 Hits}

J HK, S WP (2 Hits), S HK, CBF+(BC) {9 Hits}