Blue Mary (KOF:XI)

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Normal Throws

b/f+C/D (near) Head Throw

Command Moves

f+A Hammer Arch

f+B Double Rolling

Special Moves

qcf+P Spin Fall > qcf+P M. Spider

qcb+B M. Reverse Facelock

qcb+D M. Head Buster

qcb+P Real Counter

> qcf+P (near)                

Backdrop Real

dp+K Vertical Arrow

> dp+K M. Snatcher

charge b,f+K Straight Slicer > qcf+K Crab Clutch

Super Moves

qcf,hcb+P M. Splash Rose

qcf,qcf+K M. Dynamite Swing

Leader Move

hcb,hcb+E M. Typhoon


・↓B×2> qcf,qcf+K

・Close C>→+B>←chArge→+K> qcf+K

・Close C>→+B>←chArge→+K>[SC]qcf,hcb+P>dp+D>qcf+K

・Close C>→+B>←chArge→+K>[SC]qcf,hcb+P>[DC]hcb,hcb+E

・Close C>→+B>qcb+P>qcf+A

・Close C>→+B>dp+B>qcf+K

・Close C>→+B>qcf,hcb+P>dp+D>qcf+K

・Close C>→+B>qcf,hcb+P>[DC]hcb,hcb+E

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