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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Spiral Arrow: QCF+Kick [X Z V]

-Cammy will spin herself forward low along the ground feet-first. The
 stronger the Kick button used, the faster and farther Cammy spins. This
 attack can be used to pass under some projectile attacks. Using HK will
 hit twice up close.

Cannon Spike: F,D,DF+Kick [X Z V]

-Cammy performs a high rising kick into the air. The stronger the Kick button
 used, the higher and farther Cammy kicks.

Hooligan Combination: DB,D,DF,F,UF+Punch [X Z V]

-Cammy will roll into a ball and jump forward. This can be cancelled by
 pressing any Kick button, or followed into one of these attacks:
  -Fatal Leg Twister: (any direction but Up)+Kick (near opponent's head)
     -Cammy performs a Frankensteiner throw attack. Press the button when
      Cammy is near her opponent's head.
  -Cross Scissors Pressure: (any direction but Up)+Kick (near opponent's body)
     -Cammy will grab her opponent and spin them into the air, then land on
      them with a stomp. Press the button when Cammy is near her opponent's
  -Razor Edge Slicer: Neutral
     -Cammy will perform a sliding kick upon hitting the ground if nothing is
      done during the Hooligan Combination roll.

Axel Spinning Knuckle: HCB+Punch [X Z]

-Cammy will spin forward and perform a double-hit backfist. The spin before
 the attack is able to dodge oncoming attacks if the timing is right. The
 stronger the Punch used, the farther Cammy will spin.

Cannon Strike (jumping forward): QCB+Kick [V]

-Cammy dives almost straight down with a kick. The stronger the Kick button
 used, the fast Cammy will dive.

Cannon Revenge: QCB+Punch [V]

-Cammy raises an arm as if to block as says "Come on!". If she is hit by a
 high attack while in this stance, she will automatically counterattack with
 a Cannon Spike. If she isn't hit, she will pull her arm back and be unable
 to move for a moment. The stronger the Punch button used, the longer she
 stays in the counterattacking stance, but the longer she will be stunned
 after as well.


-If a Cannon Spike or Cannon Strike is blocked, Cammy will bounce back into
 the air and be quit open to a counterattack.

Super Combos

Spin Drive Smasher: QCF,D,DF+Kick [X Z]

-A more powerful version of the Spiral Arrow and Cannon Spike, Cammy will
 perform a multi-hitting Spiral Arrow, followed by a multi-hitting Cannon Spike.
    Level 1: 6 Hits      Level 2: 7 Hits       Level 3: 9 Hits

Reverse Shaft Breaker: QCB,QCB+Kick [Z]

-A more powerful variation of the Spiral Arrow, Cammy will spin straight up
 feet-first. Press the Control Pad Left and Right and all buttons rapidly
 during the spin for more hits.
    Level 1: 12 Hits     Level 2: 14 Hits      Level 3: 18 Hits

Killerbee Assault: CDB,DF,DB,UF+Kick [Z(LV3)]

-Cammy will leap up to the top of the screen, then push off of it and kick at
 her opponent. If she hits, she will bounce off the top and bottom of the
 screen while kicking twice more, then stomp them to the ground with a Cross
 Scissors Pressure.
    Level 3: 5 Hits

The Basics

Which Ism?






Advanced Strategy



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