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Beginners tend to play Capt.Kidd like Guile, but that's only a small sample of what he has to offer. He has a great air game, with j.MK and j.HK as great priority & crossup attacks. The MK even autoguards during its startup. Combine this with the fact that most of his normals can be jump-canceled, and he can destroy characters without a solid reversal. His EX is one of the best, an invincible projectile that stuns the opponent for further combos, and his super is a command grab without much range but with a quick motion. Finally, there are his hop infinites: Low HP -> d/b+ABC xN on most crouching characters, and neutral HK -> d/b+ABC xN on standing & a couple crouching characters. He rates below Hanzou and possibly Fuuma mostly because he has a hard time against Carn.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Command Normals

Normal Throws

f + AB -

b + AB -

ABC / Personal Action

Special Moves

Shark Kick -

  • In air, df + CD

Spiral Kick -

  • hold b, f + K

Shark Knuckle [EX] -

  • hold b, f + P

Shark Upper -

  • hold d, u + P

Pirate Ship Blast -

  • qcf + P

Hyper Dash Kick -

  • hcb + K

Super Moves

Pirate Punishment (close, rdp + BC) -


Frame Data