Carnage (MVC)

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  • He had the Best Speed character of the Game
  • He had Speedy Normals and Specials
  • Hyper Combo can OTG


  • Has the Weakest Stamina in the Game
  • More unsafe with whiffed and blocked Hypers than her counterpart

Basic Tips


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Venom Fang

Move List

Special Moves

Lunge Bite - D,DF,F+P

Carnage uses the Venom's Crouching HP animations,mash it for more hits and damage

Dive Bite - UB/U/UF,D,DF,F+P

Less range than Venom one,only a Combo Ender

Venom Bite - D,DF,F+K

Venom's Jumping HK with more hits

Web Throw - F,DF,D,DB,B+P

There is no much difference with Venom's one

Hyper Combos

Venom Web - D,DF,F+2P

Same as Venom but with faster startup

Death Bite - D,DF,F+2K

Same as Venom but made cheap damage.


1. JP, SK, SP, FK, Lunge Bite
2. c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, c. FK, c. FP, Lunge Bite
3. JP, SK, SP, FK, FP, UF, JP, SK, SP, FK, RK, Dive Bite
4. JP, SK, SP, FK, Death Bite
5. c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, c. FK, c. RK, Death Bite
6. (in corner) Wenom Web, c. JP, c. SP, c. FK, c. FP, c. SP, c. FP, Venom Bite