Cassandra (ROTD)

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Command Moves

(n)dwnfwd B - Slide kick. Must be blocked low. Does not knock down. Comboable after her strong normals. Bufferable.

(n)fwd B - Overhead. Does not combo after her normals. Her illusion can combo after this though. Bufferable.

Special Moves

(a)Fallen Angel - air qcb B/D.

She does a spinning dive kick downwards.

(a)Angel Slash - DP A/C.

Jumps low and does an upward chop.

Decent anti air.

(n)Illusion - qcf B/D.

She teleports and hits the opponent(kinda bumps into them).

B version makes her appear in front of the opponent.

D version makes her appear at the back.

You can be hit while teleporting.

A bit slow to combo after her strong normals.

Innocence - hcb A/C.

Counter move.

She does a Hanzo or Galford's Head strike move if she is hit during this move.

BTW, this move counters all high and mid hitting physical contact moves(no projectile).

And yes, it can counter physical hitting supers as well.

Super Moves

(n)White Wave - qcb hcf A/C.

She hits the ground and releases a pillar of white energy.

Great anti air, 2 hits if fully connected.

Funny, the move's name is White wave, yet in the game I hear her say 'Ground' wave instead.

(a)(n)Air White Wave - qcf hcb A/C.

Does a dive kick first then comboed into a white wave when she reaches the ground.

The initial dive kick is air blockable, but the succeeding white wave isn't.

So even if you air block the inital dive kick, you'd still get hit.

Super Tag


First Impact combos:
Ground - A, B, C, C, D
Air - A, B, C, C, D

B&B combo:
Jump D, close C, dwnfwd B, DP A/C OR qcf B/D
-If opponent blocks the combo, use qcf B/D.

Its a safe move when blocked, plus you'll still be in range to keep the pressure on your opponent.

Other Combos:
-Jump D, hop forward D, air qcb B.
-Jump D, hop forward D, air qcf hcb A/C

Trick combos:
-Jump D, dwn B, fwd B, qcf B/D
-Jump D, dwn B, dwnfwd B, qcf B/D OR DP A/C
-Close C, fwd B, qcf B/D
-close C, dwnfwd B, qcf B/D OR DP A/C

Wall Combos
-Jump D, Close D, dwnfwd B, DP C, hits wall, CD, A, B, C, C, D, qcb hcf A. 12 hits, approximately 55% damage.
(Needs at least 2 levels of super meter at start)
-Jump D, hop forward D, qcf hcb C, qcb upbck B(miss), hits wall, CD, A, B, C, C, D, qcb hcf A. 13 hits, approximately 70% damage.