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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • 6B-Extending Kick-Casshan takes his leg and kicks the enemy. This normal move can be used in a combo, and canceled into his specials/supers; however, you cannot continue to ground combo after his Extending Kick, meaning that you cannot do this: 6B->5C (because 6B animation does not allow you to continue the ground combo, unless you Baroque Extending Kick). This normal move is good to use as a poking attack, but if you miss with it (or whiff), be prepared to get punished.

Special Moves

  • Lightning Punch-236A/B/C-Casshan does a dashing lightning punch at his enemy. Each version has its own properties, damage output, traveling distance, and number of hits. A version (when the enemy is hit) causes a very minor hit animation, travels 1/5th across the screen, does around 3,600 Billion Damage, and does 1 hit. B version (when the enemy is hit) causes stagger (meaning you can ground dash into the enemy and continue your ground combo), does around 4,000 Billion Damage, travels less than half-way across the screen, and does 1 hit. And with the C version, Casshan is able to charge this special move by holding down C (you will know when you've completely charged C version because Casshan will automatically dash at his enemy). A normal C version (not charged): causes the enemy to fly across the screen, travels 4/5ths across the screen, does around 4,400 Billion Damage, and does 1 hit; a charged C version (fully): causes the enemy to go into a throw animation (meaning Casshan punches the enemy, grabs hold of the enemy, and then throws the enemy at the other end of the screen-which causes wall bounce on the enemy), travels 4/5ths across the screen, does around 10,400 Billion Damage (first hit does 7,400 Billion Damage, the second hit does 3,000 Billion Damage), and does 2 hits. This special is great to use in combos, especially the B version because it saves Casshan from using his Baroque to extend his damage output during his ground combo.
  • Boulder Chop-623A/B/C-Casshan jumps slightly into the air and lands on the ground with a powerful karate chop (powerful enough to cause blue energy to spark from the ground). Each version travels its own distance (all three versions of Boulder Chop does around 4,200 Billion Damage). A version travels 1/5th across the screen, B version travels 1/3rd across the screen, and the C version travels slightly less than half-way across the screen. While you cannot ground combo into Boulder Chop, it's uses are great otherwise. Whenever the enemy is knocked down, and if you're fast enough, you can do Boulder Chop to add more damage (this special is considered an off-the-ground (OTG) move)). You can also cancel this special move into his Brutal Ax super to increase your output damage. You can also use this special move to surprise/keep your opponent's character(s) off of Casshan.
  • Shooting Star Kick-While in the air, 236A/B-Casshan does an air darting kick. Each version travels at a different trajectory. A version travels nearly vertically downward, while the B version will travel at a 45 degree declining angle. Both versions damage output does around 3,200 Billion Damage. You can use this during an air combo; however, this will not cause a knock down on your enemy. Of course, you can use Shooting Star Kick while your enemy is lying on the ground to increase your output damage (this special is also an off-the-ground move (OTG)). You can also cancel Shooting Star Kick (as an OTG move) into his Brutal Ax super to increase your damage output.
  • Flying Drill-While in the air, 236C-Casshan does a very powerful air dive towards his enemy. Flying Drill travels at a 40 degree declining angle. This special move does around 6,000 Billion Damage. You can use this during an air combo. This move (if timed correctly, and once you hit the ground) can be canceled into his Brutal Ax super.
  • Friender Call-63214A/B/C-Casshan calls for his trusty cyborg companion to assist in his battle. Each version has its own properties. A version will make Friender jump out and slash at Casshan's enemy (called Friender Maul: does 1 hit, does around 3,600 Billion Damage), B version makes Friender run and bite at Casshan's enemy (called Friender Bite: literally holding the enemy's leg-counts as a grab move; this can last up 3 seconds; Casshan can hit the enemy while Friender holds the enemy; does around 0,800 Billion Damage); C version makes Friender runs out and does a fire breath move (called Friender Flame: does 8 hits, you can ground/air combo into it or with it, and does around 6,700 Billion Damage). B and C version of Friender Call should be used to add combo potential set-ups; A version should be used as a defensive option since you can run away from the enemy while Friender slashes at Casshan's enemy (and also A version can count as an anti-air). It is possible to combo with A Friender Call (when you and your enemy are in the corner); however, this set-up has strict timing. Note: Friender, in all three versions, can be hit by the enemy, and therefore, interrupting Friender's move.
  • Catapult Knee-Casshan does a jumping knee kick. All three versions do 3 hits. Each version has its own traveling distance and damage output. A version travels about 1/5th across the screen and does around 3,100 Billion Damage, B version travels about 1/3 across the screen and does around 3,700 Billion Damage, and C version travels about less than half-way across the screen and does around 4,400 Billion Damage. A version of Catapult Knee can be used during a ground combo (and can be canceled into his Brutal Ax super for more output damage).

Super Moves

  • Scrap Android-41236+Any two attack buttons-Casshan does two lightning punches, followed by a lightning launcher, where Friender performs Friender Maul, with Casshan ending the super with a Catapult Knee. This super can be used in a ground combo. This super does 5 hits and does around 12,260 Billion Damage. While this super's output damage is more than his Brutal Ax, it does not have the near instant start-up that Brutal Ax has nor are you able to use this super as an off-the-ground (OTG). This super does
  • Brutal Ax-623+Any two attack buttons-Casshan's super version of Boulder Chop. This super does 8 hits and does around 10,000 Billion Damage. This super is great to use as an off-the-ground move, especially when your enemy is lying on the ground. Using Brutal Ax at then end of a combo (both ground and air) guarantees you the ability to create new set-ups as your opponent's character lands back to the ground. Brutal Ax is also great to use as an anti-air (since not only does it reach at a super jump height level, but also the start-up is nearly instant).
  • Super Destruction Beam (Level 3 Super)-421+Any two attack buttons-Casshan goes into an "X" pose and shoots out a green beam towards his enemy. If the beam hits the enemy, the enemy will be engulfed in a powerful nuclear blast. This super does 5 hits and does around 25,550 Billion Damage by itself. While Super Destruction Beam travels nearly all the way across the screen, the super is very slow, making it very easy to avoid. It is possible to use this super if your enemy becomes confused during a cross-up attack (meaning your enemy may not block correctly, for example: air combo ending with Flying Drill; Casshan lands on the opposite side of his enemy, you do his level 3 super and the enemy blocks the wrong way). This super, while very unlikely in many situations, can be used as a desperate anti-air move (usually against normal jumping enemies). If this super misses (or whiffs), Casshan will go into a long delay (clutching his forehead in pain and agony), giving your enemy to attack you easily.

As An Assist

Casshan jumps out of the screen and does his B version of Boulder Chop. Casshan's Assist is able to be used during a ground (and under certain timing and circumstances, during an air combo). It also as the same off-the-ground properties (OTG). Use Casshan's assist as a surprise attack (or to run away from your opponent's character).

The Basics

Advanced Strategy