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TvC says that Casshern originated from Neo-Human Casshern anime series (which is true). Casshern has the potential to do high damage with long combos, but he lacks approaches and speed. He has no low pokes, mediocre aerial approaches, and no real pressure games, which hurts his offensive game seriously.

Moves List

Command Moves

  • F+B - Casshern takes his leg and kicks the enemy. Not very useful, but is longer range than any of his normals and can be baroqued into a combo.

Special Moves

  • QCF+A/B/C - Denkou Punch - Casshern lunges at the enemy with a lightning punch. Each version has its own traveling distance. A version barley moves Casshern across the screen and B version moves him less than half way across the screen. C version travels 3/4 across the screen. C version can also be charged. If charged C version hits the enemy, Casshern takes the enemy and throws them across the screen (in the opposite direction), causing a wall bounce. The fully charged C denkou punch is unblockable. The A and B version denkou punches will keep an enemy grounded, however, the C version will knock them off their feet, even if not charged.
  • DP+ A/B/C - Zan Iwa Chop - Casshern jumps in the air and lands with a hand chop to the ground. Each version has its own distance. A and B version barley move him across the screen, while C version travels less than half way across the screen. This move hits OTG.
  • While jumping, QCF+A/B - Ryuusei Kick - Casshern does an air darting kick at the enemy. Each version has its own landing distance and direction. A version lands him on the ground about a 1/3 in a near vertical decline while B version travels all the way at the other end of the screen in a 45 degree (declining) angle. This can be used in a combo or air combo. These moves have some interesting properties. The A version, if hit on a knocked down enemy, will place them back on their feet, so they can be hit with ground moves. The B version will hit someone who is either grounded or knocked down into the air, although it is difficult to juggle after this move.
  • While jumping, QCF+C - Flying Drill - Casshern takes his body and does a twist (causing a drill-like effect). If he hits the enemy, it will cause a 5 hit knockdown. This can be used in an air combo.
  • HCB+A/B/C- Friender Yobidashi - Casshern calls out his cyborg dog for assistance in the battle. Each version has its own calling (or dog attack/assistance). A version makes the dog jump out and slash the enemy with his paw, which hits overhead, B version makes the dog grad and hold the enemy (Note: The enemy can shake out of this by jiggling the arcade stick/controller pad in any rapid direction; if the enemy doesn't, the dog will eventually let go of the enemy, causing a knockdown), and C version makes the dog shoot out a fire breath.
  • RDP+A/B/C - Hiza Kyaku - Casshern takes his leg and knees the enemy right in the face. If you successfully hit the enemy, you will cause a 2 hit knockdown. Each version has its own distance. A version moves him less than a 1/3 towards the screen, B version moves him a little over a 1/3 towards the screen, and C version moves him a little less than half way towards the screen. This special can be used in a combo. This move has upper body invincibility.

Super Moves

  • DP+AB - Brutal Axe - Casshern takes his hand and does a hand chop to the ground, causing a vertical beam to spit out from the ground. This super does about 8 hits. This super will hit enemies both on the ground and in the air. This super can be used in a combo. This move hits OTG.
  • HCF+AB - Scrap Andro - Casshern attacks the enemy with his lightning hands, then launches them in the air where his cyborg dog leaps in the air and does a paw slash; then Casshern finishes the enemy with a knee to the chest. This super does 5 hits. This super can be used in a combo.
  • RDP+AB (Level 3 Super) - Chou Hakai Kousen - Casshern shoots a green beam at the enemy. If it hits the enemy, the enemy will be trapped in a "green-hole," when it will eventually explode. This super does 5 hits.

The Basics

Casshern's best aerial approach is his j.C, but the really slow speed means he can't catch people off guard by just spamming it like some characters (Ryu). He also has no low poke at all, so with casshern, you have to be creative in getting your offense. First off, casshern really benefits from an assist that puts the opponent in stagger (Karas/Roll), as he can use the long stagger time to grab them with his hcb+B dog off of a lot of moves. From here on, assist will assume an assist that staggers the opponent.

Casshern's normal combos with a stagger assist can be fairly long. His standard ground string goes A,B,2B,C but there are some problems with this string. First off, you can cancel a launcher out of the last C, but it will whiff on most characters off of that string. Against most characters, if you're going for the launcher, you will have to use A,B,C,3C, and against a few characters (megaman, roll) it's necessary to hit simply B,C,3C on the last repetition of your ground chain. However, you will usually be using one or two ground chains prior to this with the dog trick and baroque in order to maximize your damage. A normal casshern ground combo can look like this:


Once you're done with this string, you will want to finish with an aerial combo. If you have a super bar to use, the best way to use it is a simple A,B,236C,623A+B in the air. If you try to get fancier with the air combo, it will become less stable and part or all of the super can whiff at the end. If you're not using the super, however, feel free to go with something like, A,B,double jump,A,B,236C.

Note: If you're only using one ground string (no baroque or assist), the highest damage you can get is actually not with a launcher but with a simple A,B,2B,C,236B,236A+B.

One of casshern's redeeming features is his RDP knee attack, which has upper body invincibility and is a great way to hit IADs for large damage. With an appropriate assist, you can hit someone with the invincible knee and turn it into a combo of upwards of 20K damage. There's a lot of different ways to get damage off of it too, particularly with a roll assist, which can hit OTG. Here are some examples, although there are a lot of permutations.

stagger assist, baroque, super 421A,baroque,j.236A,assist,63214B,A,B,C,3C,j.A,j.B,j.236C,623A+B 421A,assist,j.236A,baroque,63214B,A,B,C,236B,236A+B

Roll assist, super 421A,assist,623B,623A+B 421A,assist,j.236A,236A+B

baroque, super 421A,baroque,j.236A,236A+B

Another useful trick that casshern has is his unblockable punch. While it's too slow to throw out normally, any time you can get his C dog to either hit someone or be blocked, you can charge it up for a free unblockable. If the opponent doesn't wall tech, you can also hit a DP and a DP super after this. use this after you kill a character for free damage on the second team member.

Advanced Strategy