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Pros and Cons


  • Great damage with Energy Field
  • Great throw
  • Great offensive pressure
  • Good combo platform
  • Good capsule set-ups
  • Has two Ki capsules
  • Can play defense


  • Weak long range game
  • Needs to transform for Energy Field
  • Low Baseline Ki without transformation

Move List

Move List/FAQ. Copy and paste the link in your browser.

* next to the # of hits means that the string does not combo from the front of the opponent

P reach:20 speed:1
String Death Move Hits Damage Recovery Note
ppppe Kamehameha 5 555 AR 7
pppp(P) 5 220 GR
pp>p*P*pe Energy Field 6 812 NR 3,8
pp>p*P*p(P) 6 333 NRR 1,3
pp>p*P*p>P^ 6 343 2,3
pp<p(P) 4 195 AR 4
ppkk 5 307 GR
ppk(P) *4 251 NRR 5
pp>k 3 165 AR
pp<k^k^k* 5 345 6
pk 2 101 NRR

1 - Doesn't combo in the air, *6 hits! 346 dmg.
2 - pp>pP*p>P^ is an infinite, 1128 dmg.
3 - >p* stuns from behind only.
4 - (P) changes in the air.
5 - Connects in the air, 4 hits! 243 dmg.
6 - pp<k^k^ is an infinite, 1149 dmg.
7 - Consumes 1 ki.
8 - Consumes 2 ki, #17 Absorption or higher.

>P reach:30 speed:4
String Death Move Hits Damage Recovery Note
>pppp*(P) 5 243 NRR
>ppkk(K-) 6 311 GR 1,2
>ppkkP 5 293 GR *NRR
>p>p*Ppe Energy Field *5 740 GR 4
>p>p*Pk^k* *5 347 GR 3
>pkk *3 215 AR

1 - >ppkk(K-) is an infinite, 1033 dmg.
2 - >ppkk(K-) doesn't stun in the air.
3 - Connects in the air, 5 hits! 322 dmg., k* doesn't stun in the air.
4 - Consumes 2 ki, #17 Absorption or higher.
Misc. - >p>p* doesn't connect from max range.

<P reach:30 speed:6
String Death Move Hits Damage Recovery Note
<pP*(P) 3 215 NRR
<p>P^P 3 234 GR *NRR
<p<P^ 2 135
<pk 2 119 NR
<p>k 2 129 GR
<p(<K) *2 138 NR

K reach:20 speed:5
String Death Move Hits Damage Recovery Note
kkk(K) *4 243 NR
kk(<K*)(K-) 5 265 NR
kk(<K*)<k^k 5 326 NRS
k(P)p(P*) *4 242
k(P)(>P)p*(P) 5 268 AR 1
k(P)(>P)p*(K-) 6 286 NR
k(P)k 3 182 AR

1 - Last P changes in the air.

>K reach:15 speed:5
String Death Move Hits Damage Recovery Note
>k*kkk^ 4 258
>k*kk>k 4 263 AR
>k*kk<k *4 238 NR
>k*k(>K-) 4 226
>k*pp(P) 4 246 NRR
>k*pp(>P) 4 241 AR 1
>k*pp<P^e Kamehameha 5 611 AR *NR 2
>k*>Pp(P) 4 252 NRS

1 - (>P) changes in the air, *4 hits! 249 dmg.
2 - Consumes 1 ki.

<K reach:15 speed:15
String Death Move Hits Damage Recovery Note
(<k*)k 2 146 AR
(<k*)>k 3 215 GR
(<k*)<k^ 2 129
(<k*)pP 3 187 NRR

String Death Move Hits Damage Recovery Note
>e Kamehameha 1 375 NR 1
<e Energy Field 1 528 NRS 2,3
eeeee 5 250

1 - Consumes 1 ki.
2 - Energy Field can't be teleported, tracks, and is safe on block.
3 - Consumes 2 ki, #17 Absorption or higher.

String Hits Damage Recovery Note
(P+K) 1 81 AR 1
>P+K 1 81 NRR
<P+K^ 1 98
k+g 2 158 GR
>k+g* 1 127 2,3
<k+g 1 150 AR
p+g^ 2 200

1 - (P+K) changes in the air.
2 - >k+g* doesn't stun in the air.
3 - reach:60 speed:17

String Hits Damage Recovery Note
>>p! 1 75 NRR 1
>>k! 1 75 AR 2
>>p+k! 1 69 GR 3
>>e 1 50

1 - >>p! changes in the air, 69 dmg.
2 - >>k! changes in the air, 81 dmg.
3 - >>p+k! changes in the air.

String Name Attack % Base Ki Note
p+k+g! #17 Absorption +10% 4 1
p+k+g! Perfect Form +15% 4 2
p+k+g! Super Perfect Form +20% 5 3

1 - Requires 3 ki.
2 - Requires 4 ki.
3 - Requires 5 ki.

String Name Hits Damage Note
P+K+G+E!! Spirit Bomb 1 1896 1

1 - Consumes 5 ki, Perfect Form or higher.

Dragon Rush
Rush Type Hits Damage Note
Dragon Rush 1 15 640 1
Dragon Rush 2 15 803 2
Dragon Rush 4 50 903 3

1 - Base.
2 - #17 Absorption.
3 - Perfect Form, Super Perfect Form.


Move List Breakdown

Cell's P is the fastest starter in B3 (rank 1) and it has a better than average reach at 20 points. PP>PP* isn't too bad. On block, PP>PP-. On hit, PP>PP*, then whatever ground chain or continue the string to launch with one Cell's infinites, PP>PPP>P^. Cell's other infinite from P is PP<KK^. On CH P*, you can link into any starter except <K. From max range, >K won't reach after CH P*.

Cell's >P is of the fast variety at rank 4 speed and has an amazing 30 reach points for a >P. This allows Cell to dominate a lot of character's outside of normal P reach. >PPPPP- isn't too bad for starting combos or filler. >PPK is safe on block but overall not very attractive. >PPKKK- is another of Cell's infinites. The last hit in >PPKKK is chargeable, nullifies, stuns and tracks, making it a nice pressure tool. But your main offense will >P>PP-. Safe and hit confirmable for combos. But keep in mid that it won't connect from max range. You can buffer a dashing attack from >P>PP- at least 25 reach points too, where you need to be for >P>P anyway.

30 reach points and rank 6 speed. <PPP- and <P>PP- are all purpose. Safe and you can start combos with them with <PPP- for ground combos and <P>PP- to start juggles.

Decent reach (20) and speed (5) but with nice options to hard to pass up. You can switch to K strings from P or >P cancels if you want. KK<KK is alright, with the last two hits being chargeable and nullifying, the third stuns and the fourth tracks. You can buffer a dashing attack from KK<K-, but not from point blank range. KP>PP is nice as well. The second hit tracks, the second and third hits both are chargeable and nullifying attacks while the fourth hit stuns. You can also take your choice of an added P or K after KP>PP (KP>PPP or KP>PPK). The last P would be a chargeable nullifier, while the last K would be your basic axe kick. KP>PPK- is great in combos too.

Cell's >K is pretty generic. It causes a low juggle on CH but Cell can still use >K as a starter as he can still take advantage of it on CH. >KK>K is the string of choice here. It contains a nice pressure tool that is chargeable, nullifies, stuns and tracks (last hit or >KK>K). If you get a CH, simply proceed to juggle with PP>PPP>P^ or >PPKKK infinites.

Basic defensive starter. Use <KPP- to remain safe. If you can confirm it, <KP^ is all you need on hit to start your juggle combo.

Energy Field with #17 absorption and Perfect form hits at 25, but whiffs at 30 while Super Perfect form hits at 30, but whiffs before 35.

P+K is a basic nullifier and there's nothing special about >P+K.

<P+K^ is just a standard juggle starter that everyone has. Use it if you want to launch quickly.

K+G and <K+G = worthless.

>K+G* is a hop stun that has 60 reach points. It's slow at rank 17 speed but it's safe on block.

P+G^ is Cell's throw that launches opponents for juggle combos. Having this throw combined with his mix-ups and offensive pressure makes Cell very dangerous.

Cell's dashing attacks all break guard except >>E, but I recommend >>P and >>K over >>P+K. After a >>P+K guard break you can't start a combo while after >>P or >>K you can use any starter for combos. Also, >>P+K allows ground recovery on hit while >>P does not.

Dash Buffering

Dash Buffering is inputing the command for a forward or backward dash while in a non-neutral state. You can buffer dashing attacks for guardbreak as long as you are at least 20-25 reach points from your opponent. Here are some strings in which Cell can buffer a dashing attack.

>P>PP- (can be done from at least 25)

KK<K- (can't be done from point blank)

Post Guard Break

Post Knockdown

After a knockdown, you can taunt to lower their Ki or force them to stand with <PPP- or >K if they breakfall, giving you mix-up advantage. Options after <PPP- could be throw or any of Cell's strings that allow some offensive pressure like KP>PPK. If the second attack in <PPP- happens to hit you can combo. You can also use just <PP-. With >K you can use the >KK>K to start some pressure on a blocking opponent and if it hits then combo.



Cell (#17 Absorption)

KK<KK~, PP>PPP>P^, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1400

P+G, [PP>PPP>P^]x4, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1941

Cell (Base)

KK<KK~, PP>PPP>P^, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1191

P+G^, [PP>PPP>P^]x4, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1699

-- df_345

Max Damage: 2123, enemy builds 2.3 ki bars

>K+G, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x3, >KK>K-, <E [Energy Field]

2.5 ki bar

KP>PPK~, >KK>K-, <P+K, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x3, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1995

KP>PPK~, >KK>K-, <P+K, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x3, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1745

PP>PP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x3, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1903

PP>PP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x3, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1664

>PPPP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x3, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1885

>PPPP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x3, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1645

2 ki bar

KP>PPK~, >KK>K-, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x2, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1872

KP>PPK~, >KK>K-, <P+K, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x2, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1635

PP>PP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x2, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1820

PP>PP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x2, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1584

>PPPP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x2, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1804

>PPPP, >KK>K~, KK<KK-, <P+K, [PP>PPP>P^]x2, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1566

2.5 ki bar

P+G, [PP>PPP>P^]x5, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1978

P+G, [PP>PPP>P^]x5, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1738

2 ki bar

P+G, [PP>PPP>P^]x4, >P>PPPE [Energy Field] 1941 damage

P+G, [PP>PPP>P^]x4, PPPPE [Kamehameha] 1699 damage

Reset Combos


Warrior Genetics - +10% attack, 1 slot

Life Extract for 10 - +10% guard, 1 slot

Life Extract for 100 - +20% guard, 2 slots

Life Extract for 1000 - +30% guard, 3 slots

Life Extract for 10000 - +40% guard, 4 slots

Moon Light - +20% attack, attack is raised 5% every 10 seconds, 1 slot

Potential - +24% attack, attack is raised 6% every 10 seconds, 2 slots

Piccolo's Regeneration - Reduces damage of blast type deathmoves by using a small amount of Ki, 1 slot

Ki Control - Reduces amount of Ki used, 2 slots

Breathing Room of the Strongest - Reduces amount of Ki used, 2 slots

Yakon - Eliminates Baseline Ki when someone transforms, 1 slot

Turtle Shell - Doubles Ki cost for dodging and teleporting, 1 slot

Chicken-fried 7-Seasoned Toad - +30% attack, -25% guard, 1 slot item capsule

Bold textNote: You can Have Breathing Room of the Strongest and Ki Control at the same time, but not in GH

Capsule Set-Ups