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"Down falls the giant! There's no one but me to play David to your Goliath!" - By: Choi Bounge



Choi... The people who never played KoF never heard of him... And this is sad. If you want to be a good SvC player, use Choi(He's not for beginners, but if you used Choi on the KoF series, you can use him with what you know, and what you will learn here).

Choi's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • He's one of the fastest characters of the game;
  • He jumps high and far(With only the normal jump);
  • He can jump off walls;
  • Has some Charge and simple moves;
  • Good Supers to use in the battle;
  • Has a really low/small hitbox making people modify their playstyle against Choi.

The Bad Things:

  • He has low stamina;
  • He is not so good on combos;
  • Some attacks have bad reach;
  • Exceed is hard to hit;
  • Almost all of his special moves are risky if blocked.

Moves List

Normal Moves

So... The normal moves... Some people like to play only using the special moves of the character, but that's not good here(with some characters this can work, but that's not so good with Choi). So learn how the normal attacks work and prepare yourself for some good battles!(Not a good phrase, I know that.)

s.LP - (Close) Quick jab motion(It means that it can combo on itself), and little damage, as always. It's cancelable. (Far) Almost the same properties, but this version is good for poking games.
s.LK - (Close) Quick kick, little damage, cancelable. A simple move to use. (Far) Same properties, but not cancelable. You can avoid this move if you want.
s.HP - (Close) This... "Punch" does average damage. It's good to use on some basic combos, because this "punch" is cancelable. (Far) I don't know why, but this punch misses the opponent while he's standing, so the best time to use is while the opponent is jumping, like an anti-air move, but this needs to be timed.
s.HK - The Close and the Far versions are the same. The damage is good, but it isn't cancelable, so you can avoid this if you want. You can use it in MAXIMUM combos.

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Good to use, It stays till he gets on the ground, but remember that this move is not so useful as a jump-in attack, you need to aim, and DON'T use this move if your opponent is on the corner. I think that Choi has some better moves than this.
j.LK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. I think that it has almost the same properties above, but this is good on the corner. It's not cancelable too.
j.HP - (Diagonal) Good to use, can give you 2/3 hits(Depends of the character), and it's cancelable on all of the hits. The best to begin your combos. You can even crossup with it(Attacking on the air and going to the opponent's back), making it an incredible move. (Neutral) Choi lies in the air and puts his claws down. You can avoid this move if you want.
j.HK - (Diagonal) A funny move. Not cancelable but it's good if you want some damage(And to show-off). (Neutral) Choi uses a strange quick kick with the same damage of the neutral above. You can avoid this too.

cr.LP - It can look like, but it doesn't hits low. Can be normal canceled though.
cr.LK - Just a kick that hits low. Can be used to start your Light Attack chains(You can confirm into one of his Supers using it).
cr.HP - Good damage and cancelable, but not so reliable on combos. Choi goes a little forward using this attack.
cr.HK - A fast sweep which does average damage. Cannot be normal canceled.

Command Moves

Phantom Killer Kick

  • f + LK/B button - Nothing special with this move, but the damage is better than the Light Attacks. This move is not so good due to the slow startup, which is something bad. In the KoF series, you could connect this move with a f.LP, and in this game this isn't different(But the timing is different). This move is easy to block, so watch out if you want to use. The best way to use this move is when your opponent is going to use a low attack, because Choi is immune to them while he is on the startup stage. This Command Move is not cancelable.

Special Moves

Tornado Slicer

  • Charge d, u+P - Some Choi players say that this is an anti-air move, but I don't think that this is reliable. It does good chipping damage(in the light and in the hard version), so if you like chip damage, use Choi. The first hit of this move can be canceled on Super Moves(I could cancel on MAXIMUM Mode using a keyboard, and I don't know if it's free cancelable), but this is a hard thing... Button used determines the damage and if Choi will move forward.

Spatial Separator

  • Charge d, u+K(You can Hold K to attack after bouncing off the wall) - Good move if you want to run away from your opponent. Button used determines what Choi will do. If you hold the LK button, Choi goes to the ground using the move below(quickly). This does some damage too. If you hold HK, Choi will perform the move below. If you don't hold any kick, Choi goes to the ground, and only that. The Heavy version is predictable(When he is going to the wall, it's like he's saying: "Here I go, defend this move!". The best ones to use are the "Don't hold any" version and the LK version. I compared the two of them, and the Light version goes faster to the ground, so I will recommend it.

Whirlwind Monkey Slash

  • Charge b, f+P (After an attack, you can - hold any direction+P to attack again) - This move is good(Well, It's better than the Heavy version above), it has a fast startup(Better on the light version) and a not so good damage, but can combo(Up to four times, I think) if timed well. Some characters have a hard time with this move, but don't abuse of it, please.

Swooper Kick

  • QCF+K (In the air only) - Well... It's like Kim's(But it's the descending one). A good, fast, and not very risky move to use(And can crossup too). Can be used after the QCB+P too, but this follow-up won't combo(It could on KoF 2002). This move can be used to build the meter if your opponent is a turtler. How? It's easy. Just do a backdash and then just do this move, I prefer to use the LK version, because it's faster. Kind of good as a chipping move too(As I said, if you like chipping, use Choi).

Tragic Monkey Trounce

  • DP+K - A DP-like move with no invincibility frames(I think) and the hits can't be normal canceled. Can be useful to anti-air, but it has bad reach. This move is very unsafe if blocked(Choi does some strange stance after the attack), so use with caution. The first hit can be canceled on MAXIMUM Mode, which is interesting.

Twisting Flight Monkey Trounce

  • QCB+P - Choi will roll on the ground like a little ball. If he hits the opponent, he slowly does some damage on the opponent while he is in the ball form(I think it does 9 hits). It can be risky if blocked, and you have only one good option: Using the QCB+K(You can use if this is not blocked, but this will not combo). It's easy, and not risky. Use the Light version, it's faster. Good as chipping move(better if "comboed" with the air move, It's something like a... Chip Combo?(As I said, if you like chipping, use Choi, you already know that, but it's good to know, right?). This move have a slow startup, so watch out.(Note: On KoF2002, this move had some immunity frames, so I need to confirm if it has in this game.)
    • Follow-Ups:
      • Flying Monkey Ambush
        • P(While Choi is rolling on the ground) - Can be risky if blocked, you need to know when and where you're going to use(Try to hit with the tip of Choi's claws). If the opponent jumps, you can use the Heavy version to anti-air(Watch out for the characters that jump high, like Chun-Li, and even Choi). The LP version can be used as a surprise move, but never abuse of it.

Super Moves

Phoenix Talons

  • QCF, HCF+K - A basic super which is mostly used in combos. Choi runs in the opponent's direction and if it hits, he will do a bunch of attacks ending with that DP-like move. This move is predictable when used alone, because Choi starts with a somersault that can warn the opponent. It does average damage, and is another risky move on block. As I said before, this is used mostly in combos.

True! Slicing Cyclone Slash (Aka Hurricane)

  • HCB(2x)+P - Can be an anti-air, has strange startup, but does good damage. Choi starts spinning and does a giant hurricane, and you can move(Slowly) while inside it. This super is incredibly good, but don't use in combos, please. This move juggles the opponent for 3(or 4) hits, leading for great damage. Choi is immune to most(If not all) projectiles while he's inside of the Cyclone. This move does a hard knockdown for the opponent. It's the best move if you want to chip on the corner(If you like chipping, use Choi, I will say this forever). Another risky move if blocked(Choi does a stance after the attack).


Fatal Evisceration

  • HCF(2x)+PP - Choi's Exceed... It does a GREAT damage when done correctly, but that's something hard to do(It can't be your fault, don't worry). When you input the command, the screen turns blue(Something common), but stays blue(Only Choi's Exceed, and Athena's Specials can do this). Choi then disappears into the background, then you can see 5 giant claws slashing and then Choi diving out of the background at the opponent's face. This move is cool(The opponent can say something like: "WOW! What is this?"), and each claw does about 50% of a bar of damage, and while the opponent think:"WOW!" you're thinking that this can turn the tables around, most likely. Not. Why? It's really hard to juggle the opponent(Because it's random, as I said, it's not your fault), and the maximum that I've gotten was 3 slashes on the opponent(And I don't need to talk about the damage I got).

The Basics

First of all, Choi is not basic. You need to know all of the characters in the game(you don't need to go too deeply on that), to know what are your options and what are the opponent's options. Choi's low hitbox, his good walking speed, and his high jump are something that can help on battle, but the range of his Normal Moves and the risky Special Moves are something really dangerous for you. The opponent will most likely not expecting that you will choose Choi, and that is something that you can take advantage, because... The opponent know that Choi is not a character for beginners(And this is a beginner guide). And there's something the opponent will know too: His "Bad Things". The opponent will try(Almost every time) to take advantage of the bad things that Choi has(He/she'll use them just to win, and I don't know why). On the "Advanced Strategy" section, you'll see how you can prevent this.

Choi's gameplan

Just move and attack. You'll need to be used to Choi's speed on his special moves to use him(If you want to play competitively). Do High Jumps, Wall jumps, the Charge moves and don't be unsafe. Punish when you need to punish. Damage is what you'll need(Because Choi is bad in damage terms). Don't try to stay on the corner, or you'll lose. Master the GCF/CD counters to prevent that.

Some combos: (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Choi isn't very friendly with combos... Which is very bad for him, and for me(I'll have to search for combos). If you know some more options, you can add them here, please.

Tornado Slicer(Charge d, u+P) combos:

1- (While charging d) cr.HP, (After the charge) u+P - 4 hits(Midscreen)/9 hits(Corner)

For punishing purposes. The damage isn't that thing, but it can be useful for Choi(For Choi, every damage is still damage).

2- [Jump Attack(Make sure you crossup)] (While charging d) cr.LK, cr.LP, (After the charge) u+P - 4(Midscreen)/9(Corner); 6/7 hits with a Jump Attack(You can't crossup on the corner, but I think you can add any other normal in there)

A combo starting with a low. With the Jump Attack, it does more damage than the combo number one. Learn it, you can need if you don't have meter.

Tragic Monkey Trounce(DP+K) combos:

1- cl./cr.HP, DP+HK - 2 hits

For punishing. Combos with the DP+K are very poor, so you don't really need to learn those combos(But we know that it's easier to combo without needing to charge).

2- (Works better on the corner, but can be used on midscreen) cl./cr.LP, DP+HK - 2/3 hits

A corner combo with more hits than the above, but it's dangerous on midscreen. Try it, and you'll see why.

3- [Jump Attack(Make sure you crossup)] DP+HK - 3-5 hits

Combo from a crossup overhead. You'll change sides with your opponent, so make sure not to miss the input.

Phoenix Talons(QCF, HCB+K) combos:

1- [Jump attack] cl.LP(2x)/cr.LK(2x), f.LP, QCF, HCB+K - 17 hits; 19/20 if you crossed up with a j.HP before the combo

This combo is very used on the KoF series, and it works here too, which is good, because you need this combo to be a good Choi player(This is said on his KoF combos section too). If you want to practice the end of it, just input: QCF+LP(Don't try to cr.LP, QCF), HCB+K. That's something good to practice. When you get used to it, use: cl.LP/cr.LK, QCF+LP, HCB+K. When you get used to it too, just use the combo above(You don't need the jump attack to do this combo, but you can use for more damage).

2- cr.HP/cl.HP, QCF, HCB+K - 15 hits

Another KoF combo. Great to use if you want to punish your opponent if he whiffs(misses), or even if you block an unsafe Special/Super Move(This has the same utility on the KoF series). If you don't have meter(Which is rare), use a combo above for punishing.

3- (Corner only) f+LK, f.LP, QCF, HCB+K - 16 hits

KoF combo. Hard to land, but good to use. The practice on the first combo will help you here too. Remember to time well if you want to link the f+LK with the f.LP.

Advanced Strategy

How to deal with:

Choi's low Stamina:
Choi's low stamina is something that the opponent will take advantage, pushing him to the corner of the screen to get a Guard Crush, because the opponent will know that Choi has hard times defending himself in the corner(You need to know this too). So now you're probably asking: "How can I avoid this?" That's not so simple. Let's suppose that the battle has just begun and you are playing with Choi (just having this idea of low stamina). Then you think: "If Choi has hard times in the corner, I just need to walk towards the opponent and I should try to not defend some moves to avoid being pushed to the corner, right?" Not. If you walk forward, you'll get a hit. If you walk backwards, you'll be pushed. So your only options are: Wait for the opponent(This can be good sometimes), or you can jump. So let's suppose that you'll just wait. The opponent will not know that, so he can't prepare himself. You two have the idea of low stamina, so the opponent will go towards you, probably jumping, because he want to push you with a Combo(With you defending it). Well, the opponent will jump, what can you do? You have some anti-airs, but they're not reliable. You can jump for an air-to-air battle, in which you need some luck(If you choose it, use the light attacks). And then, probably the best of them: Walking Forward. Choi has a good walking speed and low hitbox, and it's enough to pass under some characters's air attacks, and I tested with Hugo and Earthquake(Kind of slow and big, but powerful characters). The dash can help sometimes too if you want to get rid of those air attacks, and you can earn a counter in some cases. You can do a backdash too, but you need to know what are you doing, because you're going to the corner(the best thing you can do is a wall jump). If your opponent hold you on the corner(with you defending), you can abuse some CD counters. If you don't have meter, just try to dash when the opponent jumps.

The Reach of his moves

Reach is not a bad problem for Choi. Why? Well, he's small. The opponent can try to poke you sometimes, because he know that you don't have reach(But, some pokes can whiff, because, again, he's small). That's not a thing to worry about. If you want to poke, just use f.LP, it's fast and has good priority and reach too. His cr.HP has a good reach too.

The Exceed

The Exceed is really a problem... It's a random thing that can be hard to hit(Or not, depends of your luck). I think that this move had a counter way on KoF2002, but I don't know if it exists here. If it hits, this can set your opponent on a juggle state(Not on every hit), and you can follow up with some air moves(You can follow up with a super too, I think). You need luck to do that, because this is something really random.

The Risky Moves

His risky moves are a problem for you? The opponent keeps defending them and punishing you? Well, you have some options. Let's see...

  • First, that DP-like move. What can you do with it? This can be used as an anti-air(The opponent cannot defend in the air), but... It's not reliable against certain characters...
  • That hurricane/tornado(I don't know). Some players think that this is an anti-air move, so, if you want to think on that way, you can go ahead(The opponent cannot block in the air, and this feature makes this move a not risky move). Remember that you can move during it too.
  • That QCB+P followup. There's a way to avoid being punished with this move. You need to attack with the tip of the claws and when the move is almost being finished(You know that, I think). This needs to be well calculated, so you need to think while Choi is in the ball form.
  • The supers. For the first(The running one), just let your opponent block this super and you'll see why this move is used mostly on combos. For the second(That giant hurricane/tornado), this can be used as an anti-air or when the opponent is on the corner and you know that your opponent will lose the round.(Just chip him on the corner with this move, because if you like chipping, use Choi. I'll stop, sorry).