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Chris was actually born at the beginning of time, beginning as a cosmic entity that ages in reverse. Back in the 80s he had a pretty wicked cocaine problem, but he's past that now. Chris was previously the official poster child for NAMBLA during 1997-1998 before Bao took over the position in 1999. All that man-on-boy love gave Chris super powers, making him top tier even when he isn't using them.


Snka.gif Snkb.gif Snkc.gif Snkd.gif
Chris98 colorA.png Chris98 colorB.png Chris98 colorC.png Chris98 colorD.png

Gameplay Overview

Chris is an extremely fast, top-tier pressure/mixup/trickery character with high priority air/ground moves and great combo damage.

His mixup options are almost unparalleled; he has a high/low game either from short hop or from blocked attacks, he has a scary crossup game with j.D, and his Head Grab is much faster than O.Yashiro's and partially invincible to boot.

In top of that he has some of the highest priority moves in the game in j.CD, df + B, and cr.C.

He has the fastest short hop in the game, and if you pick him in Extra mode, he has the fastest dash in the game as well.

His run in Advanced mode is similar to Leona/Heidern's run, in that he can run under some of the higher traveling fireballs in the game (ie the old Art of Fighting team fireballs and Takuma's).

He is a great character for a beginner as well, as he doesn't require godly execution (though it helps).

In-depth Analysis


Frames Advantage Cancel Block Hitbox Notes
Standing Close
Snka.gif 4/3/5 +4/+2 C HL
Chris98 stA.png
Identical to st.A
Snkb.gif 4/3/7 +2/0 C HL
Chris98 clB.png
Cancelable move that will connect vs crouchers. Usable as a meaty 'tick' into dp + A to either tick or bait a CD counter if you don't feel like doing cr.A > dp + A.
Snkc.gif 3/3+3/29 -15/-17 C HL
Chris98 clC1.png
Chris98 clC2.png
Fast, chainable into command normals and specials, used as a combo starter.
Snkd.gif 3/4/18 -2/-4 S HL
Chris98 clD.png
Cancelable into specials, but not command normals. More of use to O.Chris than normal Chris.
Standing Far
Snka.gif 4/3/5 +4/+2 C HL
Chris98 stA.png
Can be used as anti-air vs short hop.
Snkb.gif 7/6/9 -3/-5 - HL
Chris98 stB.png
Nice speed/range mid poke. Similar to Kyo's standing B.
Snkc.gif 7/3(12)6/17 -3/-5 C/- HL/HL
Chris98 stC1.png
Chris98 stC2.png
Cancelable on 1st hit, one of the few cancelable far standing hard attacks. Connects on smaller crouching characters where cr.C doesn't. Has bad recovery so please whiff cancel it. Relatively slow startup.
Snkd.gif 8/4/29 -13/-15 - HL
Chris98 stD.png
You can use it as an early anti-air.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 15/3/28 KD/-9 S HL
Chris98 stCD.png
Snka.gif 4/3/5 +4/+2 C HL
Chris98 crA.png
Use it to combo into f + A off jump-ins if you don't want to worry about not being close enough to hit cl.C. Links into cr.C.
Snkb.gif 3/4/5 +3/+1 - L
Chris98 crB.png
Nice range on a cr.B and your main low tool in high/low short hop mixups.
Snkc.gif 2/7+3/17 -7/-9 C (1st part) HL
Chris98 crC1.png
Chris98 crC2.png
cancelable on the first part. Super fast startup and awesome priority on the first hit. Can be used as an anti-air or a ground poke to hit limbs. As an anti-air, try canceling it into B Scramble Dash (qcf + B) into cr.B meaty as they land or a short hop D crossup setup. On the ground, whiff cancel it into something like df + B so you don't whiff the long recovery.
Snkd.gif 8/7/19 KD/-8 - L
Chris98 crD.png
Very good sweep, makes Chris's hitbox shrink down. Can be used as anti-air or to beat some moves clean like Terry's Burn Knuckle, or to 'duck' under high fireballs.
Snka.gif 5/9 -/- - H
Chris98 jA.png
Snkb.gif 5/9 -/- - H
Chris98 jB.png
Decent air-to-ground poke at long range or air-to-air if they are slightly below you.
Snkc.gif 6/4 -/- - H
Chris98 jC.png
Snkd.gif 6/4 -/- - H
Chris98 jD.png
Your main jump-in and crossup tool. The crossup hitbox is really chunky, and works well with Chris's short hop to cross up crouching opponents. You can go for a short hop D crossup after a blocked jump-in or a cr.B for example.
Snkc.gif+Snkd.gif 15/3+3 KD/- S HL
Chris98 jCD1.png
Chris98 jCD2.png
The most infamous jumping move in KOF98. Comes out pretty fast for a CD, stays out for a long time, and covers a huge ass angle in front of Chris. Tons of blockstun like any CD attack. You can use this in MAX mode to trade in your favor with weaker anti-airs (ie weak DPs). If it hits on counter, of course you get another juggle hit. Most use jumping C/D/CD.
Neutral Jump
Snkb.gif 6/9 -/- - H
Chris98 njB.png
Command Normals
f + Snka.gif 10/3/26 -9/-11 S HL
Chris98 fA.png
Relatively fast and long range cancelable move. Other than being a combo filler, you can use it to punish some things, like incompleted Iori rekkas. Never ever end with this if your combo gets blocked, as it is very unsafe.

f + Snkb.gif

10/2(2)2/23 -5/-7 -/- HL,H
Chris98 fB1.png
Chris98 fB2.png
2 hits, second is overhead. 2nd hit becomes cancelable and non-overhead when chained. Nice fast overhead poke to use at it's max range, and a great move to slow cancel (delay the chain a tiny bit from a cancelable attack to make the 2nd hit retain it's overhead properties). A common high/low mixup is to slow cancel into this or df + B from a cr.C.
f + Snkb.gif (cancel) 10/2(2)2/23 -5/-7 -/S HL/HL
df + Snkb.gif 8/13/10 -3/-5 - L
Chris98 dfB.png
Low slide attack. Ducks really low and can go under Athena/Kensou fireballs as well as higher ones. Really godly ground poke. Extremely safe even if done close.

Normal Throws

  • b or f + C - Breakable, front knockdown, face forward, rollable.

  • b or f + D - Breakable, reverse knockdown, back turned, un-rollable.

D throw is preferred. Sets up anything you want; a crossup, ambiguous roll, Direction Change, the list goes on. Here are some example setups:

  • D throw, wait a moment (whiff a light), sj.D crossup
  • D throw, B Scramble Dash (qcf + B), j.D crossup or A Direction Change (dp + A) or CD whiff canceled into A Direction Change (dp + A)

Other Normal Moves

  • Run: Chris has a short hurtbox during his run and is able to pass below high moves and fireballs - similar to Iori's Maiden Masher super (qcf hcb + P).

Special Moves

  • Slide Touch (qcf + P) - A version preferred because C version doesn't combo from anything. Just use if you want a knockdown in the corner off a combo. It's unsafe on block.

  • Shooting Dancer: Thrust (hcb + P) - You main combo ender. A version has better recovery, sets up for a crossup, leaves you closer, and ends with a low hit, while the C version does more damage. The A version is almost safe on block, but very fast attacks can still hit you. I would recommend stopping at cr.B,cr.A or jump-in, cr.A off a jump-in if you get blocked.

  • Shooting Dancer: Step (hcb + K) - Same as Thrust except the 2nd hit is overhead. Really punishable. You can use it to goof off or be a dick. It's not really a mixup with hcb + A, as the timing is completely different for blocking high/low. After second attack block/hit you bounce, and may use Glider Stamp (air qcf + K), but it will not combo.

  • Scramble Dash (qcf + K) - B version travels on the ground and is invincible on the bottom of his feet and the top of his head. D version travels in the air and has a larger invincible area on the bottom, but is vulnerable above waist-height. It can go over ground fireballs. Also note that if oyu get hit out of the D version, it counts as an anti-air hit.

  • Glider Stamp (air qcf + K) - Dive kick-type move, can be canceled from a jump C or jump CD. You could use this to hit someone after they block your j.CD very high. You can also jump back and do it I guess. The recovery sucks so I wouldn't recommend using it much.

  • Hunting Air (dp + K) - Weak for an anti-air move, even for KOF98. You can use the B version to hit pokes on the ground after blocked chains but I wouldn't recommend it. D version doesn't knock down so use as anti-air only.

  • Direction Change (dp + P) - A version preferred of course. Really annoying grab move that is similar to O.Yashiro's but much faster, harder to see, and has some invincibility. You can even use this is a reversal wakeup move if you think your opponent won't jump, or to go through a CD counter by canceling into it. At high levels, players seem to be able to see this almost as well as O.Yashiro's, so test your opponent with it and change accordingly. It will miss against some crouching characters.

Desperation Moves

  • Chain Slide Touch aka Talk To The Hand (qcf qcf + P) - Usually used to combo from a dp + A when you have meter. MAX version does more damage. 65% from a grab?

  • Twister Drive aka Honkey Das Mas Ne (qcb qcb + K) - Invincible flash kick super. B version is faster with shorter invincibility, D version is slower with longer invincibility. MAX version does more damage. You can use this to go through a CD counter by canceling into it if you're feeling cool.

Fastest Attacks

  • 0F: C throw; D throw
  • 1F: -
  • 2F: cr.C
  • 3F: cl.C; cl.D; cr.B
  • 4F: cl.A; cl.B; st.A; cr.A
  • 5F: -
  • 6F: -
  • 7F: st.B; st.C
  • 8F: st.D; cr.D; df + B
  • 9F: -
  • 10F: f + A; f + B


Chris has quite a few combo options as far as enders go.

  • Best jump-ins:
    • j.D (Can crossup.)

  • cl.C / cr.C (1 hit) / st.C (1 hit) >
    • f + A
      • (S)DM Chain Slide Touch (qcf qcf + P)
      • (S)DM qcb qcb + K (not too far)
      • C Thrust (hcb + C)
      • A Thrust (hcb + A)
      • dp + B (Very close. Only on some characters.)
      • A Slide Touch (qcf + A)
    • (S)DM Chain Slide Touch (qcf qcf + P)
    • (S)DM qcb qcb + K (not too far)
    • C Thrust (hcb + C)
    • A Thrust (hcb + A)
    • dp + B
    • A Slide Touch (qcf + A)
    • df + B
    • f + B

  • cr.B, cr.A >
    • f + A >
      • (S)DM Chain Slide Touch (qcf qcf + P)
      • (S)DM qcb qcb + K (not too far)
      • C Thrust (hcb + C)
      • A Thrust (hcb + A)
      • dp + B (Very close. Only on some characters.)
      • A Slide Touch (qcf + A)
    • (S)DM Chain Slide Touch (qcf qcf + P)
    • (S)DM qcb qcb + K (not too far)
    • dp + B
    • df + B
    • f + B

Omit the cr.B off a front jump-in.

  • cr.B, cr.B, cr.B, st.B

  • dp + P,
    • 1st combo (Preferably with cr.C or st.C, because you end up out of close range and will need to walk to use cl.C.)
    • st.C (1 hit) > (S)DM qcb qcb + K (Easy buffer to super.)
    • (S)DM Chain Slide Touch (qcf qcf + P)
    • (S)DM qcb qcb + K
    • dp + B

  • cr.C (1 hit) > df + B

Whiff cancel timing in case it misses.

  • Large opponents only: cr.B, cr.A, cr.C (1 hit) > f + A >
    • (S)DM Chain Slide Touch (qcf qcf + P)
    • C Thrust (hcb + C)
    • A Thrust (hcb + A)
    • A Slide Touch (qcf + A)

You can omit the cr.B to make this work on most characters at point blank range.

  • Simple buffers:
    • cl.C / st.C (1 hit) / cl.D / cl.A / cl.B > (S)DM qcb qcb + K
      • qcb + C/D/A/B > qcb + K
    • cr.B, st.A / cl.A / cl.B > (S)DM qcf qcf + P
      • cr.B, qcf + A/B > qcf + P (As cr.B is not cancelable, qcf + A/B will chain into a normal attack.)

Generally you will always want to end with Shooting Dancer: Thrust (hcb + P). The A version does a bit less damage but recovers much better. The C version gets you maximum meterless damage. The first combo listed is the combo to use after you connect with a Direction Change (dp + P), using cr.C as the starter.

Slide Touch (qcf + P) A version will knockdown if you want that (not worth it in my opinion because it puts them pretty far away). On some characters after a dp + P, you can connect cr.C > f + A > B Hunting Air (dp + B), which is better damage than Slide Touch and better knockdown advantage too. Just make sure it works on the character you're doing it on because if you miss, you're getting comboed.

Note that all of these combos other than the last one work in MAX mode as well, so Chris is a great character to use MAX mode with, as his single pokes are great as well.

Strategy Corner

  • MAX: cl.C > f + A > hcb + C

deals ??? than

  • cl.C > f + A > qcf qcf + P

Keep this in mind, when you need to decide whether to trigger MAX or keep meter for a DM.