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"1800 year-old martial arts, eh? Looks like you need 2200 more." - By: Chun-Li(She uses this quote against Kyo only)



This beautiful lady over there is Chun-Li, the "strongest woman in the world". Well, she is a classic(And loved) character from the Street Fighter games(Appeared on most SF games, and most - if not all - Capcom crossovers). Here, she probably is the strongest woman, in my opinion, with good long and short-range options, and very easy(But damaging) combos. Now for her pros and cons.

Chun Li's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Not that hard to learn(She is like a mix of her SFA3 and her 3S versions);
  • Has normals with nice reach and priority;
  • She still has her cr.MK from the Capcom games(But it is a Command Move now);
  • She is probably the best non-boss character in the game(Can fight with the secret characters without problems);
  • Has easy-to-use supers(And you can combo the two of them on the corner);
  • Has a long, but slow backdash(Useful for running away);
  • Her Kick Super Move can be superjump canceled and followed by her aerial chain;
  • She got a new Command Grab to cross up (And combo) any opponent;
  • Her SBK can cross up opponents(And you can followup it);
  • She has a 100% corner combo on MAXIMUM Mode.

Bad Things:

  • Has low stamina;
  • Needs meter to do things;
  • Her HP Kikouken has bad startup;
  • Has no reliable Special anti-airs(Unlike many characters);
  • Her Exceed has bad recovery, meaning that it can be easily punished if it whiffs/was blocked;
  • Her SBK whiffs some crouching and small hitbox characters;
  • Her Command Grab doesn't do any damage, and can't combo after a normal;
  • You can't dodge attacks with her Sen'en Shuu anymore;
  • SBK can't be used in the air in this game.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Far) A fast slap. Can be normal canceled, and can chain into any Light Attack, including itself. (Close) An elbow attack. Has the same properties as the Far version.
s.LK - (Far) A kick attack with better reach than the f.LP above, but can't be normal canceled, and can't chain into other Light Attacks. (Close) An attack with her foot. Don't use this, it can't link into another Light Attacks(She has better options).
s.HP - (Far) Great move for poking. Can't be normal canceled, and Chun-Li will move a little forward during the move. (Close) Your main thing to do combos. Cancel it for good damage.
s.HK - (Far) Chun jumps, and kicks. Can't be normal canceled, but she will move forward during the move. (Close) A knee attack. Use it like if you're using the cl.HP.

j.LP - (Diagonal) A simple attack for jump-ins. Chun has better options, but this one can be useful. (Neutral) A punch aiming down. Dunno how can you use this.
j.LK - (Diagonal) One of the jump attacks with the best priority, and can crossup. Use this if you need a jump-in attack, or an air-to-air attack, but the worst part is that it's a little hard to combo after this move crosses up. (Neutral) Kick aiming up. Use it if your opponent is jumping higher than you.
j.HP - (Diagonal) A punch with good damage. Use it as a jump-in attack. She has a Command Move using it(See below). It can be canceled into her d+LK too. (Neutral) Defensive punch to use as an air-to-air. Stays for a decent time too.
j.HK - (Diagonal) Good kick for jump-ins. Only that. (Neutral) Chun-Li opens her legs(We know you like the position). Dunno if she can hit with her other leg too.

cr.LP - Punch with nice reach. Although it can look like, it doesn't hits low. Can be normal canceled too, and can chain into any Light Attack.
cr.LK - Her best Light Attack Chain starter. It has nice reach(Better than the cr.LP), and hits low. She has some good combos using this normal.
cr.HP - Another punch with decent reach, but only that. Cannot be normal canceled.
cr.HK - Her classic sweep. Cannot be normal canceled, so use it only as a poke(It has great reach, and it's fast).

Command Moves

Youshi Ken

  • Jump ub/uf, press HP, HP - Her aerial chain. This move is mainly used after the Kick Super, or as a 2-hit jump-in attack for tall characters. The first hit is her j.HP, and can be canceled into the move below(d+LK). The second hit is just a linker, and will combo after the first attack.

Yousou Kyaku

  • d+LK (In the air only) - Classic move. Chun-Li will bounce on the opponent by using her legs. You can add a jumping normal after the bounce, use this move again, or even do a wall jump if possible. Sadly, you can't chain it many times, like on ST.

Kakusen Kyaku

  • f+LK - Anti-air move. Can be normal canceled, but will only combo after a cl.HK(Sadly, won't combo after the HP). Will whiff on small crouching characters.

Kakusen Rakushuu

  • f+HK - Like the move above, but hits low, and can't be normal canceled. It's great for damaging combos on MAXIMUM Mode(You'll see them later).

Zensou Sentai

  • df+LK - Chun's cr.MK. You can normal cancel it, and it has the same reach as her cr.LK. Chun-Li can do interesting combos using it.

Kaku Kyaku Raku

  • df+HK - I remember this classic move. It's an overhead, can crossup, and will do a knockdown. Good to use on the opponent's wakeup.

Special Moves

Kikou Ken

  • HCF+P - Chun-Li's projectile. The LP version is faster, but doesn't have so much reach(It's like Andy Bogard's Hishou Ken). It can combo from the Heavy Attacks, and most Command Moves. On MAXIMUM Mode, you can supercancel the hit into any Super. The HP version is slow, but will travel full screen length, and can't combo from any attack, sadly.

Tenshin Enbu

  • HCB+P - Chun-Li's Command Grab. It doesn't do any damage, but your opponent will be open for any combo(Just walk forward and do one), and it can serve to crossup your opponent. There's no difference between the two versions too.

Sen'en Shuu

  • HCB+K - Overhead move. It could pass over moves(On the startup animation), but here she can't. The best way to use it is on the opponent's wakeup. There's no difference between the two versions.

Tenshou Kyaku

  • DP+K - Chun's overhead move. It doesn't have any invincibility frames, but it has fast startup. The LK version does one hit(Where you can juggle your opponent after the hit), and the HK version does 3 hits(You can juggle after the last hit too). It can be used to followup her SBK(If it crosses up).

Hyakuretsu Kyaku

  • Rapidly press K - Classic move, but not so used. Use it on combos only(You can do a hit-confirm combo for the Exceed with this move involved).

Spinning Bird Kick (A.K.A SBK)

  • Charge d, u+K - Another classic move, and can be another anti-air move, but sadly, it can't be used in the air. You can use it to crossup your opponent on certain combos(See her combos section below for more details). The LK version does 2 hits, and the HK version can do up to 6 hits. If it crosses up, you can followup it with her DP+K, or even the Exceed.

Super Moves

Kikou Shou

  • QCF(2x)+P - Chun-Li's super version of her projectile. It can destroy normal projectiles, and will stop certain Super ones. The main way to use it is as a damaging anti-air, or as a chip finisher. On the corner, it can be used to followup the Super below(It can do up to 17 hits).

Houyoku Sen

  • QCF(2x)+K - Chun-Li's way to do combos. She will do 16 kicks, following by another one(After it, you can followup with nearly anything she has). The damage is good, without considering the possible followups.


Hazan Tenshou Kyaku

  • Charge db, df, db, uf+KK - Strange input, but it's a Super version of her DP+K. It will do 9 hits, and great damage(Almost one bar). It has a shortcut, in case you're having problems with the input(Charge db, HCB, uf+KK). It has some hit-confirm combos, so don't worry about landing it.

The Basics

Chun-Li's gameplan

Chun-Li is a great offensive/defensive char. You can use her as a turtler(By walking back and forward, using your long-ranged attacks and punishing when you need), which is an easy thing. For her defensive options, you have her projectile Super(Safest anti-air), her DP+K(Doesn't have invincibility frames, but you can juggle after it), or even her Exceed(Most damaging one, but due to the input, it can be a little hard to react). If you need to punish, you can just use her Kick Super(And followup it with anything), or on a better situation, do her Command Grab for a crossup combo. Good Luck in your future matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
Chun has nice combo options, and I won't even talk about damage. If you know some more interesting options(No matter if it's easy or hard), you can share it here.

Kikou Ken(HCF+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack/Command Grab] cl.HP, HCF+LP - 2 hits; 3 with with any optional thing

Easy combo to begin. For a Jump Attack, you can use her j.HP(With the second attack) on taller characters. Note that you can't combo so easily with the HP version, as it has more startup.

2- [Jump Attack/Command Grab] cl.HK, f+LK, HCF+LP - 3 hits; 4 with with any optional thing

More damaging than the move above, but the f+LK will whiff on small crouching characters.

Tenshou Kyaku(DP+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack(Make sure you crossup)/Command Grab] cl.HK, f+LK, DP+K, followup(In case you used the DP+HK) - (LK version) 3 hits/(HK version) 5+n hits(Where n is the followup for the attack); 4/6 with any optional thing

A not-that-hard combo. You'll obviously use the HK version on this one, because you can followup it. "What do I do after the DP+HK hits?" Well, on miscreen, you can do her Kikosho Super, now on the corner, you can do nearly anything. If you want, just do cl.HP, DP+HK(If you don't like the f+LK, which whiffs on most crouching characters).

SBK(Charge d, u+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack/Command Grab](While charging d) cr.LK(1-4x), df+LK(You still will be holding down here), (After the charge) u+HK, (If it crosses up) Exceed/DP+HK, followup - (Up to) 20/14+n(n is the followup) hits; 21/15+n with with any optional thing

A really good combo without using meter, and a hit-confirm for the Exceed(Watch out for the direction you'll be charging, because you'll switch sides with your opponent). It can be used everywhere, but it's better on midscreen(You can't crossup on the corner).

2- [Jump Attack/Command Grab](While charging d) cr.LK, df+LK, (After the charge) u+LK, (If crosses up) DP+HK, followup - 7+n hits; 8+n with any optional thing

Easier, but not more damaging than the above. You can't use the Exceed on this one because you won't have time to charge, sadly.

Kikou Shou(QCF(2x)+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack/Command Grab] cl.HP/cl.HK, f+LK, QCF(2x)+P - 18/19 hits; 19/20 with any optional thing

Just a combo to start. You won't be using this super a lot on combos, but it has some uses.

2- (Corner only) [Jump Attack] cl.HP/cl.HK, f+LK, QCF(2x)+K, (Time well) QCF(2x)+P - (Up to) 31/32 hits; 32/33 with any optional thing

Double Super combo! It's cool to use, but why would you use it? You'll just lose meter. You can use this combo on MAXIMUM Mode if you don't have a way to use it.

Houyoku Sen(QCF(2x)+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack/Command Grab] cr.LK(2-3x), db+LK, QCF(2x)+K - 21 hits; 22 with any optional thing

Just a combo to practice, and you can need it. I'll just put here the possible things to use before the super, and after it, I'll put some of the possible followups.

2- [Jump Attack/Command Grab] cl.HP, db+LK(Optional), QCF(2x)+K - 19 hits; 20 with any optional thing

This one is mostly done for punishing. You'll know how to use it.

3- [Jump Attack/Command Grab] cl.HK, f+LK, QCF(2x)+K - 19 hits; 20 with any optional thing

Another one for punishing. Remember: the f+LK will whiff on small crouching characters, and that's why it is optional on the second combo.

4- Combo 1/2/3, (After the Super hits, cancel the last kick into) Superjump(Forward), j.HP, HP - 23/21/21 hits(Combos 1, 2 and 3, respectively); 24/22/22 with any optional thing

A nice option in case you don't have any meter, and used the super on midscreen. The timing for the Superjump cancel can be a little hard, but you still can do it with practice. Note that after the last HP hits, your opponent will be reseted(I'll talk about resets later).

5- (Corner only) Combo 1/2/3, (While the super is hitting, charge db, and after the last kick hits) Exceed - 30/28/28 hits; 31/29/29 with any optional thing

Maybe her most damaging combo ouside of MAXIMUM Mode. You should learn it, really, it's mainly to do big damage. You can do it if you're near from the corner too.

Exceed(Charge db, df,db, uf+KK) combos:

1- Charge db, cl.HP, Exceed - 10 hits

Mainly a punish combo. I think it's easier to do after a cl.HP, because you can easily make the shortcut after it(Just stop holding db, do the cl.HP, and then the shortcut). If you want to add a Jump Attack, dunno, I won't reccomend you.

2- (Near corner only) Houyoku Sen combo 1/2/3, (While the super hits, charge db, and mash HK, and after the opponent is hit by the kicks) Exceed - (Up to) 31/29/29 hits; 32/30/30 with any optional thing

Can do 100% damage. It can be used in a real match, which is good for her. It's not that hard too(If you can hit-confirm the super from her normals, it won't be).

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Her main MAXIMUM Mode combos are involving her HCF+LP, and her Kicks Super.

Houyoku Sen(QCF(2x)+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack/Command Grab] cl.HP, f+HK, (MAX cancel it into) HCF+LP, (MAX cancel the hit into) QCF(2x)+K, any possible followup(Just see above for some of the possible followups) - 20+n hits(Where n is the followup used); 21+n with any optional thing

Her MAXIMUM Mode BnB, and probably her most used combo. The beginning of it (cl.HP, f+HK, HCF+LP) can be called "Houyoku Sen combo 4", to be short. This "combo 4", is probably the most effective one, because it's the most damaging, does more hits, and won't whiff on small crouching chars, unlike certain combos. To land the Super, just do one QCF, and press K(During the special move, you will do one QCF, and... This makes the combo easier).


Resets are important(This on nearly any SvC section). Characters with moves that can juggle the opponent can be fatal on any match, due to the damn resets. Chun-Li is a great character with combos, and with the resets, this won't change. Try this:

Any Houyoku Sen combo(Optional, you just need to hit with the super), QCF(2x)+K, forward sj. cancel, j.HP, HP(Where the opponent is reseted), dash under the opponent(For a crossup), cr.LK(2-3x), (df+LK, Charge d, u+HK, DP+HK/Exceed)/(QCF(2x)+K, and repeat the same process, but without the optional combo, obviously)

A really good setup for her, really, and you can even repeat it, in case your opponent needs an "Encore". On the normal mode, you can do it only 2 times, but on MAXIMUM Mode... I won't even talk. Chun-Li is a great character for combos, mixups, crossups and those things, that's why she's a great high tier character. To see an example of the reset, just click here to see it on work.