Chun Li (MVC)

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  • She had Speedy Normals and Magic Series
  • She can hit OTG with her Jump ins,Lightning Kicks and Hyper Moves
  • She had a lot of aerial rave options
  • Kikoushou its a Great Zoning Hyper Combo
  • She had Added new Level 3 Hyper Combo
  • She had Small Hitbox


  • She is a Low Stamina
  • She is too unsafe with his rushdown Hyper
  • She is Hard to learn and master
  • Her Kikoken iys a Bad Recovery Projectile Special Move

Basic Tips


Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Lightning Legs

Move List

Command Normals

Flip Over Kick: DF + HK

Chun-Li leaps up to the air and lands behind the opponent.

Reishiki Kikoken: F + HP

Chun-Li unleashes a stalling projectiles which resembles a mini-version of her Kikou-Shou.

Special Moves

Hyakuretsu Kyaku: Press K rapidly

Chun-Li swings her leg rapidly.

Kikoken: HCF + P

Chun-Li throws a fireball from her palms.

Hazan Shu: HCB + K

Chun-Li does a flip kick which serves as an overhead and can advance her rushing or verticality on the move.

Tensho Kyaku: Charge D, U + K

Chun-Li rises up as he does vertical spin kick in the air.

Hyper Combos

Kikou-Shou: QCF + Px2

Chun-Li unleashes a large spherical projectile that surrounds her.

Senretsu-Kyaku: QCF + Kx2

Chun-Li moves forward fast as she does a series of Hyakuretsu Kyaku's and finishes off with a flying kick.

Tensho-Senkuu-Kyaku: QCB + Kx2

Chun-Li does an extended version of her Tensho Kyaku.

Seichisei Senkuu-Kyaku: QCF + Kx2 (only in air)

Introduced in MvC, Chun-Li does an air-dash and when it connects, does a strong aerial MK which freezes the screen as random chinese symbols come up which lands the opponent to the other side of the screen.


Easy Combos

1) c. FK, c. RK, cancel Lightning Legs (OTG)
2) c. FK, c. RK, cancel Senretsu Kyaku
3) j. JP, j. SP, SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, cancel Shichi Sei Sen Kuu Kyaku
4) j. JP, j. SP, c. SK, c. FK, c. FP, cancel Senretsu Kyaku, Lightning Legs
5) j. JP, j. SK, j. SP, dash, SK, RK, cancel Hazan Tenshou Kyaku, c. SK (OTG), RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, Stomp Kick, Stomp Kick, Lightning Legs
6) j. JP, j. SK, j. FK, dash, JP, SK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, Stomp Kick, sj. JP, sj. SK, cancel Shichi Sei Sen Kuu Kyaku
7) launch, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, sj. RK, sj. SK (OTG), SK, FK, RK