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Condor is a Native American who does not wear any pants. Instead he only wears pant legs and underwear. Typically peaceful, he has been riled up recently and only fights to save his homeland from the evil Bai-Hu.

Condor is a throw character. Instead of green hand like Zangief, he has a green foot. He also has his deadly Tamahoo atack. He has a command grab and more normal throws than any other character in the game. His normal throws even have comboability into his super, making him deadly in the right hands!

Moves List

Normal Grabs

Condor is special because of his large amount of grabs. Each button has a grab assigned to it, which is different from every other character. Condor does not have an air grab, though.

  • Regular Throw - f or b + HP while close. The direction you press changes the direction that Condor hops in during the throw animation. You always want to try for a forward throw so that you can stay close. A decent throw that keeps the pressure on.
  • Heavy Kick Throw - f or b + HK while close. The direction used decides where the opponent gets grounded. Not his best throw, don't bother with it.
  • Crappy Throw - f or b + LP/LK while close. This throw sucks, that is why it is called the crappy throw.
  • Good Throw - d/f + LK/LP while close. This is a mashable throw, mash on buttons to make it do more hits and your opponent can mash on buttons to make it do less hits. Max hits is 10. You can link your Super Tamahoo afterwards making this Condor's best normal grab. When this throw ends, the opponent is reset standing. Mixup afterwards with a grab is possible if used sparingly.
  • Hump - d/f + HK while close. Condor humps the enemy. Mashable. Worthless but funny.
  • Headbite - d/f + HP while close. Condor hits his head on the enemies head. Mashable. Worthless.

Normal Moves

  • Body Splash - d + HP in the air. Great crossup, standard move in other fighters especially for throw characters. Has a giant hitbox.
  • Downkick - d + HK in the air. Also crosses up, great move with good priority.
  • Dash Punch - f + HP, overall worthless move. Moves Condor forward quickly for an attack.

Special Moves

  • Tamahoo - A+B+C, or some other combo of 3 buttons pressed simultaneously. An amazing move that negates projectiles ala Zangief's green hand, that has awesome priority especially versus air attacks, and seems to have some sort of invulnerability. Not that great versus grounded opponents but can catch them off guard occasionally.
  • Green Foot - qcf + K. Kicks opponent into the air and catches them and hurts them. The HK version reaches farther but has a longer startup. Essential for combos.
  • Spinning Piledriver (SPD) - 360 + P. If done out of range, he will display a whiff animation. Condor does a spinning piledriver on his opponent hurting them badly! An excellent move to breaker with, does a lot of damage and has awesome range.
  • Buffalo Slide Kick - f, f + K. Strength of kick determines range of slide kick. Normally knocks down unless opponent is hit from the very last part of the slide kick. Goes under projectiles and hits low.

Super Moves

  • Tamahoo Super - qcf, qcf + P. Awesome super, connects after an anti-air Tamahoo or Good Throw. Has small invulnerability window. The full super will connect against aerial opponents. The first hit has a giant reach and if it connects, the full super will.
  • Grab Super - 720 + P. A super grab. It is a good breaker move. It does not seem to have a whiff animation so you can't waste meter spamming for it. If it connects, it will do a bunch of damage and take a super meter from you. Good Throw into Tamahoo Super does as much or more damage than this, but this move is still good. Good Throw has significantly less range than Grab Super.

The Basics

  • Notable Normal Throws
    • Good Throw, d/f + LK/LP while close - This throw combos into super. That makes it great.
  • Notable Normals
    • Crouching A - Condor's basic combo starter. Does not hit low, but comes out quickly.
    • Far Standing D - This move has a surprising amount of range and priority. It will beat Saizo's vertical jump C from pretty far away and will cleanly beat plenty of other moves.
    • Vertical Jumping D - This is a great air-to-air move with awesome priority.
    • Downkick, d + HK in the air - This move will cross up and has a lot of priority because it hits so far below Condor. A great move to use in place of Body Splash if you're in range.
    • Body Splash, d + HP in the air - Body Splash has a larger horizontal hitbox than Downkick, but a smaller vertical hitbox. This move is an excellent crossup to use as your opponent is getting up.
  • Crossups
    • Downkick, d + HK in the air - see above
    • Body Splash, d + HP in the air - see above
  • Meterless combos
    • cr.A xn xx Green Foot (lk version) - Basic combo, can be performed off of jump in attacks. Do it really fast! This is his bread and butter. If you do it with them too far away then you'll get breakered, so only do a few cr.A's!
    • cr.A,, cr.D - Knockdown combo, can be done off of jump in attacks.
    •, st.D xx Green Foot (hk version) - Breakerable. Cancel the first hit of close st.D or the only hit of far st.D to make this combo work. It is still breakerable though, but if they breaker with a backdash or jump then sometimes green foot will catch them out of it.
  • Combos with meter
    • cr.A x2 xx Tamahoo Super - A basic super combo. This combo does more damage than comboing into Green Foot, but you may want to save your super meter for times when you would be unable to combo without using a super, or for his super grab.
    • Good Throw (d/f + LK/LP), Tamahoo Super - Another great combo that does a ton of damage. To do this combo easily, just mash out the super as hard as you can while you're mashing the throw for more damage and it will link just fine.
    • Any air-to-air normal, land, Tamahoo Super - Good way to get damage out of Condor's aerial pokes.
    • Anti-air st.D/cr.C, Tamahoo Super - Another good way to get damage. Any of Condor's normals can combo into super in an anti-air situation due to the game's juggle system but cr.C and st.D are going to me some of your more common anti-air attacks that aren't Tamahoo.
    • Anti-air Tamahoo, Tamahoo Super - Amazing combo as Tamahoo has great reach. This combo will connect very easily with no real timing or spacing necessary. A staple Condor combo that is crucial to learn to use frequently. This is a fantastic use of super meter.

Advanced Strategy

How does Condor play?

Condor can be played as a throw character but that sort of play style doesn't work well in Breakers. He has a decent rushdown game based around priority, with his only real mixups being crossups. Mixing up with grabs is so incredibly risky that it usually isn't worth it unless your opponent is terrified. If you advance extremely carefully with Condor and make sure to take full advantage of every opportunity, he is extremely possible to win with.


Condor can breaker with Tamahoo but it isn't particularly good. He can breaker with any normal throw, which also kind of sucks. He can also breaker with his SPD (360+P) which is amazing. It is fast and has a big range. His supers are also great breaker attacks, each doing massive damage. Breakering is kind of important for Condor, he can get a lot of damage this way whereas it can be hard for him to land a combo.

Random Tips

  • Having no dash makes it difficult to approach your opponent faster than they can run away. Using Buffalo Slide Kick after a knockdown can allow you to catch up to your opponent.
  • Tamahoo moves Condor slightly forward and has a good deal of priority and invulnerability, but it can be hit low so you always have to be careful of sweeps. Learn how to use Tamahoo to go through fireballs and move closer to your opponent.
  • If you jump over a fireball and are expecting another fireball, you can Buffalo Slide Kick under the second fireball, or even land and just Tamahoo Super your opponent out of their second fireball. Of course, both of these actions are risky, but the risk is worth it if you are sure you're reading your opponent properly.
  • By inputting forward+A/B/D, forward+B/D, you can whiff cancel a normal into his Buffalo Slide Kick. This is especially good with his st.B/st.D attacks, as they both might entice an opponent to attack you if they think you have whiffed them. This fake-out is an excellent mindgame for Condor!


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