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BX-02 Blodia

BX-02 Blodia
Weapon: Assault Satellite
Arm Part: Power Knuckle
Leg Part: Command Walker
Defense Modifier: 1.00
Boost Type: Dash
Boost Count: 2


Blodia is a straightforward VA who focuses on staying on top of the opponent and having unrivaled flair and style in his moves. Blodia's pursuit move Needle Press allows him to easily keep pressure on a knocked down opponent even if they ground tech or roll away; and since all of Blodia's special moves knock down and can be comboed into via his instant overhead, he can be a deadly force once he has closed distance with his opponent.


  • Easy hitconfirms
  • Versatile moveset
  • One of the best sweeps in the game
  • Strong chip potential


  • Lack options to deal with air stalling

Move List

Command Name Notes
L.png Standing Light Fast, chains into every other normal, combos into everything but Break Shaft and Heavy Gatling Rod, your jab of choice
D.png + L.png Crouching Light Less range than standing L, doesn't deal arm damage, hits MID, can only Cancel.png into heavy normals, this one is not as good
F.png F.png + L.png Dashing Light Hits mid and only the first two hits are cancellable, making it useless to use at more than 60% of the screen away
H.png Standing Heavy Two hits combo filler, combos into everything, can link back to both L.png if charge cancelled. Be careful of the long recovery
D.png + H.png Crouching Heavy Great sweep, your only Low.png , cancelling it into charge is an easy way to build meter and still have time for pursuit
F.png F.png + H.png Dashing Heavy Fast shoulder bash, always cancellable on block and hit. Will switch side in the corner with enough momentum
  Air + L.png Jumping Light Has a crossup hitbox and less pushback than Jumping Heavy, but obviously less hitstun
  Air + H.png Jumping Heavy Hitbox isn't as big as the sprite makes it look like, but it's still large enough to surprise people. Large pushback makes it unlikely you'll be in range for a full combo after landing
  Air D.png + H.png Crouching Heavy OTG.png Only hits directly below and won't hit from a neutral jump, bounces on hit and block letting you act again for some weird pressure. Can crossup but your VA won't turn on its own making you vulnerable

Target Combos
Command Name Notes
L.png > L.png One-Two Mostly same as standing L.png , cannot chain into crouching L.png
Command Name Notes
B.png or F.png + Atk.png Light & Heavy Throws Throw.png
B.png or F.png + Atk.png Pickup Throw Throw.png OTG.png
Qcfd.png + Atk.png Disassemble Throw.png Armed opponent only
F.png Df.png + H.png Direct Press Throw.png
during Light Throw D.png + L.png H.png Direct Press (Alternative) Timing is ambiguous, try mashing

Special Moves
Command Name Notes
Hcf.png + Atk.png Break Shaft Cptr.png Does not knock down if comboed into, only really useful as a long range frametrap
Dp.png + Atk.png Full Metal Charge Your reversal
Qcb.png + Atk.png Gatling Rod L.png version deals 4 hits while the H.png version deals 8 hits, moves forward and knocks down. Deals a large amount of chip
D.png U.png + Atk.png Needle Press Pursuit

Cyber-EX Moves
Command Name Notes
Qcf.png Qcf.png + Atk.png Planet Smasher Blodia rushes forward and start a series of attack on contact. Not invul, deals strong damage on hit and block. Hitting an airborne opponent will leave you vulnerable
L.png H.png Giga Burst OTG.png



cc: charge cancel

  • 5L>2H>cc(>28L)
  • 5H>cc>5L>2H
  • j.H>5H>214H(>28L)
  • 5H>214L>236236L