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RF-027 Jackal

RF-027 Jackal
Weapon: Assault Satellite
Arm Part: Heat Rod
Leg Part: Insectroid
Defense Modifier: 1.03
Boost Type: Jump
Boost Count: 4


Jackal is a well equipped rushdown VA who has exceptional air mobility among VAs with the jump-type boost. His Dizzy Boomerang offers him a relatively safe jump-in option, a move to special cancel into from air moves during pressure, and a cross-up tool when used midscreen. As with all insectroid-legged models, Jackal Stamp allows him to close distance quickly and be in the place where he is most dangerous. Heat Grapple and Whip Sting both cover a range which is slightly further than most VAs' normals so it may be rewarding to stay about 1 character width away from your opponent as Jackal.


  • Long range moves
  • Fast
  • Low crouch hitbox


  • Heavy normals are slow
  • Can't reliably knock down
  • Needs to be grounded to beat attacks coming from above

Move List

Command Name Notes
L.png Standing Light Amazing normal, this move will play neutral for you. Use it offensively, use it defensively, use it as an anti-air, the move to press when you don't know what to do.
D.png + L.png Crouching Light For when they're too close but not close enough to throw.
F.png F.png + L.png Dashing Light The move you get by mistake trying to dash slide.
H.png Standing Heavy Use D.png + H.png
D.png + H.png Crouching Heavy Low.png Sweep, long range and small hurtbox but slow to come out. Cancel.png it as the recovery is huge
F.png F.png + H.png Dashing Heavy More useful F.png F.png + L.png
  Air + L.png Jumping Light Air to air
  Air + H.png Jumping Heavy Slow jump-in
  Air D.png + H.png Crouching Heavy OTG.png Not much use

Target Combos
Command Name Notes
L.png > L.png One-Two Useful for optimal combos but the range is shorter than where you would usually Throw.png out standing L.png so do not rely on it

Command Name Notes
B.png or F.png + Atk.png Light & Heavy Throws Throw.png
B.png or F.png + Atk.png Pickup Throw Throw.png OTG.png
Qcfd.png + Atk.png Disassemble Throw.png Armed opponent only

Special Moves
Command Name Notes
Qcf.png + Atk.png Heat Grapple Cptr.png L.png version can be used to punish blocked or whiffed moves
Qcb.png + Atk.png Dizzy Boomerang Airok.png L.png version is what you combo into, air versions can be used for crossups. Chip kill tool
D.png (ch) U.png + Atk.png Jackal Stamp High.png OTG.png It's not safe
Atk.png Repeatedly Whip Sting Too slow to be of any use
Qcf.png + W.png Laser Screen High Deals chip
Qcfd.png + W.png Laser Screen Low Deals chip

Cyber-EX Moves
Command Name Notes
Qcf.png Qcf.png + Atk.png Assault Bits OTG.png Fast enough to be used as a punish
L.png H.png Giga Rain OTG.png



cc: charge cancel

  • 5L>5LL>214L
  • 2L>214L
  • 2H>236L