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D'bo (Originally "Devo", also known as "Soul Sacrifice") is one of Dio's henchmen. He uses his Stand, a bizarre doll named Ebony Devil, to attack Polnareff, but is killed upon its destruction.

In terms of gameplay, Devo is a mid-tier character with fairly nice mixup capability.

Moves List


 Joystick Position
       7 8 9      
       4 5 6      
       1 2 3      
a1 == Light Attack
a2 == Medium Attack
a3 == Heavy Attack
S == Stand button
T == Taunt/Start button
?a == Any attack button
?2a == Any two attack buttons (pressed at the same time)
?3a == All three attack buttons (pressed at the same time)

Normal Moves

5.a1 - (Stand Off) D'Bo leans back and does a backhand slap. (Stand On) Ebony Devil stabs with his straight razor. Can be chained 4 times, which ends the move with a squirt from his bottle.
5.a2 - (Stand Off) Slightly slower version of D'Bo's st.a1, but launches the opponent upward a small distance. (Stand On) Ebony Devil does quick swipe with his straight razor.
5.a3 - (Stand Off) D'Bo leans forward and smacks at the opponent. (Stand On) Ebony Devil spins around with his straight razor. Can be chained 2 times for 5 hits (6 hits with stand crash).

6.a1 - (Stand On) Ebony Devil pokes with his knife. Chaining this move 4 times will end it with a puff from his hair dryer.
6.a2 - (Stand Off) D'Bo charges forward with his shoulder. This move launches the opponent upward. (Stand On) Ebony Devil swipes downward with his razor. Does not hit overhead despite the animation.
4.a2 - (Stand On) Ebony Devil swings a bottle upwards.

2.a1 - (Stand Off) D'Bo lies on the ground and claws at the opponent. (Stand On) Ebony Devil lies on the ground and stabs with his razor. Can be chained 3 times.
3.a1 - (Stand On) Same as cr.a1, but Ebony Devil moves forward slightly.
2.a2 - (Stand Off) Similar to cr.a1, but D'Bo moves forward while clawing toward the opponent. (Stand On) Ebony Devil stabs his saw along the ground for 2 hits.
3.a2 - (Stand On) Ebony Devil dives forward along the ground and swipes his razor.
2.a3 - (Stand Off) D'Bo claws at the opponent and trips them with his hand. Hits 2 times. (Stand On) Ebony Devil swipes his razor upward and launches the opponent into the air.
3.a3 - (Stand On) Similar to df.a2 except Ebony Devil slides forward slightly further.

j+6.a2 - (Stand On) Ebony Devil will lunge through the air and slash with his razor. This move reminds me of a jumping version of df.a3 (Stand On).

Special Moves

Only Ebony Devil will act during a special move. However, doing a special move will still cancel Devo's current attack animation, enabling some interesting links.

Piranha Dive (QCF+A)

Ebony Devil jumps forward spinning like a tornado and biting at the enemy. a1 version hits 2 times, a2 version hits 4 times, and a3 version hits 6 times.

Hopping Hunter (QCB+A)

Ebony Devil hops up holding a huge spear and comes down hard. Button pressed (a1, a2, a3) determines distance hopped, a1 being the shortest and a3 being the farthest. When Stand Mode is on, you can hold down and mash a button to get extra hits (a1: 4 Hits, a2: 6 Hits, a3: 8 Hits).

Propeller Cutter (D,D+A)

Ebony Devil spins his spear over his head repeatedly. The strength of the button determines how fast he spins and the number of hits. Mashing a1, a2, and/or a3 repeatedly will give more hits. I have achieved up to 18 hits off the a3 version of this move.

Super Moves

Junky Carnival (QCF+AA)

Ebony Devil jumps all around the opponent cutting them with his saw and finally throws his hair drier at them. Holding down AA will allow you to delay its activation.

Barrel Roll Crusher (QCB+AA)

This is basically an EX version of his Piranha Dive move and hits 13 times.

Torment Sacrifice (F,D,DF+A)

Ebony Devil spins around in circles and launches the opponent upward for 11 hits.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


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