Goro Daimon's unblockable Ground Pound in KOF98

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How to perform the unblockable

As you read on the page that linked you here, it is possible to perform Daimon's dp+A exactly as the opponent gets up, and they cannot block it. Since the dp+A has to be performed very accurately (1 frame window), and characters' rising speed varies, there are setups that can 'line up' your timing By using various combinations of backdashes and special moves/supers. Not only that, but it is possible to easily perform moves one after the other with no pauses. Simply perform the input for the moves early (while you are finishing the previous action) and then hold down the button at the end of the motion. This will cause the move to come out as soon as you are able. The same goes for backdashes, though you have to buffer them closer to the time you recover than a special/super. Just tap b~[b] and hold the 2nd back input.

Unblockable setup list

Again, just perform the listed moves asap and then the dp+A. All setups involving a whiff canceled st.CD (notated as CD xx dp+A) are somewhat inconsistent due to the variable timing of a CD cancel, but ideally they should work if you cancel immmediately.

Also, note that whilst these setups are truly unblockable, certain attacks can allow some characters to escape the setups. If the recieving character has a command move that uses downforward (such as Daimon's df+C, Kyo's df+D and Mai/Chris/Chizuru's df+B among others), then if they input this move on the first frame of waking up, they will not get hit, and may even punish you. Additionally, one frame command grabs that are input as reversals are able to grab Daimon out of his dp+A if he is within their throw range. As such, it is important to keep this in mind against those kinds of character and to use unblockable setups that don't leave you in risky ranges. For example, you can replace qcb+B with a backwards roll, as they both have the same amount of total animation frames.

Unblockable dp+A timing after hcb,f+P

Kyo, Benimaru, Daimon, Choi, King, Vice, Shingo

  • backdash, qcb+B, dp+A
  • ABC, qcf+K, dp+A
  • CD xx qcb+D, dp+A

Ryo, Ralf, Clark, Mai, Kim, Mary, Rugal

  • hcb,f+P, CD xx dp+A
  • ABC, backdash, dp+A
  • hcfx2+K, hcfx2+K, dp+A

Chang, Shermie, Billy, Lucky

  • qcb+B, qcf+K, dp+A

Chizuru, Chris

  • backdash, hcbf+P, dp+A
  • ABC, dp+K, dp+A

Kensou, Saisyu, Brian

  • backdash, dp+K, dp+A

Andy, HeavyD

  • dp+K, qcf+K, dp+A


  • hcfx2+K, ABC, dp+A


  • hcf+P, dp+A
  • backdash, qcf+K, dp+A

Terry, Yashiro

  • superjump attack (going up), CD xx dp+A
  • hcfx2+K, qcf+K, dp+A


  • backdash, hcfx2+K, dp+A

Joe, Robert, Athena

  • dp+C, CD xx dp+A


  • backdash, dp+C, dp+A
  • hcfx2+K, qcb+B, dp+A


  • hop attack (going up), hcfx2+K, dp+A

Unblockable dp+A timing after dp+K

Benimaru, Leona, Chang

  • dp+C, dp+A

Choi, Shermie

  • dp+C, dp+A

Daimon, Saisyu, HeavyD, Lucky

  • hop attack (going up), dp+A

Kensou, King, Vice, Brian

  • far D, dp+A
  • ABC, dp+A


  • dp+K, dp+A

Athena, Chris, Mary, Iori

  • hcfx2+K(MAX), dp+A


  • superjump attack (going up), dp+A


  • backdash, dp+A

Unblockable dp+A timing after hcf+P

Chin, Chizuru, Chris

  • hcfx2+K, dp+A

Chang, Shermie, Billy, Heidern, Lucky

  • far D, dp+A
  • ABC, dp+A


  • CD xx dp+A

Unblockable dp+A timing after b or f+C (throw)

Note that this exclusively applies to Daimon's point blank mashable C throw, and not the longer range one.

Kyo, Benimaru, Choi, King, Iori, Shingo

  • backdash, dp+A

Ralf, Clark, Mary

  • far B, dp+A

Chang, Shermie, Billy, Lucky

  • qcf+K, dp+A

Andy, HeavyD

  • ABC, dp+A
  • far D, dp+A

Unblockable dp+A timing after hcfx2+K, hcf+K

Chizuru, Chris

  • ABC, dp+A

Unblockable dp+A timing after hcfx2+K(MAX), hcf+K, dp+K


  • hcfx2+K, dp+A

Unblockable dp+A timing after hcbx2+P


  • dp+A

Unblockable dp+A timing after qcf+K

Terry, Yashiro

  • CD xx dp+A

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