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Ah, Dan, once trained by Gouken (Ryu & Ken's master) he has most of the shoto abilities...with none of the power!!! With some of the least powerful attacks in the game, Dan is what you would call a "joke" by the Capcom developers. Although he has one of the most powerful hypers in the game, it reduces him to a single point of health.


First row: LP, HP, A1. Second row: LK, HK, A2.


Moves List

Normal Moves

I put these under his normal moves because even though they do no damage, they make Dan look really COOL!!! (All of these moves raise Dan's power bar like a strong punch would)

Chouhatsu: (g/o) Start Ok, everyone has one right...Exactly!!!

Zenten Chouhatsu: (g/o) QCF+Start Oh yeah! Who's the man?!

Kouten Chouhatsu: (g/o) QCB+Start Huh! Dan's the man!!!

Kuuchuu Chouhatsu (a/o) Start Man, this guy is so excellently cool! This taunt is fun to keep S.Jumping with if you're up against slower characters.

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Gadou Ken
Qcf.png + P.png
Kouryuu Ken
Dp.png + P.png
Every fourth use will flash and is invincible.
Dankuu Kyaku
Qcb.png + K.png
Premium Sign
Qcf.png + K.png

Super Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Shinkuu Gadou Ken
Qcf.png + Lp.png + Hp.png
Hisshou Burai Ken
Qcb.png + Lk.png + Hk.png
Kouryuu Rekka
Qcf.png + Lk.png + Hk.png
Chouhatsu Densetsu (Super Taunt)
Qcf.png , Qcf.png + Taunt
Otoko Michi
Hp.png , Lk.png , B.png , Lp.png , Lp.png
Unblockable.png Alright so at least he got this move down from Akuma. Wrong! While it's still a Lvl.3 move, and beats the living daylights out of whoever your opponent was, when he's finished he gets caught in the blast and loses all but 1 point of health...At least he tried!

Assist Moves

Cross-Over Combination
Alpha Counter
Alpha.pngHp.png Gadou Ken
Shinkuu Gadou Ken
Hp.png Gadou Ken
Beta.pngHp.png Kouryuu Ken
Kouryuu Rekka
Hp.png Kouryuu Ken
Gamma.pngHk.png Premium Sign
Hisshou Burai Ken
Hk.png Dankuu Kyaku

The Basics


-Jump LPx2 > Standing LP or LK > Standing LK

-Jump LP > LP XX qcb + HK

-Jump LP > LP \/ d.s.LK > s.LK XX qcf + P

-Jump LP > LK \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > c.HK

-Jump LK > LP \/ d.s.LP > s.LP XX qcf + PP

-Corner Jump LK > LP \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP > sj.LK XX qcb + LK, f + HP

-Jump LP > LP \/ f,d,df + LP XX qcf + KK

-Jump LK > LP \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > c.HK XX qcf + KK

-Corner Jump HK \/ d.s.LP > s.LP XX qcf + LP XX qcf + PP, (f,f) qcb + KK \/ c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.HP > sj.HK

Advanced Strategy

Fun Stuff

SFA2 Outro Intro

Hold down LP before the match starts. Instead of the usual opening pose, Dan will come flying in from offscreen. This is him landing from being thrown by Sagat when you faced him with Ryu in SFA2.

Taunt Super Finish Screen

If you kill them with an thrown autograph (either on point or with Dan as an assist), you will get a Super Finish screen.