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Ten years ago, Dan's father was killed by Sagat. Dan has trained vigorously to avenge his father's death. Filled with incredible power, he unloads his most potent attack on those who stand in his way. He will have his revenge.

Dan Alpha2 colors.PNG

Dan is capcom's joke character. While sharing certain normals with the shoto characters, he also has his own (usually inferior) versions of their normals. Dan is almost always considered bottom tier, due to his specials being either unsafe, hard to hit-confirm, slow, or all three. That said, his CC's and some supers are still quite damaging, so it is possible to win with him. He is also unquestionably the best taunter in the game.


  • Has some good shoto normals like cr.hk, cr.mk, and dj.mk
  • Custom combos still do lots of damage if you can land them (as with almost all characters)
  • Top-tier taunts


  • Fireballs have no range, uppercuts have no invincibility, and Dan kick is slower than tatsu
  • Many normals are useless, or do low damage
  • AC's are bad (literally has a taunt for his P alpha counter)

Moves List

Normal Moves



Dan s.lp.png


Dan s.mp.png


Dan s.hp.png


Dan s.lk.png


Dan s.lk.pngDan s.mk(2).png


Dan s.hk.png



Dan cr.lp.png


Dan cr.mp.png


Dan cr.hp(1).pngDan cr.hp(2).png


Dan cr.lk.png


Dan cr.forward.png


Dan cr.hk.png

JUMPING Jumping U.png (Neutral jump)


Dan nj.lp.png


Dan nj.mp.png


Dan nj.hp.png


Dan nj.lk.png


Dan nj.forward.png


Dan nj.hk.png

Jumping Ub.png Uf.png (Diagonal jump)


Dan dj.lp.png


Dan dj.mp.png


Dan dj.hp.png


Dan dj.lk.png


Dan dj.forward.png


Dan dj.hk.png


F.png/B.png+Mp.pngHp.png -

Alpha Counters

B.pngDb.pngD.png+P.png- Taunt AC

B.pngDb.pngD.png+K.png- His crouching hk.

Special Moves

Qcf.png + P.png- Gadou Ken

LP.png: Dan gadouken.lp(1).pngDan gadouken.lp(2).png

Mp.png: Dan gadouken.mp(1).pngDan gadouken.mp(2).png

Hp.png: Dan gadouken.hp(1).pngDan gadouken.hp(2).png

Dp.png + P.png- Koryu Ken

LP.png: Dan koryu.lp(1).pngDan koryu.lp(2).png

Mp.png: Dan koryu.mp(1).pngDan koryu.mp(2).png

Hp.png: Dan koryu.hp(1).pngDan koryu.hp(2).png

Qcb.png + K.png- Danku Kyaku

Dan dk(1).png

Qcf.png + Select- Zenten Chohatsu

Qcb.png + Select- Koten Chohatsu

Super Moves

Qcf.pngQcf.png + P.png- Shinku Gado Ken

Dan shinkuu(1).pngDan shinkuu(2).png

Qcb.png Qcb.png + K.png- Hissho Burai Ken

Qcf.pngQcf.png + K.png- Koryu Rekka

Dan koryureppa(1).png

Qcf.pngQcf.png + Select- Chohatsu Densetsu. The legendary super taunt. Spend a whole meter to do absolutely nothing but piss off your opponent!

Dan ts(1).pngDan ts(2).pngDan ts(3).pngDan ts(4).pngDan ts(5).pngDan ts(6).pngDan ts(7).png

The Basics


he has shotoesque normals, so pokes should be familiar s.LK close, c.LP/MP/LK/MK -> they all combo into Gadouken s.MK far (works as anti-air too) don’t use s.HK ever! if you find any use for it… let me know. it resembles Guy’s s.HK, but it sucks even more s.HP is not very reliable, use it from a safe distance (or after a j.HK because it’ll combo) s.MP is your friend up close (can combo into Gadouken) anti air:

c.HP = shotoesque godliness s.MK is good too, more against big characters air-to-air:

j.LK is pretty good, but don’t use it for upwards attacks or against incoming angled air attacks (like Chun’s j.LK) j.MP is a standard shoto normal and has very good priority j.MK is very good, i’d use this mostly air-to-ground:

j.LK recovers fast and you can do some sweeps, ground mixups can be used as a fast overhead upclose by jumping back and instantly hitting LK j.MP / j.MK can combo into various things: j.MP / j.MK + s.MP + Gadouken j.MP / j.MK + c.MK + Gadouken j.MP + c.HP + Gadouken j.HK can combo into: sweep, c.MK + Gadouken, c.HP + Gadouken don’t ever use j.HP, ever… worst normal in the game! Dan has a very good throw game: block & throw / tick & throw


Gadouken: a half-arsed hadouken, still very useful up close… can be combo’d from a lot of ground normals. it’s NOT RECOMMENDED comboing into gadouken against characters with meter… no matter if it hits or if it gets blocked you’re gonna eat a CC since the recovery time sucks

dragon punch: don’t rely too much on it… kinda sucks because it doesn’t travel forward. use mostly the LP version or the “invincible” white flash versions that occur randomly :stuck_out_tongue: also dp can be combo’d from a number of normals (s.lk/mk/lp/mp, c.lp/mp/lk/mk). since the move is a standing dp you might wiff it, so combo into it from almost point blank to lessen the risk

Dankuukyaku (hurricane kick thing): has silly priority, don’t use it from a big distance… use LK/MK versions for mixups, to get close or for chip damage

crossup: j.MK for crossup is too good, can combo like this j.MK + 2x or 3x c. LP (or c.LK c.LP c.LK) + Gadouken (or hit confirm into Super Gadouken) j.MK + c.HP + HK hurricane thingie (very hard to do) j.MK + c.LK/LP + shinryuken super


super Gadouken: can be hit confirmed from tons of ground normals, even from sweep!! level 3 travels like 3/4 of the screen, use it for style points :smiley: shinryuken-like: pretty good anti-air, can be hit confirmed from c. LK i’d recommend to do so for lvl 2 & 3 (when the super travels toward the opponent), not worth for lvl1 damage wise HISSHO MURAI KEN (CERTAIN VICTORY RELYING ON NOBODY BUT MYSELF FIST <- WTF?): it’s good only point blank and 100% unreliable anywhere else since a lot of the hits from the super sequence will wiff & ends into a DP… your opponent will recover to punish you while you just wasted meter… use it for stylepoints super taunt: forget about it… unless you dizzy your opponent and want to create some LULZ alpha counters:

punch AC sucks because of low range and can wiff a lot. use it only for jumpins attempts kick AC is a decent sweep. use it for ground attacks damage is garbage for both :smiley: custom combos: this is where it gets tricky… his custom combo has unreliable damage (at least for my execution). i don’t know exactly what to recommend. (maybe someone can help me out here)

lvl1: c.HK + LP dp x n (damage kinda sucks ~20%, but it’s good to escape from a lot of crap like throw setups in the corner)

lvl2 & 3: c.HK + LP dp x n + end with HP dp (sometimes does 70% damage… sometimes 50% or a little more) c. HK + HK hurricane x 2 + HP dp (or something)

anti-air CC: start those from above with c.HP

Dan sucks hard against Dhalsim. unless you can punish his limbs on reaction like Daigo or something… i wouldn’t play Dan for this matchup. also Dan sucks against good fireball characters. the battle is uphill, but reasonably winnable.

don’t forget to air taunt or taunt roll to safety!! :smiley:

overall Dan is pretty awesome and provides lot of fun for shoto hating players like myself. winning with Dan earns you respect or your opponent’s total frustration :china:

Advanced Strategy


-Jumping MK, Crouch LP x2, LP Koryuken

-Jumping MK, Crouch LP x2, Gadoken

-Jumping MK, Crouch MK, Gadoken

-Jumping MK, Crouch MP, HK Danku Kyaku

Custom Combos

Dan: Activate, c.hk, qcb+hk x n, qcf+p, qcf+hp


Select- Taunt

(While Crouching)Select- Shagami Chohatsu

(In Air) Select- Kuchu Chohatsu


Vs. Adon:

Vs. Akuma:

Vs. Birdie:

Vs. Charlie:

Vs. Chun-Li:

Vs. Dan (self):

Vs. Dhalsim:

Vs. Gen:

Vs. Guy:

Vs. Ken:

Vs. M. Bison (dictator):

Vs. Rolento:

Vs. Rose:

Vs. Ryu:

Vs. Sagat:

Vs. Sakura:

Vs. Sodom:

Vs. Zangief:

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