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"I blow away all foes! That is the way of 'Saikyo!'" - By: Dan Hibiki



The great master of the Saikyo style, Dan hibiki... This character is just a joke character(His face was based on Robert Garcia, and his style was based on the Kyokugen-Ryu, the style of Ryo and Takuma), but you already know that. He is just one of the best characters of the SFA series and a god-tier on SFIV, and in this game this has not changed. His fighting style is something... Different. It's something like: the Kyokugen style + the Shoto style + the Muay Thai style(Sagat and Joe Higashi's style) + many nerfs = Dan Hibiki. In this game, he's a sub-boss, and I don't know why, but he's pretty good in this game(That's because he's in "his" territory now). And SNK made a good thing on putting him here. Now you'll know the arsenal of the (kind of) unbeatable Saikyo style.

The Saikyo Master's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Has a simple(And funny) gameplay;
  • Has easy and(Kind of) effective combos;
  • Has an unblockable move;
  • His DP can flash like in the SFA series;
  • His Exceed is a grab(And can be comboed from his normals);
  • He has Special(And Super) Taunts. Yay.

Bad things:

  • Is hard to master;
  • Has bad projectiles;
  • Exceed doesn't have good reach;
  • His unblockable is unsafe on hit(You can make it safe, just continue reading and you'll see how);
  • Most Normal and Special moves can miss on low crouching characters(and Choi standing);
  • He doesn't have the Shinkuu Gadouken here;
  • His DP is more vertical than the others in this game, which can be bad sometimes.

How to select Dan Hibiki

So... You like Dan Hibiki's funny style and wanna practice with him, but cannot? Don't worry, we can help you. While you're on the character select screen, do the inputs below:

(While holding start) Down, Left(7x)

Easy, right? Just do it and enjoy controlling the Saikyo Master. If you wanna play online with him, you can download Fightcade, and download the game on the list, which has Dan as a selectable character(Without codes, or things like that).

Moves List

Normal Moves

His Normal Moves are kind of useful, and when you know what are you doing, you'll be better with him.

s.LP - (Close) Cancelable and can combo on itself, but it whiffs/misses the low crouching characters(and Choi standing). (Far) Not so good to use. It's not a rapidfire move, so this can be a bad move to use. It's cancelable. Whiffs on low crouching characters (and Choi standing).
s.LK - (Close) Good move. It's cancelable and don't whiffs on the low crouching characters, so you can use it on some combos. (Far) Best poking weapon. On SFA3, this Normal was good only to counter the slide moves(like Dhalsim's), but in this game, forget this. He don't have a attack hitbox in the ground, and thanks to that, this move whiffs on low crouching characters (And Choi standing). It's just a normal kick. It's not cancelable.
s.HP - (Close) One of his most damaging cancelable moves(If not the most), and is the best for combos. It's fast, and don't whiffs the low crouching characters(Choi standing too). (Far) A not so good startup, looks like an overhead attack, but it isn't, it's not cancelable, but the damage is good, so use on the MAXIMUM Mode if you want.
s.HK - (Close) Strange, but good kick. It's not cancelable, and the damage is regular, and even that it looks like a high attack, it can hit on Choi standing(But whiffs on low crouching characters). Dan goes a little forward when he uses this move. The far version is the same, but it whiffs on Choi standing.

j.LP - (Jumping Forward/Back) Good air-to-air weapon, and reliable as a combo starter. (Neutral) Same properties, but not reliable as a combo starter.
j.LK - (Jumping Forward/Back) Strange kick that can surprise the opponent if he'll do some DP counter. Reliable on combos. (Neutral) It's like a crouching move in the air. Strange, but this have a good reach. Not so reliable on combos.
j.HP - (Jumping Forward/Back) Good damage, but can be hard to hit on the low crouching characters(on Choi standing this is not so hard). Due to this, this is not reliable as a combo starter. (Neutral) Same properties, but is easy to hit the low crouching characters. Reliable as a combo starter.
j.HK - (Jumping Forward/Back) Air move with strange startup but good damage. Can be reliable on combos, but you need to time well. (Neutral) This is... Almost useless. Why? Well, the kick goes up, and the opponent will most likely be on your side(on the air, I mean) or on the ground. This makes this move almost useless, but if your opponent is above you, just use it. But it's rare.

cr.LP - I think that this is a Muay Thai punch. Slow, cannot combo on itself, but it's cancelable.
cr.LK - Best crouching move. Fast, good reach and cancelable. You can abuse of it on some combos. Cannot combo on itself.
cr.HP - This can be a good anti-air with good damage, and it's cancelable too. One of his most damaging cancelable moves(I think that the cl.HP is the most damaging).
cr.HK - It's like the Shoto sweep. It's fast, and the reach is good.

Command Moves

Well, Dan don't have command moves, sadly. But he have Special Taunts! They're here:

Shagami Chouhatsu

  • PP (While crouching) - Easy input, and can be the second safest of the taunts. While Dan is doing the taunt, the opponent can easily punish you. If you want to use it, use on the corner(Or for fun).

Kuuchuu Chouhatsu

  • PP (In the air) - The safest of the special taunts. Dan just shouts: "YAHOO!". If you want to surprise the opponent with a ground combo, you can use it(Like an empty jump).

Zenten Chouhatsu

  • QCF+PP - Dan does rolls forward and then he uses his classic taunt stance. While he's rolling, high attacks will whiff. The opponent will (probably) punish you if you use it, so use with caution.

Kouten Chouhatsu

  • QCB+PP - The same as above, but Dan will roll backwards.

(Important note: In this game, Taunts increase the opponent's Super Meter, but not with those four taunts, and this is what makes those taunts (kind of) Special. Remember that doing a normal taunt - by pressing start -, even if it's Dan, will increase the opponent's meter).

Special Moves

The awesome power of the Dan's Special Moves... Here they are:


  • QCF+P - The classic, but weakened projectile. It's hard to use on combos due to the startup. Use it only to cancel another projectiles(Or even better, don't use it). If whiffs against the low crouching characters(You already know the rest).

Gadou Shoukou Ken

  • f, QCF+P - Dan crosses his arms before unleashing a giant, but short-ranged projectile. The damage is good, but for the startup and recovery... If you want, avoid this move. Even though this projectile is giant, it can only cancel normal projectiles, which makes it useless. You can abuse of it if you're versus the CPU.

Kouryuu Ken

  • DP+P - His classic anti-air is here guys! Well... It's not a bad move. Good for combos. Dan can flash sometimes, and when he flashes(You need some luck), he becomes invincible(The same of SFA3). This move is decent, but don't abuse of it.

Dankuu Kyaku

  • QCB+K(In the ground or in the air) - The LK version makes Dan perform one kick while the HK version makes he perform three kicks. The third kick sets your opponent on a juggle state if it hits the opponent while he/she's jumping. In the LK air version, Dan will do a (kind of) Double Jump, or even float, I think. For the HK version, it can be hard to hit, but if you want to float more, use it. LK version is a pseudo frame trap into itself.

Kyuukyoku Tenchi Gadou Zuki (aka KTGZ)

  • QCB(2x)+PP - Good move, really. Dan begins to charge some kind of energy and then he performs an unblockable punch. While he's charging, he's vulnerable only to low attacks(He has upper body Autoguard on this move), and he can autoguard even projectiles/Supers(not the ground ones). It's a great parody of Ryo's Tenchi Haoh Ken(His Exceed), but it will not dizzy the opponent nor do more damage on a counterhit, but it's still unblockable. The best time to use this is when your opponent will do a jump-in. This move whiffs on the low crouching characters(And that small guy standing).

Super Moves

Now you'll see the most powerful Saikyo techniques in this game.

Hisshou Burai Ken

  • QCB(2x)+K - Good Super. Dan performs a series of attacks in one place and ending with a Kouryuu Ken. LK version does 5 hits and HK version does 10 hits. The most damaging is the HK version(The LK version does good damage too), but the LK version has better startup. On the HK version, there's a attack on the middle of the combo that must be blocked low(I think that it's the fourth attack), and if it connects while the opponent is defending but isn't crouching, Dan will connect all of the other attacks. HK version is bad on combos, but the LK version is good and the damage is almost the same as the HK version.

Kouryuu Rekka

  • QCF(2x)+K - Dan performs a small Kouryuu Ken and then a large one for a total of 4(LK version) or 7(HK version) hits. The most damaging is the LK version. Dan goes a little forward on the HK version. The startup of this super is good on the two versions, so all of them are good on combos.

Chouhatsu Densetsu

  • QCF(2x)+PP - TAUNT SUPER MOVE!!!!!!! The Legendary Taunt is here guys! It's a cool move, and it's not 100% useless. If he performs all of the taunts, Dan and his opponent will go to the MAXIMUM Mode, but this is something hard(The opponent can let you do the taunts only to reach the MAXIMUM Mode in a "safer" way). There's a good strategy with this move. Well, you need to have only one level on the Super Meter, the opponent needs to have 2(or almost 3) levels, and you need to use this move near the "Time Over" thing. Dan will perform all of the taunts, and you and your opponent will go to the MAXIMUM Mode, and then that "Time Over" thing appears on the screen. Now a cool thing will happen: You and your opponent will have two levels on the Super Meter! When I did this, my "friend" asked: "What happened?" And I said: "When the MAXIMUM Mode ends, the meter returns to level 2, I think that's what happened..." I lost that match, but the "crowd" became silent for a little time(I don't know why).


Otoko Michi

  • HP, LK, b, LP, LP - His best and most damaging move! It's a shame that this can be used only once... This was first introduced on Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, and it's like Akuma/Gouki's Exceed(Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon), but on the contrary. This Exceed is unblockable and the damage is monstrous, but needs to be made near from the opponent. You think that this is risky? Don't worry, Dan is invincible while he is dashing, and you can confirm this Exceed(Just do the inputs beginning with a cl.HP). On Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter(And MvC2), this move was still unblockable, but Dan's health will go to 1%, but don't need to worry about that here(Dan won't lose health by doing that).

The Basics

Dan's gameplan

First, you'll need to be patient if you want to try him. And remember this: Dan needs meter in battle to do damage. Do the taunt super strategy if you're only with 1 level of the bar, spam DPs when you're far away from the opponent, or something of your choose. Oh, and good luck with the flashing DPs too.

And although Dan is like a Shoto in gameplay, you can't rely only on Shoto tactics to use him effectively. You need to be careful when advancing with him just to make the opponent make some mistakes and you can punish him with what you have.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)

You can add if you know some more possible combos. (I know Dan Hibiki has a corner infinite combo, but I don't know how to put it here, because I just can't prove that it works.)

1- cl.HP, DP+P/QCF(2x)+K - 2(DP)/5(LK version of the Super)/8(HK version) hits

Good combo if you want to start. His cl.HP is one of his most damaging cancelable moves(And don't whifs on those low crouching characters, that's something that makes this move trustable), so this makes this combo good for punishing.

2- (Corner only) cl.HP, QCB+HK - 4 hits

That's the best way to combo the Strong Dankuu Kyaku. If you add a jumping attack, the combo will not connect all of the hits. If you use this combo outside of the corner on Choi, the QCB+HK whiffs.

3- (Corner only) [Jump Attack(I know, not many Jump Attacks here)] cl.HP, QCB+LK - 2 hits; 3 with the Jump Attack

A variation of the combo above. And it's the only combo with a [Jump Attack] too. That's because the other combos will fail if you add it, but that's not the case of this one. The damage is nice too, but sadly, it's possible only on the corner.

4- (Corner only) QCB+LK(Counter-hit), DP+P/QCF(2x)+K - 2 hits on each version

Interesting juggle combo. Good to use when you need. It's possible to combo after a Counter-hit QCB+LK in midscreen too. Just do a far s.LK and go ahead. Oh, I just found that this is another way to land Dan's corner infinite, which is nice!

5- cl.LP, cr.LK, QCB+LK/DP+LP - 3 hits

A nice combo for mixups. As you know, the cl.LP whiffs on the low crouching characters(You know what will be there), so if you need, do the cr.LK only. If you want an easier combo, do cl.LP, cl.LK, followup with what you want.

6- cl.HP, Exceed - 2 hits(The game won't recognize the Exceed confirm as a combo, but the hits will connect)

This can be one of his most damaging combos. This "Raging Demon" is better than Akuma/Gouki's, because it's easier to connect(I don't know if Akuma/Gouki can combo with his Raging Demon). The recovery of Dan's Exceed is good too, which is a nice thing. If the opponent blocks the cl.HP, the Exceed will whiff, even when he/she's on the grab range.

7- (When the opponent is in a jumping state and on the corner) QCB+HK, DP+P/QCF(2x)+K - 3 hits(I think you can get more with the Super, but I got 3 hits)

A tricky and hard combo. You don't need to learn it, but if you want, I'll say how you can do it. When the opponent jumps, you need to time well, because the second hit of the HK Dankuu Kyaku cannot hit the opponent to make this work. Remember:You just need to avoid the second hit, but the other 2 kicks need to hit the opponent.

--Redarts (talk) 17:18, 26 December 2015 (MSK) - I don't know why, but I made a great part of this.

Advanced Strategy

Some players say that Dan has a bad gameplay, even those who play with him. Dan has some effective moves, like his LK Dankuu Kyaku, and his Kyuukyoku Tenchi Gadou Zuki(KTGZ for short).


Well... The KTGZ is EXTREMELY unsafe when it hits. Now don't need to worry! You just need to be in MAXIMUM Mode and cancel while Dan is punching the opponent(You have time to cancel it, so don't worry). It's better to cancel in his projectile, because it's easier to do. It's a nice strategy to use in the battle.

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Dan hasn't many MAXIMUM Mode options, but I found how to do his infinite on 27/07/2016("IT WORKED!!! IT REALLY WORKED!!!", I was like this at the time). I'll mark this forever here, and inside of my mind.

1- (Combo number 4/7 goes here, but with a DP after the QCB+K), (MAX cancel the DP+P into) QCB+LK(It needs to whiff), DP+P, (MAX cancel it into) QCB+LK(Needs to whiff again) ... (When you want) ... (After any QCB+LK whiff) QCF(2x)+K - 8(For the combo number 4)/9 hits(For the combo 7, but that's what I got, I think you can do better than that if you practice)

Yeah, Dan's infinite is here, writed for you(The damage is incredible too). It is practical, but it's very hard to land, really. Your opponent won't be neutral jumping/jumping backwards on the corner. "Can it do an insta-KO?" No, but this combo, and the Exceed combo are the best things Dan Hibiki can do here.

How Dan can deal with:

His projectiles
Dan has bad projectiles in this game, sadly. One whiffs on low crouching characters and the other has bad startup. But that doesn't mean that you don't have something to do. If the opponent choose a character with a low/ground projectile(Like Sagat, Iori and Terry, for exemple), you'll be on a kind of disadvantage, because your projectiles will(probably) fail against their projectiles. So, just think: "What can I do?". Well, it's a low/ground projectile, and if we are dealing with a low/ground projectile, then the answer is simple. A Brazilian poet wrote this in a verse of one of his poems: "What is not on the ground, is in heaven, and what is at the bottom, it is only something that will pass, and will always come back some day.". You're probably asking yourself: "So, to avoid those projectiles, Dan needs to go to heaven? You're crazy." No, don't think that way, please(Dan don't need to visit his father now). I'll translate the verse now(If you haven't understood). "What isn't on the ground, needs to be in the air, and what confronted you, you will have to confront it again some time." In short, you just need to jump(All of this nonsense for a jump, nice), preferably, a neutral jump. If your opponent does a dash or a jump in your direction, press the LK button. Its range is good, it can help some times.

The moves that whiff
Your normals that whiff are not a problem, but the Special Moves... They are really a problem... If you're against a player that abuses his crouching state(Or Choi/Zero), don't use the special moves that whiff(It will be a bad thing for you), try to abuse of your jumping moves(Watch out for those anti-airs), and don't abuse too much of your low moves. If don't want to do this, just try to make your opponent jump(By being on a crouching state), just to make him fall on a anti-air, or try to use some grabs on him. If nothing works, you can try to poke with f.LK and cr.LK.