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Dao Long likes to eat spicy food and enjoys a long ride in the desert on camel's back.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Throw - f or b + HP while close. Dao-Long throws the opponent!
  • Double Flaming Palm - LP+HP, cancelable to special moves and super moves.
  • Big Roundhouse Kick - LK+HP, not cancelable.
  • Elbow Drop - HP+HK, a little jump with dropping elbow at the end. Can land and continue combo if spaced properly.

Note: These three command normals will knockdown if they hit an airborne opponent.

Special Moves

  • Fat Dragonhead Fireball - charge b, f + P. Dao-Long throws a Fat Dragonhead Fireball. C version is faster than A version.
  • Dragon Kick - charge d, u + K. Dao-Long's uppercut type move. D version goes further up in the air and it is flaming. B is not flaming. B version has more invulnerability and is invulnerable on start up.

Super Moves

  • Super Fat Dragonhead Fireball - charge b, f, b, f + P. Dao-Long shoots his famous Super Fat Dragonhead Fireball at the opponent. This move hits multiple times and will eat fireballs and continue to travel.
  • Super Rushdown - charge b, f, b, f + K. Dao-Long's combo super. This can be comboed into very easily from any air normal and at the end of his normal ground combo. Very useful super, but punishable on block.
  • Super Vacuum Drill Kick - charge d/b, d/f, d/b, u/b + K (mash for 30 hits max). Dao-Long's amazing uppercut kick that makes both Terry Bogard and Ken Masters blush.

The Basics

  • Notable crossups
    • Jumping B - This move is very easy to use to crossup with, it sticks out for a while, too.
    • Jumping C - Jumping C is more timing dependent, but it does more damage than jumping B.
  • Notable normals
    • Crouching A - This has to be the fastest normal in the game. Beats out lots of grounded stuff, but it will not help you to get out of tight pressure.
    • Jumping A - This is an excellent air-to-air move.
    • Double Flaming Palm, LP+HP - This is a great command normal to use, both alone and in combos.
    • Elbow Drop, HP+HK. This is good for hopping over projectiles without putting yourself to risk.
  • Notable combos - "Ender" means Fat Dragonhead Fireball, Super Fat Dragonhead Fireball, or Super Rushdown.
    • j.B, cr.A xN, cr.B, A+C, ender - This is the combo Dao-Long will use the most. You may substitute jumping B with any jump in. Hit cr.A as many times as you can before you push them too far from cr.B's range.
    • Air-to-air j.D, land, Super Rushdown - This is his basic juggle. You may substitute jumping D with any other jumping attacks, but jumping D is the easiest.
    • j.C, cr.B, Dragon Kick (D version)- Best used if you have dizzied your opponent. Dragon kick hurts a lot.

Advanced Strategy

  • Dao Long cannot cancel his forward dash with jump, normals, special moves or super moves. However, he can block anytime during his dash. This is very important thing to know with Dao Long. You can actually advance toward your opponent very safely with his dash, but be aware of the ones who expects the dash, since it is throwable.
  • Dao Long's fat dragonhead fireballs has to have the worst fireball recovery in the game for some odd reason. However that is offset by the fact that fat dragonhead fireball is very, very, very fat. Use the fatness to its fullest advantage. It is not called "fat dragonhead" for no reason, folks. It is usually a good idea to LP fat dragonhead fireball whenever you score a knockdown, as long as you recover before they get up, and pressure with it.


Vs. Alsion III:

Crouching A beats his teleport if he comes down right above you. Fat dragonhead fireball him a lot. Be aware of his dash and his overhead.

Vs. Condor:

Always keep downback charged versus him. Do lots of fat dragonhead fireballs when he is on the other side of the screen. If he slides under it, sweep him if he slides from too far and he is back to square one. If he jumps over it, you can do dragon kick to beat his jump ins and he'll be back to square one as long you do fat dragonhead fireball after dragon kick. That's the basics.
If Condor starts using A+B+C move to nullify your fireballs, you may have to start walking forward and sweep him as he does it. You may risk losing your charge doing it, which Condor wants. If Condor gets near you and you don't have a charge, you may be in trouble.

Vs. Dao-Long (self):

He Who Charges The Most Effectively Shall Decide The Fate.

Vs. Maherl:

He's a punching bag. Just watch out for his genie super and that's pretty much it.

Vs. Pielle:

Never try to cross him up when he has meter. Also, always use C fat dragonhead fireball instead of super fat dragonhead fireball when you block his Lightning Rod Super, because C fat dragonhead fireball does more damage than super fat dragonhead fireball for some reason??? Try not to get hit by his Rekka combos, it hurts a lot.

Vs. Rila:

Do not do fat dragonhead fireballs by itself, but it is ok to use it to end the combo. She has easy and damaging ways to get around his fat dragonhead fireballs. Do not cross her up when she is knocked down, her "flash kick" easily counters it. However if she does not have her special moves charged, she is easy to cross up if she is not looking out for it.

Vs. Saizo:

Don't get into fireball war with him, his projectiles are way superior. Try to cautiously approach Saizo and stay on him the whole time. He has no reversals, so cross him up like there's no tomorrow. Watch out for his supers whenever he has a meter, though. If close, do not end combo with either A+C or a fat dragonhead fireball or Saizo can breaker it with a super and hit you.

Vs. Sho:

Fighting Sho takes a lot of patience and lot of attention on Sho's meter. For example, do not anti air him when he is in the air when he has a meter, because he will do air supers if he sees you doing anti air. Sho tends to leave lots of holes for breakering so it is important to know when to break with LK Dragon Kick. It can be increasingly difficult if Sho knows about his holes and try to bait you to breaker. Dao Long's air A can go toe-to-toe with Sho's air attacks. Air C crossup can "confuse" Sho to make his QCB+K go wrong way if timed correctly, but it is risky. Dao Long's cr.LK is good for stopping his rushdown, but not his QCB,QCB+K move. Stand LP may or may not stop his kick super. Again, emphasis on patience and pay close attention to Sho's meter on this difficult match up.

Vs. Tia:

Use fat dragonhead fireballs very sparingly. Tia can get around your fat dragonhead fireballs really easily and will punish you for doing it. Be aware of her overheads (B+D and QCF, QCF+K super). To deal with her LP rushdown, be very patient and block all of it. Break out with Dragon Kick only when you know it will hit her. If she stops her rushdown in hopes of baiting you, jump up HK or jump forward HP or cr.LK are generally good options.