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Note: Eagle is only playable on the Handheld versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3


Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Normals

Special Moves

Manchester Black: QCB+Punch [X Z V]

-Eagle extends his batons in each arm and spins around. Using LP will spin in
 place while stronger Punches will move forward while spinning.

Canterbury Blue: QCF+Punch (charge) [X Z V]

-Eagle spins one baton in front of him as a block while winding up to attack
 with the other. The block can be held up for a couple seconds by holding
 Punch and releasing. Each Punch button has a different angle of attack,
 although they all block attacks at any height (thanks Another Gamer):
                        LP: high strike
                        MP: mid-level strike
                        HP: low block strike

Oxford Red: HCF+Kick [X Z V]

-Eagle slides forward with a mid-level baton stab, then goes into a flurry
 of baton stabs. The stronger the Kick used, the farther Eagle slides and
 the more stabs he does.

Liverpool White: QCB+Kick [X Z V]

-Eagle hops forward and does an overhead baton slash. The stronger the Kick
 used, the higher and farther Eagle hops.

Saint Andrews Green: F,D,DF+Punch [X Z V]

-Eagle winds up and bats upward with both batons.

Super Combos

Manchester Gold: QCB,QCB+Punch [X Z]

-A stronger version of the Manchester Black, Eagle spins and hits more times
 than the normal version. At Level 3, he will finish by tossing his opponent
 into the air and stabbing them as they drop.
    Level 1: 6 Hits      Level 2: 9 Hits       Level 3: 13 Hits

Union Jack Platinum: QCF,QCF+Punch [Z]

-A stronger version of the Oxford Red, Eagle slides forward with a series
 of baton strikes and finishes with a strong Oxford Red flurry.
    Level 1: 9 Hits      Level 2: 11 Hits      Level 3: 17 Hits

The Basics

Which Ism?




Its had simple V-cycles but doesn't make big damage



Advanced Strategy



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