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  • Blair Dame is a character who originates from the original release of Street
  • Fighter EX by Akira, in conjunction with Capcom’s SF franchise. Based on the current narration of Fighting EX Layer, she comes from an extremely wealthy family yet she fascinates herself with concepts that pertain to athleticism, specifically martial arts. She is currently in search of her bodyguard Cracker Jack and has even employed Rosso in hopes of finding him.
  • As far as her gameplay is concerned, she is similar to how she was in Street Fighter EX on the surface. Because of how her normal moves function, she has no problem playing the ground game against others and has many useful yet generally unsafe special moves to compliment her style. Blair is also shown to be relatively well-rounded when it comes to fighting at the close-to-mid range and the nature of her play style can change, based on her gougi equipment (that which can be said for every other character in the game. Blair is no exception).
  • To be more specific, Blair is able to threaten opponents at the mid-range with normals such as her standing Heavy Kick. She has a decent dragon punch (or, rather, dragon kick) that offers an additional follow-up that will make it somewhat difficult to punish at first. Her Shoot Kick offers two finishers: One is a knockback and the other is a launcher. Blair can launch opponents and juggle them in order to get high damage, which works especially well if she has meter at her disposal. Blair also has a pretty nasty pressure game, thanks to her ability to chain her normals into 6MP, which slightly advantageous on block and allows for additional quick follow up. Last, she has plenty of useful options for players who wish to play defensively, like her back Heavy Punch for example if is it spaced appropriately.

Quick Guide

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Has generally useful normal moves for keeping opponents at bay in neutral.
  • Offers several useful anti-airs or techniques that give her full or upper body invincibility against reckless players. As such, she can also evade a lot of highs/mids and traditional projectiles if the player times her moves just right.
  • Corner pressure can be potentially dangerous and tricky to deal with, due to 6MP, chained command moves, and tick throw implementation.
  • Damage output is relatively high, due to the potential damage she can get off of Shoot Kick launcher follow ups if she confirms with run-up medium~heavies.
  • She can get a full juggle combo every block punishment or hit-confirms.


  • All of her special moves, sans DP+LP are terribly unsafe on block.
  • She may get zoned out by projectiles if played too recklessly, even with her evasive moves.
  • Blair cannot threaten opponents at full-screen range without specific gougi sets.
  • After a balance patch, Blair can no longer get any safe jumps off of her regular throw.


Standing Normals

Crouching Normals

Jumping Normals





  • What Blair has in common with many other characters is her ability to convert into combos off of run-up chained normal moves. What players will mainly be doing in the neutral is hovering within range to stop opponents movement with standing HK or 2HK as they reach pretty far. The range she’ll likely be playing at is from close to mid. At mid range, she can play keepaway and she’ll also be within range to stop jumping attack with her 2HP if the players reactions are good enough. Blair also has quite a few moves that offer forward momentum, like her 6MP for example. This move recovers relatively quick, so she can afford to whiff this move purposely and force a bad situation onto the opponent as they attempt rush her down.
  • Run-up standing MK or 2MK are also decent choices if you wish to confirm into off of a button. 4HP should be used in the case the opponent likes to do a lot of highs and mids as they approach Blair or (in some cases) if they jump. It can hit midair opponents and also provides Blair with upperbody invincibility. The player also should not ignore standing HP either and they also need to keep in mind that they need to stay on the move on the ground against smarter opponents. Otherwise, Blair can afford to play the waiting game in the neutral go for whiff punishes against the opponents buttons or clip them out of their own moves. She would theoretically be able to push opponents into the corner with the tools she has available and her decent walk speed.


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