Fuuma (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Ura Nage - Near opponent, press Back or N or Forward + C + D

Izuna Ochitoshi - During jump, near opponent, press Back or N or Forward + C + D

Special Moves

Reppuzan - QCF + A or C

Double Reppuzan - QCF QCF + A or C (0.5 stock required)

Enryu Ha - DP + A or C (useable in air)

Ninpo Furin Kazan - QCB + B or D

Satsu Chouken - HCB + A or C

Densosetsuka no Jotsu Kiri Mai - HCF + B or D (SC)

Desperation Moves

Baku Honoo Haukou Tama - QCB QCB + A or C

Bakuretsu Kyuukyokuken - QCB Down Back QCF + A or C (2 stocks required)


Fuma NGBC Primer Part I(by Dark Geese):

--Fuma is really gimmicky in NGBC keep that in mind Lets take a look at what puts him at C Class MAYBE B

1. Hanzo has that much more and is more solid 2. Has to get you in the corner to do practically any damage.

About the only thing he has over Hanzo is that his Dragon Punch is better. Yes he has his WHP Double Dragon which is Dpx2 +p in the air.Covers more area and has some invincibility on startup.

Things you need to know about Fuma: -Don’t abuse his qcb+k move..matter of fact RARELY USE IT..only in his corner bnb..i you do it any other time you are WIDE OPEN. -Corner bnb- Cr.b or St.C/D to hcf+D, after launch connect with qcb+k to Double Dragon finisher in the air. -An amateur Fuma player will only go for this and also try to do it OUT OF THE CORNER..A HUGE NO NO. -Use meter for his Level 2 ShinRyu Ken as it crosses up and has good invincibility as an anti air. His fireball super is decent (qcbx2 p) ubt not tobe overused..its used t rushdown but against experts it doesn’t have too much use. -Yes he has his WHP Air to Ground throw but its just an Airthrow in this game..nothing more. (C+D in the air) - Poke with Cr.b, and Far St. b..they are good pokes. -Space with hcb+p..its too damn good..if it hits its counter hit..if theres something you wanna abuse with Fuma..ITS THIS… -Also space with hi Double Rekkuzan Stars (qcfx2 p) Yes it takes meter but you wont be using meter too much for supers with Fuma anyways.. -Please groundthrow with Fuma so you don’t become too predictable..as I say amateurs go for the damn corner combo like 90% of the time. DON’T BE LIKE THAT. -Bnbs with Fuma besides the corner one- A. crossover b to cr.b,cr.axxDA.. B. Cr.b,cr.a to DA.