Gambit (MVC)

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  • Excellent Zoning Normals and Specials
  • New Directional Hyper Combo
  • Royal Flush Can OTG


  • Blocked Cajun Specials can be unsafe
  • Kinetick Cards had slow Startup
  • Air Magic Combo Series are too limited compared to another All-Around Character

Basic Tips


c. FP

Magic Series:

Ground Magic Series: Hunter Series

Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

AC Finisher:


Move List

Special Moves:

Kinetic Card: QCF + P (also in air)

Gambit deals a hand of cards and throws it forward to the opponent. In the air, Gambit throws it downwards.

Trick Card: QCB + P

Same description as Kinetic Card except Gambit throws the cards at an upwards angle.

Cajun Slash: F, D, DF + P

Gambit uses his staff and unleashes a swipe. LP version is a quick swipe, MP version is a hop then underhand attacks for three hits and the HP version is an up-and- down three hit combo.

Cajun Strike: Charge D, U + P/K (hold U): Gambit hops to the wall and does an attack. K does a diving kick and P does a staff swipe.

Hyper Combos:

Royal Flush: QCF + Px2

Gambit throws his staff in the air as he throws a near-full deck of cards to the opponent.

Cajun Explosion: QCF/B + Kx2

Introduced in MvC, Gambit hops to a wall and does an extended version of an aerial Kinetic Card which does a series of waves after.


1) c. SK, c. RK, cancel Royal Flush (OTG)
2) SK, FK, RK, cancel JP Cajun Slash
3) j. FP, j. RK, c. SK, c. FK, cancel FP Cajun Strike
4) j. FP, c. SK, c. FP, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher
5) JP Kinetic Card, JP Cajun Slash
6) Trick Card, Kinetic Card, Royal Flush
7) j. FP, j. RK, dash, c. SK, c. FP, cancel Royal Flush
8) j. FP, j. RK, dash, SK, RK, cancel JP Kinetic Card, FP Cajun Slash
9) Cornering Strategy: JP Kinetic Card, JP Cajun Slash, JP Cajun Slash, repeat Many, many times
10) j. FP, j. RK, dash, c. JP, c. SK, c. SP, c. FP, Trick Card, Kinectic Card, Royal Flush