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Remy "Gambit" LeBeau is a mutant thief with the ability to charge items with kinetic energy. In MvC2 he's firmly low tier, and is pretty fun.


First row: LP, HP, A1. Second row: LK, HK, A2.


Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Kinetic Card
Qcf.png + P.png
Airok.png Stuns: follow up with a jab slash.
Trick Card
Qcb.png + P.png
Cajun Slash
Df.png + P.png or Df.png + Lk.png + Hp.png
18 / 26 / 22
Jab version is incredibly quick. HP.png versions OTGs.
Cajun Escape
Charge D.png , U.png + P.png
Press B.png or F.png + P.png to give direction.
Cajun Strike
Charge D.png , U.png + K.png

Super Moves

Special Properties (glossary)
Royal Flush
Qcf.png + Lp.png + Hp.png
Otg.png His staff flies up first and can knock down characters into. Terrible recovery, but you can DHC out even after he's done.
Cajun Explosion
Qcf.png or Qcb.png + Lk.png + Hk.png
He's vulnerable on the way up, and if they're superjumping outside the lances they're safe. Pretty safe way to DHC him in.

Assist Moves

Cross-Over Combination
Alpha Counter
Alpha.pngHp.png Kinetic Card
Royal Flush
Hp.png Kinetic Card
His best assist. Great for combos.
Beta.pngLp.png Cajun Slash
Royal Flush
Lp.png Cajun Slash
Gamma.pngcrouching Hp.png
Royal Flush
crouching Hp.png
Launch.png The launcher assist. There's no reason to pick this.

The Basics

Keep up pressure with the Kinetic Card and the jab Slash if you can. If they superjump, throw a Trick Card. If you hit them with an AAA, throw a Trick Card at them on their way down. Run away with super jump Kinetic Cards if you need to rest, chip, or let your team recover.

His p throw is quick and can be used to tick throw people. You can otg off his throw in the corner.


-d.s.LP > s.LK, s.LK > s.LK > s.HP XX qcf + LP XX qcf + PP

-d.c.HK XX qcf + PP

-d.s.LK, s.LK > s.HK XX f,d,df + LP

-Corner When close, f + HP, d.c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP, f + HK

-Corner Jump HP > HK \/ d.c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.HK, sj.HP \/ d.s.LK > s.LK > s.HP

-Jump HP \/ d.c.LP > c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP > sj.LK, f + HK

-Jump HP > HK \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > s.LK XX f,d,df + LP

-Jump HP > HK \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > s.LP > c.LK > c.HK XX f,d,df + HP

-Jump HK \/ d.c.LP > c.LK > c.HP /\ sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.LP > sj.LK > sj.HP/HK

-Close qcf + HP XX qcf + KK

-Jump HP \/ d.s.LP > s.LK > c.HP XX qcf + PP

-Jump HP > HK \/ d.c.LK > c.LK > c.HK XX qcf + PP

-Jump HP > HK \/ d.c.LP > c.LK > c.HK XX f,d,df + HP

Advanced Strategy

Fun Stuff

Float Mode

Dash and then immediately do a Trick Card. Gambit will interrupt his dash in the middle of the hop while he's still in midair.

Escape Glitch

Do the A2.png snapback and then do a Cajun Strike to the left wall. Gambit will leave and never come back.

This is banned in tournaments. This bug was fixed in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.