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Grant is the mid boss in MOTW. If you're playing against the computer, you will end up facing him no matter what, but depending on how well (or poorly) you perform in the game (winning grade) he may end up being the last boss.

He is considered by many to be the most brain dead (easiest) character in the game. Many believe that he can be picked up in mere minutes and become a character that can compete on any level. He is called cheap, ridiculous, overpowered, and at times some call for him being banned from competitive play due to being 'over powered.'

While Grant is one of the most powerful characters in the game, he has to play cautious. If he just goes all out and rushes blindly he will end up losing against seasoned players. He may seem all mighty to many players out there, but he is not as bad as he is made out to be.

Character Colors


Gameplay Overview

Grant is a very unique character in MOTW. He cannot feint cancel any of his attacks, which means he has to work a bit harder for combo damage, relying on links and resets. He can be played like a tank since he has several good pokes. He can control space around him on the ground and in the air, plus he can run away pretty easily against half of the cast. grant with meter becomes a completely different character, the fear of his supers will generally change how an opponent fights against him, plus once he has meter it becomes easier for him to rush an opponent down. The lack of feint cancels doesn't hurt him at all since he would be pretty broken if he did have them.

A good way to sum up grants gameplay is to play him as if you were playing Street Fighter. Once you have meter, either continue playing him the same or begin rushing the opponent down.

One issue Grant has is no low that he can combo after. His only low attacks are cSnkb.gif and cSnkd.gif and he can't combo after either, unless he does a meaty cSnkb.gif on wake up. He doesn't have many options for overheads either. The best is instant jump back Snkb.gif. His Snka.gif+Snkb.gif, like all others, comes out way to slow and can be seen from a mile away. His F.png, B.png, F.png + Punch.gif is very slow and doesn't always catch the opponent, but its good to throw out once in a blue moon.

Move List


Far Snkd.gif
Makes a good anti air if timed correctly, but should not be abused, since it is very easy to bait. This move is Grants most common kara-canceled move since it inches him forward allowing for his special attack to go slightly further. It has pretty bad recover and can be punished by the entire cast.
Far Snkc.gif
Is also a good anti air, and a great overall poke from max distance. It beats out many moves and pokes in the game, deals a lot of damage for a normal, and also deals a fair amount of guard crush damage.
Far/close Snkb.gif
Another good poke, especially since it can link into his Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Kick.gif super. Its best to use this at max distance since Grants close A and crouch A are better once grant gets in close on the opponent.
Crouch Snkc.gif
This attack shouldn't be used too often. it has pretty bad recover and grant cannot link anything after it. It has horrible recovery on hit and block. Its a decent poke from afar as its his longest reaching attack, but many characters can punish it. Grant players will want to use this as little as possible.
Short hop Snka.gif
Is great for beating people who love to do air specials. It can beat out everything in the air, as long as Grant remains under the opponent. The attack is angled at 45° so there's a good chance it will whiff if the oppnent is leveled with Grant.
Jump/Short Hop Snkc.gif
A good air-to-air. It takes longer to come out than his weaker air attacks, but its worth it, just be sure to time it right and you will be set. Once Grant hits with this, he has the opportunity to play some ground mind games since he can dash under, or to the exact spot his opponent will land leading to an ambiguous cross up. He can also do a 0 Frame super, which if timed right can be unblockable if the opponent doesn't know how to counter it.
Jump Snkd.gif
A great attack to use if your opponent loves to jump in from far away. instant jump back Snkd.gif will beat just about every air attack in the game. try to bait your opponent into jumping by using his ground normals and locking them down until the opponent feels they have to jump in and then stick this out.

Command Normals


Df.png + Snkc.gif

Grants 'Chest Hump' attack. This is rarely used outside of the corner for juggle purposes. If it connects it will lead to a free special/super. Note: This move cannot be feint canceled. Earlier versions of the game are used for many combo videos, and in it Grant is able to FC this attack. He does not have an infinite

Special Command Moves

Command Move Weak Damage Strong Damage
Qcb.png + Punch.gif Kokuen-ryu 12 15
Dp.png + Punch.gif Kyou Choujin 12 16
Dp.png + Punch.gif (Break) Kyou Choujin 7 7
air D.png + Kick.gif Messhou Hisetsu 8 8
Qcf.png + Kick.gif Gou Dangai 18 22
F.png, B.png, F.png + Punch.gif Gou Retsu-shou 18 19
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Punch.gif Majin Haten Dan 31 45
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Kick.gif Majin Engetsu Rin 39 55


Class:Heavy Movement: Dash

When a move can be canceled, it can either be canceled into a special/super/feint. Some moves that can't be canceled when they hit can be canceled when the opponent blocks while some moves that can be Special/Super canceled cannot be Feint Canceled.

Move Cancel on Hit Cancel on Block Feint Cancel
Far Snka.gif X X X
Far Snkb.gif X X X
Far Snkc.gif X X X
Far Snkd.gif X X X
Close Snka.gif X X X
Close Snkb.gif X X X
Close Snkc.gif X X X
Close Snkd.gif X X X
D.png Snka.gif X X X
D.png Snkb.gif X X X
D.png Snkc.gif X X X
D.png Snkd.gif X X X
jump Snka.gif O O NA
jump Snkb.gif O O NA
jump Snkc.gif O O NA
jump Snkd.gif O O NA
hop Snka.gif X X NA
hop Snkb.gif X X NA
hop Snkc.gif X X NA
hop Snkd.gif X X NA
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif X X NA
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif O (1st hit) X X
Df.png + Snkc.gif X X X


Garou Grant Grab.jpg

Command Total Frames
Close B.png/F.png + Snkc.gif 90

Garou Grant ForwardTaunt.jpg

Command Total Frames
F.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif 10

Garou Grant DownTaunt.jpg

Command Total Frames
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif 14

Garou Grant cl.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snka.gif 3 +6 +6

Garou Grant cl.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkb.gif 6 +5 +5

Garou Grant cl.C-1.jpgGarou Grant cl.C-2.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkc.gif 8 -12 -12

Garou Grant cl.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkd.gif 9 +5 +5

Garou Grant s.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snka.gif 6 +4 +4

Garou Grant s.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkb.gif 6 +5 +5

Garou Grant s.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkc.gif 9 -6 -6

Garou Grant s.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkd.gif 14 KD -4

Garou Grant cr.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Crouching Snka.gif 4 +5 +5

Garou Grant cr.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Crouching Snkb.gif 5 +2 +2

Garou Grant cr.C-1.jpgGarou Grant cr.C-2.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Crouching Snkc.gif 10 -20 -20

Garou Grant cr.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Crouching Snkd.gif 8 -14 KD

Garou Grant j.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snka.gif 3 ? ?

Garou Grant j.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkb.gif 3 ? ?

Garou Grant j.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkc.gif 7 ? ?

Garou Grant j.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkd.gif 6 ? ?

Garou Grant 3C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Df.png + Snkc.gif 12 -9 KD

Garou Grant 2AB-1.jpgGarou Grant 2AB-2.jpgGarou Grant 2AB-3.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png + Snka.gifSnkb.gif 8 -2 -8

Garou Grant AB.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snka.gifSnkb.gif 21 +3 -3

Garou Grant CD-1.jpgGarou Grant CD-2.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snkc.gifSnkd.gif 16 ? KD

Frame Data

Legend :
Command = the input for the attack.
Start Up = How many start up frames an attack has.
Hit = When the attack hits.
Block = When the attack is blocked.
+ signifies how many advantage frames the attacker has.
- signifies how many disadvantage frames the attacker has.
KD means the attack will knock the opponent down.

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snka.gif 3 +6 +6
Close Snkb.gif 6 +4 +4
Close Snkc.gif 8 -12 -12
Close Snkd.gif 9 -5 -5
Far Snka.gif 6 +4 +4
Far Snkb.gif 6 +4 +4
Far Snkc.gif 9 -6 -6
Far Snkd.gif 14 KD -4
D.png Snka.gif 4 +5 +5
D.png Snkb.gif 5 +2 +2
D.png Snkc.gif 10 -20 -20
D.png Snkd.gif 7 KD -14
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 21 -3 +3
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 8 -11 -5
Df.png + Snkc.gif 12 KD -9
Qcb.png + Snka.gif 13 KD -11
Qcb.png + Snkc.gif 20 KD -3
Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 11 KD -5
Qcf.png + Snkd.gif 22 KD -1
Dp.png + Snka.gif 7 KD -24
Dp.png + Snka.gif (Break) 7 KD +7
Dp.png + Snkc.gif 5 KD -12
Dp.png + Snkc.gif (Break) 5 KD +7
air D.png + Snkb.gif 17 -2 +5 -2 +5
air D.png + Snkd.gif 17 +5 -4 +5 -4
F.png, B.png, F.png + Snka.gif 19 KD -16
F.png, B.png, F.png + Snkc.gif 25 KD -16
Snkc.gifSnkd.gif 15 KD -15
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snka.gif 11 KD -11
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 10 KD -11
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 0 KD -2
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkd.gif 0 KD -2
Data from Howard's Arena

Attack Notes

Kokuen-ryu Qcb.png + Punch.gif

Grant's 'projectile' which isn't much of a projectile. The animation shows the move going about half the distance of Grants body, but the hitbox is much smaller than that. This is a terrible move and should rarely be used for anything. It doesn't combo into much, and it doesn't work as an anti air like the animation would suggest it would. The strong version pushes Grant forward a bit, and its just as bad as the weak version. The hitbox is the same as the weak version, it just stay's out for a few extra frames.

Kyou Choujin Dp.png + Punch.gif (Break)

Dragon punch move that can be followed up with a dive kick. Grant can play a very annoying keep away game with this move and be very affective. When you break the move, it leads to free special/super, and in the corner, it leads to free Df.png + Snkc.gif juggle, which can then be followed by special/super. The hitbox to this move is also a bit funny. If Grants forearm isn't touching the opponent, then the move won't hit, so if you're close enough to see only the hand hit, the move will whiff, remember this when trying to break the move as it will leave you open. The weak version travels about jump height, while the strong version flies off the screen.

Messhou Hisetsu air D.png + Kick.gif

Grant's dive kick, but nothing like the overpowered dive kicks we all have come to know and hate. Both versions have a bit of start up time and come down slowly, plus the move doesn't have much priority and can be beat out or trade with plenty of attacks. You can use this as a follow up to both versions of his dragon punch0if you don't break it-and it is very useful for wake up mix ups. Instant air Snkb.gif into this works very well. This move also helps with running away after a dragon punch, and will annoy your opponent if they don't know how to deal with it.

Gou Dangai Qcf.png + Kick.gif

The RTSD move. People hate it for many reasons, mainly because Grant can use it over his normal dash to build meter while he advances. The Snkb.gif is very punishable on block, while the Snkd.gif version will leave you at -1, so only a few supers can punish this, also throws if you do it too close to the corner. Doing the Snkb.gif version as a follow up to dragon punch break is the best option mid screen, with or without meter. Opponents who stick something out while jumping back will generally beat this movie, so try not to use it against players who do that.


Note: damage is based on the majority of the cast. All combos will do slightly less on Grant and Tizoc but slightly more on Jenet, Hotaru and Hokutomaru

  • Close Snkd.gif, cSnka.gif Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 49 damage
  • sSnkb.gif, cSnka.gif Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 45 damage
  • cSnka.gif Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 42 damage
  • Close s/cSnka.gif, cSnka.gif Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 43 damage
  • closeSnka.gif, Dp.png + Snkc.gif (break) Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snka.gif 35 damage
  • closeSnka.gif, Dp.png + Snkc.gif (break) Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 25 damage
  • F.png, B.png + F.png + Snkc.gif, Dp.png + Snkc.gif, D.png + Snkd.gif 35 damage

Corner Only

  • Qcf.png + Snkd.gif, Dp.png + Snkc.gif, D.png + Kick.gif 33 damage
  • F.png, B.png + F.png + Snka.gif, (Df.png + Snkc.gif)x3, Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 71 damage
  • F.png, B.png + F.png + Snkc.gif, (Df.png + Snkc.gif)x4, Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 79 damage
  • F.png, B.png + F.png + Snkc.gif, (Df.png + Snkc.gif)x4, Dp.png + Snkc.gif, D.png + Kick.gif 61 damage
  • jump Snkd.gif, sSnkd.gif, Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 54 damage
  • jump Snkd.gif, sSnkd.gif, Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkd.gif 69 damage
  • sSnkb.gif, cSnka.gif, cSnka.gif, Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 48 damage
  • sSnkb.gif, cSnka.gif, cSnka.gif, Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkd.gif 63 damage
  • closeSnka.gif, Dp.png + Snkc.gif (break) (Df.png + Snkc.gif)x3 Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 65 damage

7) Crouching/Standing A, Crouching A (link)-->QCFx2+K [36%-48%]

8) Jumping D-->Standing B-->QCFx2+K [42.5%-55%]

9) F, B, F+P-->DF+C-->QCF+B [32%]

10) F, B, F+P-->DF+C-->QCFx2+P [40%-48%]

11) Down+D in the air-->QCFx2+K [38%-50%]

  • This is a rather difficult combo to do since you need to be at a certain distance to combo off the dive kick. You could be lucky though and counter hit the opponent with a dive kick.

12) Standing B, Crouching A (link)-->QCFx2+K [36.5%-50%]

Corner only:-
13a) F, B, F+P-->DF+C 3 times-->QCFx2+A [52%]

13b) F, B, F+P-->DF+C 4 times-->QCFx2+C [66%]

14) F, B, F+P-->DF+C 4 times-->F, D, DF+C (2 hits), then Down+D [50%]

15) Jumping C/D-->Standing D-->QCFx2+K [45%-57.5%]

16a) Standing A 2 times, Crouching A-->QCFx2+K [38%-50%]

16b) Crouching A 3 times-->QCFx2+K [38%-50%]

17) Standing B-->Crouching A 2 times-->QCFx2+K [40%-52.5%]

18) Jumping C/D-->Standing A-->F, D, DF+C, Break-->DF+C 3 times-->F, D, DF+C, then D+K [46%]

T.O.P. Notes

Grant's TOP attack is pretty strong. For some characters, two blocked TOP attacks will Guard Crush. His TOP attack hits up to 3 times. Overall, his TOP attack is a great poke for once in a while, can even work as a anti-air at times. Just remember to use it wisely and don't become predictable with it.

Grant's reliance on meter and his turtling playstyle benefit greatly from being in TOP. Placing the TOP at the beginning of his lifebar is the best choice.

Overall Strategy

Grant's winning strategy is simple: Stay in TOP. This is more important than meter building, more important than run away, and more important than mixups. Focusing on this single task is priority #1. Since you placed TOP in the beginning of his bar like you should, this means a lot of patience right in the beginning of the game through the end of the match. The benefit of TOP, such as health regeneration, greater damage, and faster meter, turns the match clock into an advantage for you and a disadvantage for the opponent. Remember that even if you are doing nothing, you are continuing to win.

In gameplay, Grant's "sweetspot" is just outside of sweep range. You want to be close enough to punish anything on reaction with a short jump D, but still be outside of general footsie or poke range. Make the opponent come to you.

When in the corner, one of Grant's major weaknesses comes out, namely his lack of solid anti-air. Having a single stock of meter overcomes this weakness. Grant's punch super is rather slow to execute, but comes with an amazing amount of invulnerability. Keep a stock of meter handy as much as possible to discourage and punish those who try to put a blind rush down on you in the corner.

When not in the corner, using a punch super as an anti-air isn't as effective. Instead, use a jump back D to knock them down. If hits or they JD, you can continue to keep the match at an standstill. Mix things up by adding in a divekick inplace of, or after, the j.D.

Matchup Notes

Favorable - Unfavorable -

Tizoc (The Griffon Mask)

Overall Grant's easiest match up. Grants pokes beat out almost all of Tizoc's pokes and attacks. Grant will want to stay about one character distance away from Tizoc so a mash happy Tizoc player doesn't get a grab or super. Grants sSnkc.gif, short hop back Snkd.gif are great ways to keep Tizoc players at bay, and will beat out Tizoc's short hop Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif. A Max distance c Snkc.gif is also a nice poke, but if done too close, Tizoc can dash in grab. Watch out for Tizoc's who abuse his F.png + Snka.gifSnkc.gif feint, which has full upper body invincibility.

B. Jenet

Quite possibly Grant's hardest match up. Grant has to play very safe since Jenet's pokes can beat out pretty much everything Grant does. Staying out of the corner is also key when fighting against Jenet. Her lock down strings work even better on the big characters, and once an experienced Jenet player has you there, it could very well be game over. Grants far Snkd.gif can beat out Jenet's dive kick, so can his Qcf.png,Qcf.png + Punch.gif super. He can also jump Snka.gif/Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif her out of it. A short hop Snka.gif will work best for the Snkb.gif dive kick, while the jump back Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif will work better for a Snkd.gif dive kick. Shy away from using his Qcf.png + Snkb.gif against her since she can punish it easily on block. Qcf.png + Snkd.gif is much more safe.

Terry Bogard

Terry is an extremely difficult matchup for Grant. Terry can push you into a corner and guard crush with little difficulty. There is very little you can do in these situations, so you must know exactly what to do when. Terry's guard crush strings have to use either a jump in, or a f,f+C to continue. Grant is in the heavyweight class, so takes longer to guard crush than most characters, so you will see these opportunities more than most characters. Against a jump in, especially a short jump, use a punch super to knock him down and get out of the corner. If the jump was high and you can react fast enough so you connect high in the air, you can use a dp+C to knock him down, and the d+D follow up to leave the corner. Against the f,f+C shoulder, use a d+AB evasion attack to interrupt him. You can cancel the first hit into a kick super, but this is hard to do on reaction. The push back from the hit will help reset the match and give you an opportunity to leave the corner.

Terry's C Burning Knuckle is a common way of closing the distance with Terry. If it is blocked and not JD'ed, do not try to poke! A brake'd Power Dunk will interupt it every time. If you JD'ed the Burning Knuckle, then a c.A is safe to throw out.

Terry has little answer to a repeated dp+C, late d+D. You NEED meter for this match, you need to keep Terry out, and you need control the clock. A runaway strategy can accomplish all of these.

Terry wants to get into point blank range and feint combo you to death. Watch how he gets in, and know Grant's counter to it:

  • Burning Knuckle: JD, then c.A
  • Overhead Kick: Block, then kick super
  • Jump in: jump away j.D, or punch super
  • A+B evasion attack: Let it hit, reversal kick super
  • f,f+C: d+AB xx kick super
  • Power Dunk: block, kick super

Advanced Tactics

To come.