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Kain is the final boss in Garou. He is uncle to Rock Howard, and runs the family business after Geese's death.

Character Colors


Gameplay Overview

Pros: -Can Combo 2 S-Power Moves -Good Zoning Moves -Excellent Poking Normals

Cons: -Low Stamina -Slow Special Recovery

Move List

Extra Commands

Upper: D.png + Snka.gif+Snkb.gif, Snkc.gif

Special Command Moves

Command Move Weak Damage Strong Damage
ch D.png, U.png + Kick.gif Schwarze Lanze 12 19
ch D.png, U.png + Kick.gif (Break) Schwarze Lanze 7 5
ch B.png, F.png + Kick.gif Schwarze Panzer 18 9-24
ch B.png, F.png + Snkd.gif (Break) Schwarze Panzer NA 17
ch B.png, F.png + Punch.gif Schwarze Flamme 12 15
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Kick.gif Himmlischer Steele 26 35
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Punch.gif Himmlischer Atem 28 54


When a move can be canceled, it can either be canceled into a special/super/feint. Some moves that can't be canceled when they hit can be canceled when the opponent blocks while some moves that can be Special/Super canceled cannot be Feint Canceled.

Command Cancel on Hit Cancel on Block Feint Cancel
Far Snka.gif O O O
Far Snkb.gif O O O
Far Snkc.gif O (second hit only) O (second hit only) O (second hit only)
Far Snkd.gif X X X
Close Snka.gif O O O
Close Snkb.gif O O O
Close Snkc.gif O O O
Close Snkd.gif X X X
D.png Snka.gif X X X
D.png Snkb.gif X X X
D.png Snkc.gif X X X
D.png Snkd.gif X X X
jump Snka.gif NA NA NA
jump Snkb.gif NA NA NA
jump Snkc.gif NA NA NA
jump Snkd.gif NA NA NA
hop Snka.gif NA NA NA
hop Snkb.gif NA NA NA
hop Snkc.gif NA NA NA
hop Snkd.gif NA NA NA
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif NA NA NA
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif O X O
-----Snkc.gif O O O

Frame Data

Legend :
Command = the input for the attack.
Start Up = How many start up frames an attack has.
Hit = When the attack hits.
Block = When the attack is blocked.
+ signifies how many advantage frames the attacker has.
- signifies how many disadvantage frames the attacker has.
KD means the attack will knock the opponent down.

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snka.gif 4 +6 +6
Close Snkb.gif 5 0 0
Close Snkc.gif 8 -6 -6
Close Snkd.gif 9 -12 -12
Far Snka.gif 4 +6 +6
Far Snkb.gif 5 0 0
Far Snkc.gif 12 -12 -12
Far Snkd.gif 9 -4 -4
D.png Snka.gif 3 +5 +4
D.png Snkb.gif 4 +2 +4
D.png Snkc.gif 7 -20 -1
D.png Snkd.gif 10 KD -5
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 23 -1 +5
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 8 -6 -12
-----Snkc.gif 8 N/A -16
ch. B.png, F.png + Snka.gif 12 -5 -5
ch. B.png, F.png + Snkc.gif 12 -14 -14
ch. B.png, F.png + Snkb.gif 13 KD -8
ch. B.png, F.png + Snkd.gif 22 KD -7
ch. B.png, F.png + Snkd.gif (Break) 22 KD -2
ch. D.png, U.png + Snkb.gif 6 KD -4
ch. D.png, U.png + Snkb.gif (Break) 6 KD +11
ch. D.png, U.png + Snkd.gif 6 KD -9
ch. D.png, U.png + Snkd.gif (Break) 6 KD +9
Snkc.gifSnkd.gif 18 KD -13
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snka.gif 13 KD +8
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 22 KD +36
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 12 KD +30
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkd.gif 12 KD +46

Data from Howard's Arena


Garou Kain Grab.jpg

Command Total Frames
Close B.png/F.png + Snkc.gif 9

Garou Kain ForwardTaunt.jpg

Command Total Frames
F.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif x

Garou Kain DownTaunt.jpg

Command Total Frames
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif x

Garou Kain cl.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkc.gif 8 -6 -6

Garou Kain s.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snka.gif 4 +6 +6

Garou Kain s.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkb.gif 5 0 0

Garou Kain s.C-1.jpgGarou Kain s.C-2.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkc.gif 12 -12 -12

Garou Kain s.D-1.jpgGarou Kain s.D-2.jpgGarou Kain s.D-3.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkd.gif 9 -4 -4

Garou Kain cr.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snka.gif 3 +5 +4

Garou Kain cr.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkb.gif 4 +2 +4

Garou Kain cr.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkc.gif 7 -20 -1

Garou Kain cr.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkd.gif 10 KD -5

Garou Kain j.A.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snka.gif 5 ? ?

Garou Kain j.B.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkb.gif 6 ? ?

Garou Kain j.C.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkc.gif 9 ? ?

Garou Kain j.D.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkd.gif 8 ? ?

Garou Kain AB.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 23 -1 +5

Garou Kain 2AB-1.jpgGarou Kain 2AB-2.jpgGarou Kain 2AB-3.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 8 -6 -12

Garou Kain CD.jpg

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 18 KD -13

Attack Notes

To come.



j.Snkc.gif,cr.Snka.gif Snkb.gif OR Standing Snka.gif/Snkc.gif,Charge Back then Forward+Snkb.gif
Jumping LP or LK,cr.Snka.gif Snkb.gif, HP,QCFx2+P

Corner only

Throw,Charge Down the Up+Snkd.gif
Throw,QCFx2+Snkd.gif,Charge Down then Up+Snkd.gif OR Charge Back then Forward+LK OR TOP Attack

Probably his most damaging combo, but getting the QCFx2+K super to connect can be a bit tricky, and the opponent can always escape your throw... Note: You MUST use the P-power super, the S-power version DOES NOT hit!

j.Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif,cr.Snka.gif Snkb.gif, HP xxQCFx2+LP,QCFx2+LK,Charge Down then Up+Snkd.gif OR Charge Back then Forward+LK OR TOP Attack
j.Snkc.gif/Snkd.gif,cr.Snka.gif Snkb.gif, HP xxQCFx2+HP,Charge Down then Up+Snkd.gif OR Charge Back then Forward+LK OR TOP Attack(1)
Jumping K,Standing HP-Feint->cr.Snka.gif Snkb.gif,QCFx2+LK,QCFx2+LK,Charge Down then Up+Snkd.gif OR Charge Back then Forward+LK OR TOP Attack(2)
j.Snkc.gif or Snkd.gif,cr.Snka.gif Snkb.gif, HP,TOP Attack

(1)When in TOP, this combo does more damage than the one above if the TOP Attack is used to finish the combo.

(2)Jumping LK has a better chance for the full combo to connect than Snkd.gif.

Furthermore, for any of the corner combos, you can substitute j.Snkc.gif or Snkd.gif with a Jumping LP or LK if you prefer.

T.O.P. Notes

Kain's top move travels forward, covering a fair amount of distance and is good for one hit that knocks down your opponent. Besides doing a super, this is one of the most damaging moves you can finish a combo with.

Overall Strategy

Kain can be both a keep away or rushdown character, but most people prefer his keep away style the most. Since Kain has the right tools to keep opponents guessing with both of his angled and horizontal projectiles.

Also his qcfX2 + A/C is a great anti-air, even while you're getting hit it usually ends up trading with the whatever move the opponent tries to do. If you want to rush with him you'll have to learn how to use the charge tricks, which make Kain seems like he never needs to charge.

Another thing with Kain is to learn what pokes beat what as well like all other characters. Kain has some great pokes from his stand A/B, even his stand D is a somewhat decent distant poke but has some recovery behind it. Just don't use it a lot or up close or you'll end up eating a super. Also use his d + AB into stand C on wake-up situations since it beats most wake-up specials and even sometimes supers if timed correctly. Kain's low dodge attack is a great wake-up move as well since sometimes its hard to see when he'll do it and it hits twice. If you do it just right on wake-up it leaves Kain pretty much safe from anything after it. Learn to break with his charge down, up + B/D consistantly as this is one of his main combo starters. It also helps you gain super meter when you might need more meter in certain situation. It's also a great poke as it beats most other specials and supers as well at times.

Use whiff Breaked Schwarze Lanze to build meter, it has a ridiculously low charge time and can be thus done in quick succesion.

Matchup Notes

To come.

Advanced Tactics

Comboing his Crouching B into a S. Lanze (Charge Down then U+K:-

The trick is to first land a Crouching B on them. Usually you can land about 2 at most to be able to combo afterwards in the corner. Mid screen you can only land 1 Crouching B on the opponent as 2 Crouching Bs will cause the S. Lanze to whiff. Now for the method of doing it, same method for doing the Guard Cancel shortcuts. What you do is while the Crouching B hits them when they are in hit stun do a quick up then go back to down, after the Crouching B is done from its animation then hit B again. What happens is since you already started with a Crouching B you gained the charge needed for the S. Lanze from it. So when you do the Up then Down again then hit B it makes it so the move is able to combo afterwards. It does sound tricky but in reality its pretty simple, it gives you enough time to pull it off. So just remember hit Crouching B, then Up, back to Down, then hit B again to combo into the move, you can also Break it afterwards but has to be done pretty quick. So with this tool added to Kain's other options this really helps him in his corner game for mixups. Since most of Kain's moves are charges so most people don't except him to be able to combo into those moves from crouch attacks. With this trick also comes new combos that Kain can use in an actual match as well.

Guard Cancel Shortcuts:

The whole Guard Cancel section explains how the shortcuts for GCs work so Kains is the same. Just have the charge of the move you want to do lets says any of his Charge Back then Forward+P or K (S. Flamme or Panzer). Charge it for a second then hit Foward then hit Back, or even Down-Back, again to JD the move you want to JD. After that just hit which move you want to pull off with P or K. It should Guard Cancel right when you hit the button you want with no problems. Also you can Guard Cancel his S. Lanze as well. Though there are 2 ways of doing it, I find the first method easier in certain situations. Charge Down then , either press Back or Down-Back to JD then hit Up+K right when you JD. The other method is jumping in but charging as you jump then before you land input Down, Up, then hit Back or Down-Back as you land then the button to Guard Cancel into it. Try both methods out and see which one works best for you.

Backdash Cancel:

It's possible to cancel Kain's backdash into any of his specials/supers, that includes his TOP attack. The timing is pretty instant about a 2 frame window to input the special/super/TOP attack. So for instance if you want to cancel his charge kick hold d, u + B/D during the backdash, you would need to do it as:

hold d, do a quick backdash then hit up + B/D the instant you backdash. It's a real quick cancel and the timing is very hard but possible to do. Requires a lot of practice to get it down.