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Character Colors



Full name: Terry Bogard.
Birthdate: March 15, 1971; 35 years old.
Birthplace: United States.
Height: 182cm (5' 11").
Weight: 81kg (179 lbs).
Blood type: O.
Family/Relatives: Jeff Bogard (adoptive father), Andy Bogard (brother), Rock Howard (adoptive son).
Job/Occupation: None (does part time work to get by).
Likes: Jeff's gloves, vintage jeans, Ukee (his pet monkey).
Dislikes: Slugs.
Hobbies: Playing video games, trawling, wall painting.
Favorite food: Fast-food, clubhouse sandwiches made by Rock.
Forte in sports: Basketball.
Special skill: Making 50 3-pointer shots in a row.
Most unpleasant: Cigarettes.
Favorite music: Rock and Country.
Fighting style: Martial arts and street fighting.


Terry Bogard (テリー・ボガード, Terī Bogādo), the "Legendary Hungry Wolf". After the events of the previous games in the series, Terry took Rock Howard, the young son of his deceased arch-nemesis, Geese Howard, under his wing, developing a father-son bond with the boy and teaching him how to fend for himself as they traveled the world together.

Now, ten years later, he and a teenager Rock are back in South Town (properly re-named "Second South"), to participate in the "King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem" tournament, in order to test and improve their skills; with no knowledge of the true plans of the sinister mastermind behind the scheduled event...

Quick Analysis

Terry is, overall, considered a mid-tier character in this game, with strong offensive and defensive tools that, however, are by no means flawless. His Specials are too much unsafe on block (sometimes, even on hit), so he can't really rushdown his enemies without enourmous amounts of caution; on the other hand, his excelent normals, both in the air and on the ground, allow him to stand up to his foes with a good zoning and defensive game.

Thanks to his Feint Cancels, hIs bread and butter combos are some of the best in the game, perfectly capable of doing insane amounts of damage, specially in the corner, where he also dominates with his blockstrings and resets that can easily grant him a Guard Crush opportunity if he plays unpredictably (so much that he is considered a beast in short sets, when his lockdown pressure are less obvious). His Break Special, too, is excelent, doubling as one of the best Anti-Airs in the game (that, unfortunately, is still unsafe on block, so it must still be used carefuly).

Play at your own pace, don't let the opponent gain momentum and control the flow of the match, and you are good to go.



Buster Throw
F.png (Close) + Snkc.gif
B.png (Close) + Snkc.gif

Command Moves

Double Combination
Snkc.gif > F.pngSnkc.gif

Special Moves

Power Wave
Qcf.png + Punch.gif
Burning Knuckle
Qcb.png + Punch.gif
Crack Shoot
Qcb.png + Kick.gif
Power Dunk (Break)
Dp.png + Kick.gif
Power Charge
F.png , F.png + Punch.gif x3

Super Moves

Power Geyser
Qcf.pngQcf.png + Punch.gif
Buster Wolf
Qcf.pngQcf.png + Kick.gif

T.O.P. Attack

Max Dunk
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif

Cancel Ability

When a move can be canceled, it can either be canceled into a Special, a Super or a Feint. Some moves that can't be canceled when they hit can be canceled when the opponent blocks, while some moves that can be Special/Super canceled cannot be Feint Canceled.

Command Cancel on Hit Cancel on Block Feint Cancel
Far Snka.gif O O O
Far Snkb.gif X X X
Far Snkc.gif X X X
Far Snkd.gif X O O (on block)
Close Snka.gif O O O
Close Snkb.gif O O O
Close Snkc.gif O O O
Close Snkd.gif O (1st hit) O (1st hit) O (1st hit)
D.png Snka.gif O O O
D.png Snkb.gif O O O
D.png Snkc.gif O O O
D.png Snkd.gif X X X
jump Snka.gif NA NA NA
jump Snkb.gif NA NA NA
jump Snkc.gif NA NA NA
jump Snkd.gif NA NA NA
hop Snka.gif NA NA NA
hop Snkb.gif NA NA NA
hop Snkc.gif NA NA NA
hop Snkd.gif NA NA NA
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif NA NA NA
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif O X
Close Snkc.gif, F.png + Snkc.gif X X X

Frame Data

Legend :

 Command = the input for the attack.
Start Up = How many start up frames an attack has.
Hit = When the attack hits.
Block = When the attack is blocked.
+ signifies how many advantage frames the attacker has.
- signifies how many disadvantage frames the attacker has.
KD means the attack will knock the opponent down.

Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snka.gif 3 +7 +7
Close Snkb.gif 4 +3 +3
Close Snkc.gif 5 -5 -5
---F.png + Snkc.gif 5 +4 +4
Close Snkd.gif 7 -2 -2
Far Snka.gif 4 +4 +4
Far Snkb.gif 5 +1 +1
Far Snkc.gif 11 -2 -2
Far Snkd.gif 9 -5 -5
D.png Snka.gif 4 +6 +6
D.png Snkb.gif 5 +6 +6
D.png Snkc.gif 7 +6 +6
D.png Snkd.gif 8 KD -15
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 26 -1 +5
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 8 -14 -8
Qcb.png + Snka.gif 14 KD -12
Qcb.png + Snkc.gif 23 KD -10
Qcb.png + Snkb.gif 22 -2 -2
Qcb.png + Snkd.gif 20 KD -13
Dp.png + Snkb.gif 3 KD -4
Dp.png + Snkb.gif (Break) 3 KD -2
Dp.png + Snkd.gif 3 KD -11
Dp.png + Snkd.gif (Break) 3 KD -2
Qcf.png + Snka.gif 11 -6 -6
Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 11 -11 -11
F.png, F.png + Snka.gif 11 -7 -7
---F.png, F.png + Snka.gif ? KD -16
-----F.png, F.png + Snka.gif ? KD -18
F.png, F.png + Snkc.gif 20 +7 +7
---F.png, F.png + Snkc.gif ? KD +2
-----F.png, F.png + Snkc.gif ? KD -13
Snkc.gifSnkd.gif 15 KD -15
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snka.gif 7 KD -38
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 3 KD -68
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkb.gif 8 KD -17
Qcf.png, Qcf.png + Snkd.gif 4 KD -34

Data from Howard's Arena

Hitboxes and Attack Notes

Throws and Feints

Buster Throw (→ C or ← C)

Garou Terry Grab.jpg

Command Total Frames
Close B.png/F.png + Snkc.gif 9

In case the Throw fails, a 'cl. C' will come out instead. On hit/guard it's one of Terry's best normals as it leads to mixups (Feint Cancel it). However clC doesn't have vertical hitbox, a neutral jump to escape the tick throw will leave Terry vulnerable.

You can use this to set up some tricky crossup situations. For example, after performing a midscreen backthrow, run just a little bit and then jump with Terry's 'j. C': if done correctly, the enemy will get hit in the back at a pretty deceptive angle (this can be done with a regular throw, but a backthrow seems to be easier). A similar setup works in the corner too, and it's even better: after throwing his enemy into the corner, and running just a little before perfoming a jump, even if the enemy has his back against the corner, he will have to change his block direction because of a bug that will force him to stand up facing the opposite direction of Terry's.

Forward Feint (→ A + C)

Garou Terry ForwardTaunt.jpg

Command Total Frames
F.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif x

Terry's best Feint Cancel option by far, since it makes him advance slightly, lessening the impact of the pushback from his attacks and allowing him to land more blows in his combos.

This is, without a doubt, core to Terry's gameplay, and should be mastered as soon as possible.

Downwards Feint (↓ A + C)

Garou Terry DownTaunt.jpg

Command Total Frames
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkc.gif x

Almost completely uselesss. Stick with the forward one, it's a thousand times better.

This one moves Terry backwards way too much, so Feint Canceling with this becomes a waste of time.

You could, once in a blue moon, use this to actualy fool your opponent into thinking you're going for a Burning Knuckle... but that would be you searching really, really hard for a reason to use this at all.

Normal Moves

cl. A


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snka.gif 3 +7 +7

As fast as it can get with a 3F start-up, this is a pretty good button to mash around when your about to score a Guard Crush.

Good poke, cancelable into Specials, and starter of a few basic combos.

Also works as an Anti-Air, specially after a crossunder.

cl. B


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkb.gif 4 +3 +3

Canceled right into a Power Dunk, this can be used as an Anti-GC option on the enemy's wake-up. It has the same "whiff on jump startup" property as 2B, but doesn't hit low, not a very useful move.

cl. C


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkc.gif 5 -5 -5

If the foward Feint Cancel is the heart of Terry's gameplay, this move is certainly the soul: good start-up, excelent blockstun and hitbox positioning, fairly safe on block, Feint, Special and Super cancelable, blockstring and combo starter, throw button... this move has it all.

Expect yourself to be using this a lot.

cl. D


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkd.gif 7 -2 -2

A good frametrap tool, you should feint it on the 1st hit. As a frametrap it has multiple purpose :
- The vertical hitbox will hit a jump startup with the 2nd hit (which will be feint cancelled, only cancellable when the 1st hit whiffs)
- On hit/guard, the feint leads to more pressure/combo
- Will tech mashed throws
- If a JD occurs on the 1st hit, the little lag will mess with the feint input timing, letting the 2nd hit happen, preventing non invincible guardcancels.

far. A


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snka.gif 4 +4 +4

Basicaly the same as his cl. A, except that is has a far better range.

Fast poke, excelent for intercepting dashers. Special and Super cancelable.

Also doubles as a pretty decent Anti-Air (even better after a crossunder).

This move also works as a frame trap to beat out opponents trying to engage you after blocking something, like Terry's Power Wave.

far. B


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkb.gif 5 +1 +1

This move isn't Special cancelable. However, it works as one of Terry's best Anti-Airs, since it has a deceptively large hitbox and speed.

It's also pretty safe in case the opponent empty-jumps at you, expecting to Air-JD your Anti-Air, since the pushback won't allow him to counter-attack.

At precise ranges, this move will beat out hop and jump attempts, acting as a preemptive Anti-Air of sorts.

Good frame trap when followed by a far. A, for example.

far. C


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkc.gif 11 -2 -2

Pretty horrible normal.

Not only is this button ungodly slow, it's also unsafe on block and on hit, and it's not even Feint, Special, or Super cancelable.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this.

far. D


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Far Snkd.gif 9 -5 -5

A little slow, but it has good damage and nice range, allowing it to be used as poke at far distances (with caution and moderation, of course).

This isn't cancelable on hit, but it is cancelable on block, making this move a prime candidate of corner resets with Terry's Power Charge.

cr. A


Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snka.gif 4 +6 +6

An average normal.

One frame faster than Terry's crouching light kick (but it doesn't hit low, making it less useful).

Good frame advantage on block and on hit. Special and Super cancelable.

cr. B


Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkb.gif 5 +6 +6

Very good normal.

Medium range, fast startup, Special and Super cancelable, and it has to be defended low; as such, this move is a great add to Terry's overall mixup game when used as a meaty.

The hitstun in this also allows for some nice and easy hit confirms.

It's also sometimes used as a frame trap with Terry's run (run a little, 'cr. B', run a little, 'cr. B' again), but it's not something that should be abused.

cr. C


Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkc.gif 7 +6 +6

Another excelent normal.

Average startup and solid range turns this move into one of Terry's most commonly seen combo finishers.

It's also his best way to punish unsafe moves at mid-ranges.

cr. D


Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png Snkd.gif 8 KD -15

Terry's sweep is easily one of the worst in the game, with just atrocious disadvantage on block.

It has some speed and, of course, it can score you a knockdown, but that's pretty much it.

Should be used sparringly.

j. A


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snka.gif 4 ? ?

This move comes out faster than any other of Terry's air attacks.

It's horizontal hitbox will strike out of the air almost anything at heights equivalents to that of Terry's own jump.

It may lack a little range, but this is still one of Terry's most usefuls Air-to-Airs that can be used in whatever jump trajectory.

Since it stays active for a good amount of time, remember to press this as soon as you leave the ground, to make sure it comes out as fast as possible.

Avoid using it with jump forward, since it can be low profiled and will whiff on crouched opponents.

j. B


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkb.gif 5 ? ?

Probably Terry's best air attack.

It may be a little bit slower than his j. A (by a single frame), but it has fantastic priority, and a hitbox aiming downwards that will strike airbone opponents bellow and in front of Terry.

Not exactly a good move to throw out while jumping backwards, but in a neutral or forward jump, it will be a clean hit most of the time.

In a short jump, this move, when used alongside Terry's Power Dunk, becomes an immensely useful tool as a combo starter that can only be defended high, adding depth to Terry's mixup game.

Plus, jump or short jump, j. B works as a pretty good and unpredictable crossup.

Very, very useful move indeed.

j. C


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkc.gif 7 ? ?

Good damage and start-up.

It's mainly used as a close jump-in or short jump-in attack, but it can also work an awkward Air-to-Air when Terry's right above someone (also sometimes used to protect Terry's hurtbox while jumping backwards, which can come in handy when trying to get away with a win by Time Out for example).

At the right distances (with the proper Throw setup, for example), this can also be used as a tricky crossup.

j. D


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Jumping Snkd.gif 9 ? ?

What it lacks in speed, this move compensates with damage and range.

It can work as an Air-to-Air (this is one of Terry's strongest buttons to use after jumping backwards), but it definetly shines more as a jump-in or short jump-in strike, since it works absolutely wonders as a stupidly good crossup.

Command Moves

Double Combination (C , → C)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Close Snkc.gif, F.pngSnkc.gif 5 +4 +4

Terry's target combo is really good not only because it is completely safe on block, but also because it allows him to easily hit-confirm and link it's last attack into the strong version of his punch Super, anywhere on the stage, or even into his light Break Special, but only when the enemy has his back against the corner (courtesy of midscreen pushback limitations).

Since it hits twice, it doubles an excelent Anti-GC weapon, even more so because of it's potential to be linked in any of the aforementioned ways.

Also works as a nice frame trap, since most people don't know that this is positive on block.

Low-Evade Attack (A + B)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 26 -1 +5

Horrible move that mostly will come out on accident after a failed Power Dunk Break attempt.

Patheticaly slow start-up.

If you want to do an overhead, just go for the short hop.

High-Evade Attack (↓ A + B)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
D.png + Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 8 -14 -8

One of the worst in the game, but you're still left with no choice but to use it.

It actualy has a pretty decent start-up and priority (at certain ranges), so it can be used to break a few Reversal attempts.

The real problem lies in it's enourmous frame disadvantage, both on hit and on block; this can be somewhat diminished by a Feint or Special cancel, but there's absolutely nothing you can do if it's blocked, since it's not cancelable at all in that situation.

Other than that, the damage on this is quite good, so it can be used in combos to pump the damage up a little.

It may be used as an Anti-Air too, but that's an advanced and hard technique, since the timing must be perfect, and the chance of losing or trading against the enemy is real.

Special Moves

Power Wave (↓ ↘ → A)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcf.png + Snka.gif 11 -6 -6

Terry's ground-based fireball. Quite average, to be frank.

Pressing the light button makes the fireball travel slower, and it's generaly useless in combos. The recovery on this version of the move is better, but Terry can still be punished even on hit if it was done too close to the enemy, so be careful.

Power Wave (↓ ↘ → C)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcf.png + Snkc.gif 11 -11 -11

This version of the Power Wave travels a little bit faster through the ground, making it more useful in his basic combos. However, it suffers from an even more unforgivable recovery and high block disadvantage.

It's what Terry has, though, so use with caution.

Burning Knuckle (↓ ↙ ← A)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcb.png + Snka.gif 14 KD -12

This Special has very few pratical uses.

On hit, it will cause good damage, corner carry, and knockdown. On block, it will leave you stuck with it's pretty crippling recovery. It can, however, become relatively safe to use when blocked at the right distances (so much that people will immediately follow this up with a Power Dunk Break for an improvised frame trap). Better safe than sorry, though, so be sure to confirm this in your combos properly.

It covers good range too, and it can work sometimes as an easy Guard Cancel option.

Probably the best way to finish some of Terry's juggle combos, mostly on a Counter-Hit basis (and only when you can't afford the meter for a Super).

Burning Knuckle (↓ ↙ ← C)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcb.png + Snkc.gif 23 KD -10

This version of Terry's Burning Knuckle does more damage and is barely safer on block.

It's also pretty much a JD/GC bait for the enemy, thanks to it's criminaly long start-up animation (that also won't allow you to practically combo this into and out of anything).

Honestly, this is almost worthless.

Crack Shoot (↓ ↙ ← B)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcb.png + Snkb.gif 22 -2 -2

This Special hits overhead, scoring some good damage.

Quite safe on block and on hit (punishable, in both situations, only by a few Supers with 0F of start-up).

It can't, however, be reliably used in combos, and the speed and range on this is lacking at best.

Besides taking your enemy by surprise or something along those lines, there are very few reasons why to use this at all.

Crack Shoot (↓ ↙ ← D)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcb.png + Snkd.gif 20 KD -13

Travels further than it's weaker counterpart, doing more damage and now gaining knockdown capabilities.

People tend to use this as an Anti-Air in some cases but, frankly, that's mostly a very bad idea.

Tremendously unsafe on block.

Power Dunk (→ ↓ ↘ B)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Dp.png + Snkb.gif 3 KD -4

Terry's very own "Dragon Punch" move, with no invincibility frames.

Because of it's swift start-up, this Special is Terry's primal option for a Guard Cancel by far. It's main function, however, is to be used as an average, multi-hit, Anti-Air attack.

It can be used in some very specific combos too; in ways that, for some reason, it's strong variety wouldn't.

It's also relatively safe on block, since the recovery is not that bad.

One of the main issues with this Special is that the amounts of hits will vary depending on the range it's used, so if the opponent tries to Air-JD every strike, he may very well land before Terry in some situations (who will be as a sitting duck for a good punishment).

Power Dunk (→ ↓ ↘ D)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Dp.png + Snkd.gif 3 KD -13

In it's strong variety, Terry's Power Dunk gains a good ammount of invincibility at it's start-up frames, so a Reversal at wake-up, for example, is now a possibility (a dangerous one still, so don't overuse it or get predictable with it). On the other hand, it's far more unsafe on block now.

Can still work as an Anti-Air too, but there's still chance that Terry will get punished if the enemy antecipates it and does an Air-JD.

Power Dunk (Break)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Dp.png + Kick.gif, Snka.gif + Snkb.gif 3 KD -2

Easily Terry's best and most useful Special move.

On hit, it juggles the opponent into the air, allowing Terry to nail them with any one of his Supers (or just another Power Dunk, in case he's meterless).

However, on the ground, can be punished by JD > 3f moves (not everyone has one), or block > certain supers (sometimes the spacing will make it unpunishable), or throw if done too close. => You can use the TOP glitch to prevent throw punishes.

Air-JD allow punishes it as well.

It can be canceled out of pretty much almost all of Terry's best normal moves, so a good Terry player must master this attack, so that any normal hit of his can lead into it for a free Super; jumps and short-jumps into his Break, for example, work magnificently when Terry is at the offense, and when he's not, an Anti-Air Break will intercept almost any jumps or hops, with or without a Guard Cancel.

A really useful tip that helps any character with a "Dragon Punch" attack, but is particularly helpful to Terry, is the "Crouching Dragon Punch": basicaly, you hold downwards for a few instants after buffering the forward input, so that Terry can jump into his Power Dunk right from his crouching state. Great for lowering his hurtbox to make sure his Anti-Airs are as safe as possible from losing or trades.

Power Charge (→ → A x3)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
F.pngF.png + Snka.gif 11 -7 -7
--- F.pngF.png + Snka.gif --- KD -16
------ F.pngF.png + Snka.gif --- KD -18

Terry's "Rekka" Special, that can be followed up twice by repeating the inputs for the Special.

Awesome damage, and a knockdown, on hit. Very unsafe on block.

Midscreen, only the first two hits will usualy land (sometimes, only the first and the third one will), but it doesn't matter: always go for the last hit anyway, even if you know it will whiff, just so you can build some extra meter from it. When your enemy is at the corner, or just anywhere near it, all three blows will safely land.

Power Charge (→ → C x3)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
F.pngF.png + Snkc.gif 20 +7 +7
--- F.pngF.png + Snkc.gif --- +2 +2
------ F.pngF.png + Snkc.gif --- KD -13

Another one of Terry's best moves (even if it can be considered kind of "gimmicky").

It's main use, undoubtedly, is in Terry's lockdown pressure and Guard Crush setups, since the first two hits are completely safe on block, and allows Terry to keep on the offensive.

After using this move once, Terry will usually follow-up with any blockstring variety that he desires, just so that he can unexpectedly reset the blockstring all over again by suddenly using another Power Charge, till the enemy's guard is finally broken and he can land his most damaging combos.

There are lots of ways to escape the reset, and lots of ways that Terry can counter those escape attempts and keep on pressuring, which is great part of his corner strenght and mind-games (this will all, however, be discussed about in more detail in an individual and proper section).

It can also be used as a fantastic Guard Cancel punishment against slow moves with high recovery.

T.O.P. Attack (C + D)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Snkc.gif + Snkd.gif 14 KD -11

Not particularly useful.

It can be used as an easy Guard Cancel, but it has horribly slow start-up.

Sure, it also does great Guard Crush damage, but even if your enemy gets his guard crumpled with this, the recovery on it is so abysmal that you won't even be able to do any follow-up.

To add insult to injury, the damage is pitiful, and it's also unsafe on block.

S. Powers

Power Geyser (↓ ↘ → ↓ ↘ → A)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcf.pngQcf.png + Snka.gif 7 KD -38

The most iconical and nostalgic move at the Legendary Hungry Wolf's disposal since Fatal Fury 2 is back... and it's average at best.

It doesn't do as much damage as his Kick Super, it has a relatively slow start-up, the range on it's hitbox doesn't reach nearly as far as it's animation would suggest, it can whiff completely when used in the direction of the corner, and the recovery on it, in case it gets block or it whiffs, is absolutely ridiculous. To make matters worse, since it only hits once, the opponent can just use an Air-JD to gain a little life back, land, and still have more than enough time to easily punish you.

It's not useless by any means, however: it's easy to be linked into out of Tery's jabs for some damaging Anti-Air setups, it has a surprisingly large ammount of invincibility frames on it's startup, and it works great as an Anti-Air against short hops (even allowing some pretty amazing follow-ups combos with his Kick Super, in case it trades).

Just make sure to use it at the right times, or save the meter for his other Super.

Buster Wolf (↓ ↘ → ↓ ↘ → B)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcf.pngQcf.png + Snkb.gif 8 KD -17

The Legendary Hungry Wolf's new trademark Super, and honestly, his best one.

It has a little less invincibility frames than his punch Super, true, but it inflicts greater damage and (thankfuly) can be used independently of Terry's position in the stage.

Learn how to hit-confirm with Terry into this Super, and always try to land one whenever you hit your enemy out of something with your Power Dunk Break if you have the meter to spare; and since we are speaking of meter, remember to always whiff a strong Power Charge while your enemy is in his hard knocked down state, so you can safely approach and build meter at the same time.

P. Powers

Power Geyser (↓ ↘ → ↓ ↘ → C)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcf.pngQcf.png + Snkc.gif 3 KD -68

A triple Power Geyser attack.

Lightning-quick start-up, and even greater amount of invincibility frames than before, sure are good pros, but most of the cons of it's weaker version remains, making this less useful than it seems.

It's one of the very few moves on Terry's arsenal that can easily be hit-confirmed out of his Double Combination, which can be sometimes useful.

Buster Wolf (↓ ↘ → ↓ ↘ → D)


Command Start Up Hit Guard
Qcf.pngQcf.png + Snkd.gif 4 KD -34

With a twice as fast start-up time, added number of hits (five in total), and increased damage potential, this Super is Terry's best combo finisher and punishment tool by far, even if it's not generaly advised to use two stocks of Super at once (unless it guarantees the kill, of course).

Quick note: almost all hits will end up whiffing if Terry use this version of his Super immediately after a Counter-Hit Break, so don't forget to use a second Break before you spend your precious meter and it all ends up going to waste.

Combos and Links

Almost all of the combos listed bellow can be seen in the following video.

All credits go to the original uploader; and also many, many thanks.

Quick note: against Tizoc and Grant specificaly, 'cl. C' can't be used as a follow up in combos after any kind of crossup (it will only work if they are crouching).


Here is a list of Terry's most basic combos that require no use of Feint Cancel.


  • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

Pretty basic jump-in to use at far distances, since 'cr. C' has more range than 'cl. C'. Average damage. Safe on block, except when the enemy is at the corner.

    • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Use Terry's kick Super instead of his Power Wave if you have the meter to spare. Keep in mind that it's not generally advised to burn your whole stock of meter unless you're going for the kill; but if you want do a lot of damage as quickly as possible (specially when your T.O.P. is active), don't think twice about it and let them feel the pain.

  • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

Use this instead of the above if Terry is a little bit closer to the enemy. Midscreen, the third hit of the Power Charge will usualy whiff, but do it anyway so you can gain meter. Average damage (gets even better when the opponent is in, or near, the corner, since all three hits of the Special will land). Really unsafe and dangerous on block, so be careful.

  • j. Snkb.gif / j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif, F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

This is Terry's bread and butter crossup combo. Good damage.

    • j. Snkb.gif / j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snka.gif , cr. Snkb.gif , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

With these changes, Tizoc and Grant can now fear your crossups while they're standing.

    • j. Snkb.gif / j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snka.gif , cr. Snkb.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Use a Super for added damage against a standing Tizoc or Grant. Against the rest of the cast, standing or crouching, a 'cl. C' canceled into a Power Charge will do about the same damage, so it may be better to save the meter.

Short jump-ins

  • j. Snkb.gif / j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) , Dp.pngSnkd.gif

One of Terry's main meterless combos, adding a lot of strength to his mixup game. Extremely dangerous against characters that have a Super with 0F of startup at their disposal, so be careful. 'j. B' is the best way to start this since it's his fastest air attack. If you try to use this as a crossup against a crouching opponent, always remember that the game will automatically correct the Power Dunk's direction, so there's no need for you invert it's motion. Average damage.

    • j. Snkb.gif / j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Another instance where Terry's kick Super should definitely be used.


  • cl. Snka.gif , st. Snkc.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

Good way to punish things at point-blank range when something with a fast start-up is required. Average damage midscreen, good damage in the corner.

  • fr. Snka.gif / cr. Snkb.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkc.gif

Another fast punish to land once in a while, if your meter allows you. Since you don't actually need to use the motion store technique to land this, you can hit-confirm it out of a regular poke when the situation calls for it. Midscreen, If done at maximum range, the third hit of the Super will end up whiffing, so be wary of that. Also, be sure this means the end of the round, since the meter cost on this is understandably high.

  • cl. Snkc.gif , F.pngSnkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkc.gif

This isn't a cancel. It's a link, and a pretty easy one too. A nice hit-confirm to use as a last resort. Never use this if your opponent has his back against the corner, because the last hit of the Super will whiff.

  • cl. Snkc.gif , F.pngSnkc.gif , Dp.pngSnkb.gif (Break) , Dp.pngSnkd.gif

Another link. This one works only in the corner, thanks to the lessened pushback there. Great tool to be used against people that tend to buffer a Guard Cancel on their wake-up. Remember that only the light version of the Power Dunk will work in this combo (the strong one is best to actually finish the combo, though). Good damage.

    • cl. Snkc.gif , F.pngSnkc.gif , Dp.pngSnkb.gif (Break) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

As usual, if you have the meter, don't hesitate and use your Super.

  • cl. Snka.gif , cr. Snkb.gif , fr. Snka.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

Excelent combo to be used when your enemy is at the corner. Particularly useful against people trying to wake-up jump. Plus, it's stupidly easy to confirm. Good damage.

    • cl. Snka.gif , cr. Snkb.gif , cr. Snkb.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Great way to tell people to keep their butt on the ground after getting knocked down in the corner.

  • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) , Dp.pngSnkd.gif

Another good combo to use when you find yourself in need of a quick punish at close quarters. The strong version of the Power Dunk does a little bit more damage, but it's still just an average punish.

    • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

No excuses: if you can spend the meter, do it.


  • cr. Snkb.gif , cr. Snkb.gif , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

As basic as it gets. Always use the strong version of Power Wave, otherwise it won't combo properly. This must be used at point-blank range too, or the second 'cr. B' may whiff. Safe on block (except when the enemy is at the corner). Weak damage, but it's still useful.

    • cr. Snkb.gif , cr. Snkb.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

The best and most common way to hit-confirm Terry's kick Super. Again, be careful with the range on the second 'cr. B'.

  • cr. Snkb.gif , st. Snka.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

Has better range than the previous combo, but it's unsafe on block, so be sure to confirm it. Always go for the third hit of the Power Charge, even if it whiffs, just for the meter. Average damage.

    • cr. Snkb.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

Excelent meterless combo to be used against a cornered enemy. Good damage, and hit-confirming the Power Charge is relatively easy. The best part about it, though, by far, is that it will beat anyone trying to wake-up backdash (the 'cr. B' will whiff, but the 'cl. C' will hit them out of their recovery).


Here is a list of Terry's most basic Feint Cancel combos.


  • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

Now the real fun starts, as we begin to use Terry's Feint Cancel to improve our combos. This one, a crossup, scores Terry some good damage, and it also hurts the enemy's guard a lot. Good damage.

    • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcb.pngSnka.gif

End the previous combo with a Burning Knuckle instead for a little bit more damage, knockdown and corner carry. Terribly unsafe on block, needless to say.

    • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

You can land all three hits of Terru's Power Charge, even midscreen, by walking slightly forward after Terry's Feint Cancel (this trick will come in handy later, but don't worry if you can't do it consistently, since it is certainly a hard task in this specific combo). Crazy high damage for a meterless combo.

    • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Kick Super as a finisher, per usual.


  • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

Use this as a punishment tool, or just run like crazy into your opponent's face and nail them with it; after all, even if they do block this, you'll end up with the advantage either way because of the guard damage you'll inflict. Average damage.

    • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcb.pngSnka.gif

To be used when you are one hundred percent sure it will work. Also, Terry's Burning Knuckle won't combo unless the first 'cl. C' was done at point-blank range, so be extra cautious. Average damage.

    • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Another excelent punishment weapon. Don't forget to confirm the Super.

  • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

The same rule of walking after the Feint Cancel applies here, we're only taking the jump-in out of the equation. Good damage.


  • cr. Snkb.gif, cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , st. Snka.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

One of Terry's best combos that start with a low. Corner exclusive. Good damage.

    • cr. Snkb.gif, cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Finishing off with a Super is always an option.


From here on out, the list will be comprised of combos that require two or more Feint Cancels.


  • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

The optimized version of all of Terry's previously listed midscreen crossups. Good damage.

    • j. Snkc.gif / j. Snkd.gif , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

That gotta hurt.


  • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

Your best way to deal damage midscreen to both your opponent's health and defense bar. Good damage.

    • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Naturaly, finishing a combo with your kick Super is always an option.

    • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif / cr. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

One of Terry's most powerful corner combos. The trick here, once again, is to walk just a little bit after each (or just the first) Feint Cancel, so you can fight against the pushback on your own strikes; hard to learn, but not to actualy execute once you get the timing down.

  • cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cl. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , cr. Snkc.gif , (Feint Cancel) , Snka.gif , F.pngF.pngSnka.gif x3

A meterless Terry strongest corner combo. Crazy high damage for absolutely no cost at all.


Here you can find a few of Terry's combos that deserve their own space for whatever reasons.


  • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) (Counter-Hit) , Dp.pngSnkd.gif (Break) , Dp.pngSnkd.gif / Qcb.pngSnka.gif

You'll be seeing this a lot. It doesn't matter if you use Power Dunk or Burning Knuckle, the damage is still the same: average.

    • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) (Counter-Hit) , Dp.pngSnkd.gif (Break) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif

Ending this combo with Super is the best way to make every Counter-Hit counts.

    • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) (Counter-Hit) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngKick.gif , Dp.pngSnkd.gif

An improved version of the previous combos. You have to be pretty near the corner for this to work.

    • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) (Counter-Hit) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkb.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkb.gif

Pretty awesome looking combo to use, when you want to go nuts with your meter (and have a laugh).

    • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) (Counter-Hit) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkb.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnka.gif

Again, another sick looking combo. Never use this when you're too much close to the corner (like you should with the previous two combos): instead, save this for use only when you're somewhere between midscreen and corner.

  • Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnka.gif (Counter-Hit) , Qcf.pngSnkc.gif

Since all Supers in this game cause a hard knockdown, use Terry's fireball after using this as Anti-Air or something for a nice OTG combo.

    • cr. Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnka.gif (Counter-Hit) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnka.gif

You have to be really close for this to work. If you try walking forward, the enemy will get up in time, so be careful with that.


  • Dp.pngKick.gif (Break) (Trade) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkb.gif

Nowhere near as rare as anyone would think.

  • Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnka.gif (Trade) , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkb.gif

Easier to do if the enemy is closer to the corner. It happens sometimes, mostly when Terry is trying to use his punch Super as an Anti-Air against a hop and it ends up trading.


This game has a bizarre bug that exclusively affects the second player, diminishing the pushback of his corner strikes by just a few pixels. This something that probably benefits Terry more than any other character in the game, allowing him to extend his corner combos even further, as it can be seen in the following videos:

Video 1.

Video 2.

General strategy

Meter management

One of Terry's main weaknesses is that he has no real way to consistently build his meter. Because of this, meter management is very important: if it won't guarantee you the round, or if your T.O.P. isn't active, don't expend two precious stocks of Super at once.

Whiff a Power Charge C after any safe hard knockdown you can get, specially after a kick Super, so you can approach and recover meter. You could also try whiffing his Power Dunk Break at far distances, but that can be dangerous if the Break happens to fail and you end up stuck with a whiffed Power Dunk.

Mixup and wake-up game

Terry has a relatively good, albeit a little slow, mixup game.

He can easily confirm his Supers out of lows and overhead attacks, thanks to his Power Dunk Break, and his crossup potential is great, both with regular jumps and short hops (courtesy, again, of his Power Dunk Break).

In the corner is where Terry undoubtedly excels at. A meaty 'cr. B' into his 'cl. C' leads to a few of Terry's best combos. This setup will also beat people trying to backdash in their wake-up, since the 'cl. C' will hit them while they're recovering (mind characters that can cancel their backdash, though). This will lose to wake-jumps, so mix it up with a meaty 'cl. C': if it hits, Feint Cancel them to death; if it's blocked, Feint Cancel them to death anyway for the Guard Crush and lockdown pressure. A Neutral (or backwards) jump with his air normals can catch people trying to jump out of there.

Midscreen, Terry's mixup games suffers quite a blow, unfortunately. Meterless, he will have to choose between low-damaging and safe combos, or average-damaging and unsafe ones, so confirming and acessing the best situation in the context of the match is key here. A crossup short hop canceled into an auto-corrected Power Dunk works spectacularly against crouching openents, since it can be really unpredictable. You can also just go for the meaty 'cl. C' and do your usual Feint Cancel pressure. Wake-up backdash midscreen is a real problem, though, since Terry has absolutely nothing 100% safe to use against that: you could run and try to use 'cl. C' when they are recovering, but this will lose against pretty much anything they use if your prediction was off; a short hop with 'j. D' won't reward you at all depending on the distance (it may not even catch them); giving the enemy a little space to avoid Reversals and Guard Cancels, and then using a strong Power Wave, is the best option you got, but it's by no means perfect since the reward is low and you can still get punished.

Corner or midscreen, baiting attempts at unsafe Reversals and wake-up throws are also important. An unsafe Reversal, when blocked, will give you a golden opportunity to start your best 'cl. C' punishment; what you are looking for, though, is those really unsafe ones that allow you to use a strong Power Charge and then comboing afterwards; if it's something that isn't that much unsafe on block, go for the Power Dunk Break or an 'st. A' as starters, since those are your fastest attacks. If the opponent wake-up Supers, return the stick to neutral during the freeze, and then immediately go for the Just Defense. Against a wake-up throw, you can neutral jump and land on top of them with 'j. D' and follow that up with a combo (buffer an Air-JD at the top of your jump, in case they'll go for the Reversal), or you can backdash, then run back at them and whiff punish them.

Against people that like to Guard Cancel your meaties, use Terry's target combo or a 'cl. B' canceled right into a Power Dunk Break (you can use 'st. A'/'cl. A' too for this setup): this will work as an Anti-GC weapon most of the time.

If you were knocked down, waking-up with Super isn't a good idea since both your Supers are horribly slow (it's better in a few matchups, like Jenet or Kain). Just stick to defending, Just-Defending or even Guard Canceling if you feel like you got the read on your enemy. A strong Power Dunk (Breaked or not) works as a good Reversal too because of it's invincibility frames, but will get you killed if it's whiffed or blocked. Wake-up jump, wake-up throw and wake-up backdash are universal options.

Zoning and poking game

To come.

Power Charge C notes

To come.

Matchup info

Rock Howard

TinyTerry.gif X TinyRock.gif
5 - 5
(Slightly favorable matchup)

  • cr. Snkd.gif: -12 on block. Use 'cr. C' to start your punish when at point-blank range. At max ranges, punishable only by a P-Power Super.
  • High-Evade Attack: -5 on block. Use 'st. A', then kick Super (use the motion store technique to pull this off).
  • Qcb.pngSnka.gif: -5 on block, but completely safe when done at max distance (not even punishable with a Reversal P-Power punch Super). At close and mid-ranges, start you punish with an 'st. A'.
  • Qcb.pngSnkb.gif: -3 on block. Only punishable if you JD the hit.
  • Hcb.pngF.pngSnka.gif: -2 on block. Only punishable if you JD the hit.

A fair and simple matchup, both ways. Terry is a little better in the air.

Exploit the fact that his damage output is low when he is meterless by mantaining pressure soon, since a single stock of Super is all that Rock needs to shut down your Power Dunk Break.

Pay attention to the way your particular opponent's sets up his command grabs, so you can predict and evade them properly in the future.

Don't fall for any of his shenanigans: be aware of what, how and when you can or you can't punish him.

Play carefuly, bait him out, and do your thing.

Kim Dong-Hwan

TinyTerry.gif X TinyDong.gif
5 - 5
(Slightly unfavorable matchup)

  • cr. Snkd.gif: -8 on block. Use 'cr. C' to start your punish when at point-blank range. At mid ranges, punishable only by a Reversal punch Super (don't waste two bars on this, since the third hit will most likely whiff). Not punishable at max ranges.
  • High-Evade Attack: +5 on block. Punishable by GC only (a regular JD won't even let you land an 'st. A').
  • T.O.P. Attack: -9 on block. Use 'cr. C' to start your punish at point-blank range. At mid and far ranges, punishable only by a Reversal Super.
  • Qcb.pngSnkb.gif/Snkd.gif: -1 and -2 on block, respectively. Only punishable if you JD the hits.
  • Qcf.pngSnkb.gif/Snkd.gif: +13 and +9 on block, respectively. Punishable by GC only.
  • Hcb.pngSnkc.gif: -9 on block. Use 'cr. C' to start your punish at point-blank range. At mid and far ranges, punishable only by a Reversal Super.
  • Dp.pngSnka.gif/Snkc.gif (Break): -6 on block. Use 'st. A' or 'cr. B' to start your punishment.
  • D.pngSnka.gif/Snkc.gif (Air): Up to -5 on block, depending on the range. Use 'st. A' or 'cr. B' to start your punishment, but make sure this was blocked as deeply as possible.
  • Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkb.gif: -5 on block. Very rarely will people use a raw Super like this. If it does happens, though, it won't hurt to be prepared: because of it's lengthy start-up, Dong can be hit out of the Super animation by almost anything you have pretty easily, like a Power Dunk Break. If you block this, punish with 'st. A' or cr. B' as starters. or just go for any P-Power Super you have as Reversals. If you use a strong Power Charge as Guard Cancel, you can punish him even better.
    • cr. Snkc.gif , Qcf.pngQcf.pngSnkb.gif: Now this is a far more likely situation. Use the motion store technique to link any of your Supers out of a 'st. A'; the timing is a little strict, but it's manageable.

This is slightly in favour of Dong (but still surely winnable).

Dong plays, more or less, the same no matter what character he's facing: he will try to out-poke you while he gains time and meter.

Using your heavy buttons outside of combos are a bad idea, and you 'st. B' too is heavily nerfed here. Don't overuse your run either: instead, run and stop (a lot), in order to bait him to use his air Super.

Don't rest easy, though, even when he's meterless, since Dong sills controls the air with his superior mobility, air-chain and air-throw, beating both your normals and air-JD attempts.

While in the ground, strikin Dong out of the air can be just as difficult, since he can air-JD your Power Dunk Break and immediately counter-attack with his Super (no need to GC the Super at all). Power Dunk Break will be the difference, however, when he's meterless or in the ground.

The instant air-JD technique, too, is vital here, since Dong has no real blockstring midscreen. This way, he won't be able to reset his combos or use his overheads properly.

Be patient and avoid any mistakes, because if Terry falls behind, making a comeback will be very, very difficult.

Hotaru Futaba

TinyTerry.gif X TinyHotaru.gif
5 - 5
(Slightly unfavorable matchup)

  • cr. Snkd.gif: -14 on block. Use 'cr. C' to start your punish when at point-blank range. At mid ranges, punishable by any Super. At max ranges, only punishable by a Reversal P-Power kick Super.
  • High-Evade Attack: +3 on block. Punishable by GC only (a regular JD won't even let you land an 'st. A').
  • Qcb.pngSnkc.gif: -1 on block. This is a frame-trap, so be careful: don't try to punish this.

This is an interesting matchup, since neither character has absolutely freedom here; for example, Terry can't overuse his normals, nor Break, and while he is slightly advantageous in the ground (his pokes are far better), Hotaru has an overwhelming edge in the air, thanks to her Dive-Kick and strong aerial buttons.

Use an auto-corrected Power Dunk Break to punish Hotaru if she tries to abuse her command crossup by spamming her air stomp around you. But other than that, Terry's Break may fail as a proper Anti-Air if your opponent knows what he's doing: the chance of eating a Super with 0F of startup is just too great, and Hotaru will almost never be out of Super thanks to her hit and run, meter building tactics. 'st. B' will aid you immensely when she's above you, though, since Terry has enough time to recover in case Hotaru tries to Air-JD your Anti-Air and punish you.

Running and stopping must also be avoided as much as possible, since her fireball's recovery is quick (at certain ranges, two fireballs will work almost as effectively as a true blockstring), and it's speed is fast. As for your own fireball, stick with the weak version of Terry's Power Wave, since it has better recovery, allowing you to JD the hit in case Hotaru goes for the reflect

Never block while crouching. Hotaru has virtually no way of landing damage out of a low besides her sweep (one of the worst in the game), so if you're always standing, you'll cripple her game by nullifying her annoying hops.

Overall, Hotaru's playstyle is similar to Dong in the sense that she'll try to win by Time Over. Be patient, Terry has better damage after all, and don't forget to use 'st. A' and 'st. B', your best friends in this matchup.

Marco Rodrigez

TinyTerry.gif X TinyMarco.gif
5 - 5
(Slightly unfavorable matchup)


TinyTerry.gif X TinyHoku.gif
5 - 5
(Slightly favorable matchup)

Kevin Rian

TinyTerry.gif X TinyKevin.gif
3 - 7
(Highly unfavorable matchup)


TinyTerry.gif X TinyFreeman.gif
5 - 5
(Slightly favorable matchup)

The Griffon

TinyTerry.gif X TinyTizoc.gif
6 - 4
(Favorable matchup)

B. Jenet

TinyTerry.gif X TinyJenet.gif
3 - 7
(Highly unfavorable matchup)


TinyTerry.gif X TinyGato.gif
3 - 7
(Highly unfavorable matchup)

Kim Jae Hoon

TinyTerry.gif X TinyJae.gif
5 - 5
(Fair matchup)


TinyTerry.gif X TinyGrant.gif
4 - 6
(Unfavorable matchup)

Kain R. Heinlein

TinyTerry.gif X TinyKain.gif
4 - 6
(Unfavorable matchup)

Notable players

雨森 = Amemori / Amamori / Amaterasu

ゴロー = Goro