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"Oh, cursed fate! Must these young punks constantly confound me?!" By: Geese Howard



Geese Howard, the ruler of Southtown, and can be the most classic SNK boss in the history... Oh, and he is the most hated character in this game as well... Why? He's just probably the best character in the game, really(Geese plaers won't hate Geese players, remember that). He has infinite combos that are not that hard to do, so... Geese is that character that is nice for beginners, and incredible in high-level matches. Now for his for his Good and Bad Things.

The Ruler of Shouthtown's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Easy to play, learn and master(Even without his infinites, he is still God Tier);
  • Easy combos, MAXIMUM Mode loops, and infinites;
  • He can be the best defensive/offensive character in the game;
  • Has nice anti-air moves;
  • Still has his air fireball here(He can zone a lot with it too);
  • Still has counter moves as well;
  • You can't punish him so easily;
  • His Exceed is very nice to use(And it can pass through projectiles).

Bad Things:

  • Your opponents will hate you if you use him in the right way(I will probably hate you if you play him as well).
  • Only that. He isn't bad in this game. Really.

How to select Geese Howard

Wait... Are you saying that you want to use Geese Howard, but cannot select him? Don't worry with that. Here we can solve your problem. Press these directions while you're on the character select screen:

(Hold Start) Left(3x), Down, Left, Up, Right, Up
Remember, this needs to be done before the timer reaches ten(10). And there are some hack roms that can make him selectable too(You can play one of those hacks online with Fightcade).

Who is the strongest? (Just a little copy and paste from Zero's section ;p)

Yeah, the question still stays... Who is the strongest? Megaman Zero, or Geese Howard? I'll just put here my opinion, and you can put yours here too(Put your nickname too if you want, it should be better) if you think:"Well, Zero is just the best, we don't care about the ruler of Southtown!", but if you think:"Geese is a badass, he can win everyone in this game!", put your opinion(And your name) in Geese's section.
I, Redarts (talk), think that Geese is better than Zero(Nothing against the Zero players, he is good, that's just my opinion). One of the reasons to play one of those two are the infinites. Geese is easier to play, has better projectiles, easier normal mode infinite(I mean, Zero's normal mode infinite can only be done with the opponent in the air, and we don't have so much jumpers in this game, which is bad for him). Now, let's... "Delete" the infinites. Zero's arsenal is bigger than Geese's, and that's what makes him more technical(And technique = hard things to learn, and hard things to learn = bad for beginners, and if he's bad for beginners = boring character to use. That's my opinion, okay? Each player has one different opinion, so if you respect one, the others will respect you). Now for Geese's game without the infinite, he still would be with his ground game, damaging anti-airs, and his simple combos(He don't need his infinites to survive a match). So, again, Geese's better in my opinion.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Some of Geese's Normals are pretty nice to use in battle(Well, he is just the best in the game), so begin your strategies here.

s.LP - (Far) A nice poke. It's fast and the reach is nice, but whiffs on low crouching chars and cannot be normal canceled. Can be used in light attack combos. (Close) The best starter to light attack combos. It's cancelable, chains into itself, but whiffs on those low crouching chars.
s.LK - (Far) Not as fast as the f.LP, but can be used in light attack combos. It cannot be normal canceled, so use this only in the MAXIMUM Mode(If you want to use, I mean). (Close) A fast knee. Chains into itself, can be canceled, and doesn't whiffs on low crouching characters. Good to use in a match.
s.HP - (Far) A slow poke(The recovery on this move is very bad). If you really want to use, hit with the tip of Geese's hand. Cannot be normal canceled, but can be Super Canceled, and I don't know why. (Close) This move... Is the best of Geese's ground attacks, and one of the reasons to answer the question:"Why am I using Geese in this game?" You can cancel this into any Command Move(Except the OTG one), and any Special/Super move. This is part of an infinite combo too.
s.HK - (Far) This poke has better reach and speed than the f.HP, but this can't be Super canceled. (Close) A two-hit kick that can be canceled in the first hit. The second kick can be used as an anti-air, but it's risky. The cl.HP is better to use.

j.LP - (Diagonal) This move is good as a jump-in move, but Geese has better options. (Neutral) Slow for a light attack. Don't use. Geese has better options than this move.
j.LK - (Diagonal) Nice move to use. This is Geese's best crossup attack. If the opponent blocks it, don't followup, because you'll be punished with those GCFs. (Neutral) Kick that aims down. Can be used in the opponent's wakeup. If you want, followup with an air fireball to confuse your opponent.
j.HP - (Diagonal) A multi-hitting jumping move. It's better when used against BIG chars(Like EQ and Hugo) to do THAT damage on them(You'll get meter while you hit them too). (Neutral) Geese's best neutral jump-in. It can be better used on the opponent's wakeup. Hit with this, and followup with what you want. It's good to cancel this move into the air fireball too.
j.HK - (Diagonal) Geese's best Diagonal jump-in. Can be used as an air-to-air, and on combos. Simple to use. (Neutral) You can use this in air-to-air battles, but Geese has a ground game, so avoid it.

cr.LP - This is a great normal move. Good to use in light attack/crouching combos. Chains into itself, can be canceled, and it's fast. Can be used as poke too(This move is better than the f.LP/LK in my opinion).
cr.LK - An extremely important normal against most of the characters in the cast. It has the same properties(And a little more) than the normal above. It hits low, and there's something interesting about this move. You can make Geese avoid some projectiles with this(I could avoid from the Shoto's, and Mr. Karate's fireballs), but you'll need to time well. You just need to hit the opponent while he is doing the projectile animation. If you miss the timing, don't worry, you can block the move(This move is safe too, don't worry again). You'll need this in the matches.
cr.HP - Please, you'll need this move. It's one of Geese's best anti-air moves, and can be one of the best normal anti-airs in the game(If not the best). It's part of Geese's main gameplan. It's not unbeatable, but you can use against all chars of the cast. You can cancel this move too, but if you use this move as an anti-air, you cannot combo with it, so cancel if you need meter.
cr.HK - A kick that hits low and knocks down. It's not that fast as the other cr.HKs in the game, so avoid if you want. The best ways to use this move is by whiff canceling this move into a QCF+LP or you can use the same strategy mentioned in the cr.LK(The timing is different).

Command Moves

Fudou Sakkatsu Uraken

  • f+HP - An attack that knocks down. You can use this as a poke, because it has a nice reach, and Geese walks a little forward while he performs this move. You can normal cancel it, but you cannot combo with the special moves. The best way to combo with this move is when it gets a counter hit. Try something like: f+HP(Make sure you get a counter hit), QCF+LP, db, HCB, df+P. This is nice to use when you need. You can combo using this move after a normal too, like this: [Jump Attack] cl.HP/HK, f+HP, df+C(Optional, and you can use it only while your opponent is down). This can help you a lot, but this isn't that useful when compared to the move below.

Raikou Mawashi Geri (aka Spinning Kick)

  • f+HK - Another reason to use Geese Howard in this game. This is part of an easy infinite combo(I think Geese has 2 infinites involving this Command Move, and they are really easy to do). You can cancel this move with ease after a Heavy Attack. Punish your opponent with a combo involving this move to do THAT damage to him/her. You can use it as a poke too(By attacking with the tip of the kick), and cancel it into a QCF+P to make it almost 100% safe. Don't let your opponent block it, because the GCFs are real in this game.

Raimei Gouha Nage (aka Face grab)

  • db/df+HP (while Geese is near from the opponent and he/she is knocked down) - An OTG(on/off the ground) grab. You need to press the direction and the attack button at the same time, and remember that this is a "Face Grab". It's hard to use this in a battle, because the opponent can recovery roll if he falls down. The easiest ways to use this move are:
    • After an AB grab - Well... The AB grab is something really interesting, because the opponent will fall near you, so you can GCF, AB grab, db/df+HP.
    • After a cr.HK(And the opponent didn't do a recovery roll) - The cr.HK isn't something good, but it's easy to do this OTG grab after the cr.HK. Just dash 1 or 2 times after the move hits and be happy.
    • After a HCF+K in the corner(And the opponent didn't do a recovey roll) - The HCF+K is something that can help you in the combos, and it knocks down in the last hit of the move, so after the move hits, use this, it isn't hard, because you'll be in the right position(If you use the special move in the corner, I mean). If you need, you can dash.

Special Moves

Reppu Ken

  • QCF+LP - A fast(and "tall") projectile with nice recovery, but this move isn't spammable. It's hard to combo into this move(If you try to cancel a normal/command move into this, you will get the move below). Some characters have no chance against this one.

Sirocco Slam (aka Comboed Reppu Ken)

  • QCF+LP(After a cancelable normal/command/special move) - This move is pretty good to use too(This is another reason to use Geese Howard in this game), but it isn't a projectile. If it hits the opponent, he/she will be in a juggle state, so followup with something damaging like the Raging Storm Super, okay? Oh, and it's possible to use this move as an anti-air too. But how can I use this move alone, if you said that this move will only come out in the middle of a combo? First, I didn't say that. I said that this can be used after a cancelable move, not exclusively in combos. Yeah, you can whiff cancel into this move(Which is nice, but not 100% good). Try something like, cr.LK(You can use any crouching move), QCF+LP. You can anti-air the opponent, and he/she will still be in that juggle state(You can followup an anti-air, that's nice, Geese Howard).

Double Reppu Ken

  • QCF+HP - This is slow, and easy to punish. You can avoid this move. While Geese is doing the first Reppu Ken, that "ball"(I don't know what it is) will eat any normal projectile(I don't know if it can eat Super Projectiles yet, because the ball doesn't stays so much time). The second Reppu Ken has the same speed as the Normal Reppu Ken, can be negated by Normal projectiles(Dunno why), but it's larger(Thanks, SNK). If you do this move while you're near from the opponent, the two Reppu Kens will connect.

Double Sirocco Slam (aka Comboed Double Reppu Ken)

  • QCF+HP(Same thing as the Normal one will be here) - This isn't that good as the Normal one. About the last hit, I don't know if it can juggle the opponent(But the first hit will). Stick with the LP version only, it's better.

Whirlwind Zap (aka Shippu Ken)

  • (In air) QCB+P - An air projectile. Good to use against tall characters after a cancelable jumping normal(The n.HP is the best to use). It can be unsafe if your opponent blocks it, so watch out. And Geese has a ground game, so... Use if you want. Use this as something like an air-to-air.

Flying Solar Slice (In the movelist I saw, it's Sawblade instead of Solar, but it's okay)

  • DP+P - A good anti-air move. It does two hits, and in the LP version, you can juggle your opponent in the corner(And lead to some interesting resets). Oh, and you can't combo into the Supers/Exceed after the second hit. It's very unsafe on block too, so watch out when you use. The first hit can be MAX canceled.

Evil Shadow Smash

  • HCF+K - Another reason to use Geese. This move plays a nice role in Geese's combos(especially in MAXIMUM Mode), and if you're having trouble with the infinite, this can help you. LK version will stop in the middle of the screen, and the HK version will stop near the corner. Enjoy this move in MAXIMUM Mode, really(Just see the combos section later), because any hit from this Special move can be MAX canceled. It's unsafe too.

Upper Body Toss

  • HCB+LK - Interesting counter move. And it's pretty basic to use too. The counter will only work if something hits Geese's hand. This can be used to counter jumping attacks(Yeah, like an anti-air move), some Special moves(I could stop the Shoto's Tatsu with this), Supers(I could stop Ryu's Tatsu Super with this too), and even Exceeds(I will test this later, but I could prove that Claw's Exceed is counterable). Don't abuse of it, because the opponent can predict those counters with ease.

Middle Body Toss

  • HCB+HK - This can be the same as the above, but can counter only the middle moves(I don't know why, but Ryu's f+LP is an overhead, as you probably know, and it could be stopped by this move). Can be the less used of the three. Don't abuse of it too.

Lower Body Blow

  • HCB+LP - This is to counter low moves(Low ≠ crouching move, remember that). Good to use in the opponent's wakeup, and against those characters with low special moves(Like Sagat and Zero). This can help you. Don't abuse of this move, please.

Super Moves

Raging Storm (In the movelist I saw, it said Raising Storm, but don't worry about the name)

  • db, HCB, df+P - Nice anti-air super(Another good reason to use Geese Howard in this game). For some characters, it's IMPOSSIBLE to jump over it, and I'll say again, IMPOSSIBLE. You can use as a damaging followup for the Comboed Reppu Ken. The damage is pretty nice. It's possible to combo after a normal/command move too, so this move can be your main super. Don't worry with the command, there's a shortcut if you're with trouble. Try this: QCB/HCB, HCB, DF+P. It's easier to do, and the super will come out. It's unsafe if blocked/whiffs the opponent too, so don't use it alone. You should watch this video about this interesting Super too.


  • HCB(2x)+HP - I'm not sure if this move can be used only with the HP button, but when I tried with the LP button, I got that Low Counter move. This move is great to use against those turtles that are afraid of Geese's gameplay and are just waiting for the time to punish you. You can use this after a GCF too(Like some players who like to grab with CD only), and you can buffer the command if you think that you don't have time, like HCB, GCF, HCB+HP. You can combo with this move after a cl.HP too(See the combos section later for more details). After the Super hits the opponent, he/she will wake up with his/her back turned(And near you depending of your position), so you can try to followup with a crossup combo after this Super.


Deadly Rave

  • HCB, f+LK+HP+HK(Press the three buttons at the same time, and after Geese hits the opponent) LP, LP, LK, LK, HP, HP, HK, HK, QCB+HP+HK(The two buttons at the same time again) - Yeah, this is a huge command, but not hard to use. First, don't do the QCB+HP+HK part. Why? Geese can do better finishers than that(He can followup with any combo if you stop the inputs after the finisher). Second, the timing is a little tricky, but if you miss, try to do the inputs faster. Third, you can pass under the floating projectiles with this(while Terry's Deadly Rave cannot). Now for the last part, it's unsafe after the second hit(Yeah, the first LP is safe), so if the opponent blocks it, don't continue, and forget your Exceed in the match.

The Basics

Geese's Gameplan

Geese has an almost 100% ground game, so you don't need to jump everytime, because his ground options are better. If the opponent jumps, don't even think about jumping, because Geese can anti-air almost every character in the game by using his cr.HP, the Raging Storm super(Which is a nice anti-air for Geese), that counter move for high attacks(Time well), and, if you need, the Comboed Reppu Ken. If the opponent can be punished, give to him something damaging, and he will not forget what you have done to his heart(That was horrible, I know that). Geese has his infinites too, but don't play with him like if the infinites are the only thing involved in Geese's game. He has good options other than the infinites, and I'm saying that because everyone can mess any infinite combo anytime(and that includes you, the reader), and when you fail, get ready to see the opponent's revenge.

Some Combos (without MAXIMUM Mode)
Geese is a combo friendly character, so you can enjoy his easy-to-do combos. Oh, and if you're having trouble with his infinites, you don't need to learn them, Geese has good options to do combos, remember that. I will put only the most important combos, so you can add some possible combos here if you want.

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+HK - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

If you can master this easy combo, congratulations, you have a good part of Geese's combos in your mind.

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+HK, QCF+LP, db, HCB, df+P - (Up to) 8 hits; 9 with a Jump Attack

An easy and damaging combo. Extremely good to use against your opponent when you need. You can use the Super's shortcut to land this combo.

3- (Corner only) [Jump Attack] cr.LK, QCF+LP, DP+LP, cl.LP - 5 hits; 6 with a Jump Attack

Geese's reset combo. Can be hard to land, but it's a nice simple combo to use(Resets are important in this game, so don't forget this move).

4- AB throw, df+HP - 2 hits

Pretty bad damage compared to the other combos, but this is a good option to use after a GCF(If you don't trust in the Super grab's input).

5- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, HCB(2x)+HP - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

Remember the input to make this combo easier? If not, it is here: HCB+HP, HCB+HP(It's in the Super Moves section). If you add a Jump Attack(j.HK is the best in this combo), the moves will connect, but the game will recognize the combo as a "double 2-hit combo", I think I can say that. Remember that after the Super hits, the opponent will wakeup with his back turned, and he will need to block in the opposite direction. That's a fine thing to do.

6- (Tall characters only) n.HP, QCB+P - 2 hits

This is the Shippu Ken's simple combo. Nothing really interesting in this combo, but you can use when you need.

7- (Tall characters only) j.HP, cl.HP, f+HK, do what you want - (The j.HP can do up to 4 hits on tall characters, so... It can do up to...) 6+n hits(Where n is the move after the f+HK)

The j.HP is extremely good against those tall characters(You'll biuld meter with them), and you can even combo after it, so... Use this jumping attack instead of the j.HK(If you're against a tall character, and by tall, I don't mean only Hugo and EQ).

8- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+HK, Dash, (cancel the dash's animation in) cl.HP, f+HK, ......, cl.HP, f+HK, QCF+LP, db, HCB, df+P - n+6 hits(Where n is the infinite, and 6 is the QCF+LP, Super's part); n+7 hits with a Jump Attack

This is Geese's main infinite combo. I'll say again, if you're having trouble with the infinite, don't use it, and practice later. The time to cancel the dash can be hard to find, but it's possible as a combo. Good to use, but can be difficult to land sometimes.

9- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+HK infinite, (When you want) QCF+LP, Exceed, (After the last HK) Any combo - I can't say how many hits it can do... It's up to you here(You can decide how many infinite loops you can do, and you decide what you'll do after the Exceed)

This can be strange to do, because of the Exceed part. It can be easy to mess this combo in the Exceed part, so... If you haven't mastered the Exceed's inputs yet, do the combo 5 instead. After the QCF+LP hits(and puts the opponent in a juggle state), the Exceed can be landed with ease(The opponent will not be knocked down after it hits), so don't worry. It can insta-KO your opponent too(Due to the infinite).

Advanced Strategy

Geese Howard doesn't have so much interesting features that are used by the pros. I'll put here only some MAXIMUM Mode combos. If you have something to add, you can put it here.

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Well... Geese's best combos in MAXIMUM Mode are only infinites, so... Learn them if you want(The normal mode infinites are as good as those below, remember that).

1- [Jump Attack] cl.HP, f+HK (Those two are optional, and you can dash and repeat if you want), HCF+LK,(Cancel the first/second hit in) f+HK, HCF+LK, f+HK(Push your opponent to the corner with the infinite), ... (While your opponent is stunned) cl.HP, f+HK, QCF+LP, Exceed(With any followup)/db, HCB, df+P(If you don't have the Exceed to use) - You decide again

This is an interesting combo. It's Geese's easier infinite too. The combo will only work with the HCF+LK version. You should practice the HCF+LK, f+HK part, because it's important. You can do almost all of Geese's infinites everywhere(Which is very nice for him).

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HK,(Cancel the second hit of the kick) f+HK, Dash, cl.HK(Only one hit now), f+HK, cl.HK, f+HK... (After the opponent is stunned, followup with any combo) - n+1 hits(The +1 is from the first two-hitting kicks); n+2 with a Jump Attack

Can be one of Geese's hardest infinites(And probably the less used, because Geese's punch buttons are better), but it's good to add here.

3- (Corner only) DP+LP(Cancel the first hit), QCF+LP, DP+LP(Again), QCF+LP ... DP+LP, QCF+LP, Exceed+Any followup/db, HCB, df+P - n hits again

This combo isn't that good only because it's a corner only combo. It can be hard to do depending of the character(The timing of the DP+LP varies, for example: I tried this combo against Zero, a small character, and the combo was hard, but possible at the same time, I had to wait until he gets near from the ground; and I tried against EQ, a big character, and the combo was easier, I didn't had to wait until he gets near from the ground, so learn how to land this combo only if you want).