Genjuro Kibagami (NGBC)

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Body Tosses

Ashige - Near opponent, press Back or N or Forward + C + Df

Unique Moves

Gekikaze - Press Down Forward + C

Suso Kosuri - Press Forward + Df

Special Moves

Sanren Satsu: Kiba - QCF + A or C

>Sanren Satsu: Tsuno - QCF or QCB + A or C

>>Sanren Satsu: Rin - QCF or QCB + A or C

Ouka Zan - QCB + A or C (SC)

Hyakki Satsu - HCB Forward + A or C

Touha Kouyouku Jin - DP + A or C (SC)

Gashin Totsu - QCB + B (hold B to delay)

Gekka Zan - Near opponent, DP + B

Desperation Moves

Ura Gokou - QCF QCF + A

Gokou Zan - QCF QCF + C

Sakura Kiri Ayame - QCB QCB + A or C

Ikari Bakuha - Press A + B + C (3 stocks required)

Basic Strategy

Genjuro NGBC Primer Part I(by Dark Geese):

-Genjuro is very basic..gimmicky but basic. - His rekkas go like this [qcf+a]x3 or {qcf+C}x3. The C version crosses up ala old school Samurai Showdown. - Combo into A rekkas mainly from good poke. -Anti Air with A Dp. - Do NOT use his hcb-f Command Grab. IT AINT A COMMAND GRAB. (Meaning they can block it!) If you see me do it I am doing it for shits and giggles. Use his dp+K one..its a true command grab! -In the corner typical cookie cutter Genjuros do his Card Super (qcbx2 p) which must be blocked high..and then cr.b into rekkas (Low). There’s other shit to do with him but that’s just a start. - His Unblockable has no real use.. (qcb+k hold until release) cant even think about doing it post-death because it TAKES TOO FUCKING LONG TO COME OUT..ABOUT 3 FULL SECONDS….