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"You can kill yourself from shame, but I won't clean up!" - By: Genjyuro Kibagami



Genjyuro Kibagami is a character from the Samurai Shodown series, and his first appearence was on the second game. Some players think that he's hard to play, but I tried him, and I liked, really. Now, his Good and Bad things.

Genjyuro's Good and Bad things

Good Things:

  • Some of his moves have a great range;
  • Some attacks have a great priority;
  • Has a good reversal;
  • Has combos with good damage;
  • Has an unblockable move;
  • When he uses the first part of his Exceed(It adds damage for Genjyuro), it can be carried to the next round.

Bad Things:

  • Has only one Super(On Samurai Shodown II the characters can have only one, I think, but EQ has more than one...);
  • Almost all of his low attacks are bad on combos;
  • Some of his moves have a bad startup/recovery, which can be something dangerous for him;
  • Almost all of his Special Moves are risky if they whiff or if they are blocked.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Close) A short jab that can combo on itself and it's cancelable, it's good for some combos. (Far) One of his safest pokes, but the recovery is someting different for a LP. The damage is small, the recovery is bad, and isn't cancelable. Use this move only for pokes.
s.LK - (Close) Almost the same use that cl.LP has, but the damage is better and this move cannot combo on itself. (Far) Good poke. The LP poke is better, in my opinion, because the LP poke has best startup and recovery, but you can use. This move isn't cancelable.
s.HP - (Close) A move with two hits, and the first is cancelable. Can be the most damaging cancelable move. The second hit can be useful on MAXIMUM Mode combos. (Far) Probably his best long range poke. The damage and reach are nice, but the recovery and startup are bad, so use this only as a poke.
s.HK - The far and the close versions are the same. Three kicks, three hits. The far version can be useless sometimes. The second hit is cancelable and good on combos. Don't try to use the first hit as an anti-air.

j.LP - The Neutral and Diagonal versions are the same. Good for some tick-throws. It comes out fast, so time well when you're going to use this(the timing can be different for some characters).
j.LK - The Neutral and Diagonal versions are the same. This is a nice move with nice reach. Can be useful as a jump-in attack(Genjyuro has better jump-in moves) and as an air weapon.
j.HP - (Neutral) A fast slash with nice priority. You can try use this on defensive situations. (Diagonal) His best combo starter(probably). The priority and reach are nice, and the startup is good.
j.HK - The Neutral and Diagonal versions are the same. A kick that can be used as a jump-in, but the j.HP is better. Not so good as an air weapon. It can miss low crouching characters if this is not timed well.

cr.LP - Same use as the cl.LP, but the reach is bad.
cr.LK - Damage is nice for a Light attack, you can use it as a low poke. This move isn't cancelable.
cr.HP - Can be used as a long range poke, but the f.HP has more range. You can use it if you want. This move isn't cancelable.
cr.HK - You can avoid it if you want. Why? It knocks down, but the opponent can block it high or low. The range is good, damage is normal, it isn't cancelable, and you don't need to use it.

Command Moves


  • df+HP - Can work as an anti-air, and it's cancelable. The damage is better than the Light attacks, and you can use it on some combos(I think you can connect it with Normal Moves only on MAXIMUM Mode). If it hits as an anti-air, you can cancel into your QCB+Kick for an unblockable setup. If you want another option for an anti-air setup, you can use your qcf+Punch for a nice setup(See below for more details). The best is the unblockable setup, but it needs to be well timed, because the opponent can do a recovery roll from this Command Move.

Suso Kosuri

  • f+HK - Can work as a sweep(It's better than the cr.HK). It hits low and knocks down, and I don't know why, but it's cancelable. The startup is not that good. You can use as a setup for the QCB+Kick, which can be useful(but not safe) sometimes. A better setup for this move is: Use this move, cancel into QCF+LP(Only one time), and you will pass under the opponent. And then combo with cr.LP, QCF+LP(3x). It's not hard for you, but is hard for the opponent, who will wake up with his back turned(Because of the first part, and I don't know if it's a bug, but it works). You can confuse your opponent with this setup, but don't abuse of it.

Special Moves

Sanren Satsu: Kiba/Tsuno/Rin

  • QCF+P(3x) - Nice move for easy combos and some wake-up setups. You can use QCB+P on the second and third hits. The LP version is better for combos, and the HP version cannot combo because it comes out slower. If the first hit is blocked, you cannot continue with the other two. The HP version can confuse your opponent sometimes, because it forces your opponent to block in the opposite direction. You can delay the hits(like Iori's QCB+P) and you can switch beetween the versions after the first hit(Only on the HP version), like this: QCF+HP, QCF/B+LP(2x). This move is part of a incredible setup(It is on the Command Moves section). Don't abuse of it, but it's a incredible move.

Hyakki Satsu

  • QCB,f+P - Genjyuro slashes forward until one slash hits(if not he'll stop), and when it happens, Genjyuro uses some kind of throw, but can be blocked. On the LP version he performs two slashes, and in the HP version he performs six slashes(and moves slowly forward). The HP version stays out longer(obviously), but it's risky to use this version. You can use this to punish your opponent if you want.

Gashin Totsu

  • QCB+K - The mighty unblockable move. Genjyuro charges up and then he thrusts forward for an unblockable attack. You can hold the button pressed to delay the attack. Use it ONLY on setups(See the Command Moves section for more details), because the startup of this move is bad. Don't use it near the opponent, because you'll be wide open for those reversals. Holding the button pressed will not increase the damage, but this move is good.

Ouka Zan

  • QCB+P - His projectile. Genjyuro swings his sword and a card comes out. Good to use as something like a meaty fireball, or can be used for spacing. This is bad on combos, due to the slow startup. The damage is okay, but the chip and guard damage are bad. If you get a counter hit on a jumping opponent, he/she'll be on a juggle state.

Gekka Zan

  • DP+K - Well, it's a throw special move, so it can be done only close. All versions can be comboed, and it leaves the opponent into a juggle state. LK version is better for combos, because you have more time to combo(I cannot confirm if you can combo with the HK version, but I could not connect when I use it). The possible followups will be on the Combos section.

Touha Kouyoku Jin

  • DP+P - Well, there's his uppercut-like move(probably the one with the best range). It's good as a/an: Combo finisher, combo on MAXIMUM Mode, anti-air, reversal, and defensive attack. It has some immunity frames(like Ryu's Shoryuken). The LP version is the safest, and the HP version travels further. You can use the HP version on combos, but watch out for its range, because you can get only one hit and no knockdown sometimes. As an example, try to combo: cl./cr.LP(2x), DP+P and see what happens.

Super Moves

Gokou Zan

  • QCF(2x)+P - His only super, sadly. He performs something like an uppercut and a card comes out. If it hits the opponent(while not blocking, I mean), Genjyuro will do four slashes with some cards. The first hit can catch the opponent while he/she is on the air. This Super has a nice damage, and it's used for combos, or for make the opponent fall on it. Can be comboed while the opponent is in a juggle state, or after a s.HK(cancel the second hit), or a cl.HP(cancel the first hit).


Genjyuro's Exceed have two parts. Here they are:

Ikari Bakuha

  • LP, LK, HP(Or ABC if you think that it's hard) on the same time - The first part of his Exceed. A quick slash that is a kind of an uppercut move. Can be used as an anti-air, and can be used on combos too. The damage is good. When you use this, Genjyuro's skin turns red(like on the Samurai Shodown series). This gives a little boost on Genjyuro's damage(I think it's 10 seconds of boost), so you can try to abuse of some combos with this. If you don't get that Time Over thing, you can carry the boost to the next round(and you can use the second part too).


  • LK, HP, HK(Or BCD if you think that it's hard) on the same time - The second part of his Exceed. You can only use this if Genjyuro is with his red skin. He slides forward for a powerful slash attack which knocks down, but it's slow, so it can only be comboed with the hard attacks, or if the opponent is on a juggle state. The two parts have some immunity frames, and this second part is nice for going through projectiles.

The Basics

Genjyuro's Gameplan

Genjyuro's goal is just to have his space. Make your opponents eat your projectile on their wakeup, try to avoid getting in the corner as much as possible, if your opponent tries to do a jump attack, just use and abuse of your DP-like move(Kyo can counter it in the air sometimes), and if the opponent whiffs a move, try to punish him with what you have: If the opponent is far from you, use your QCF+LP(with the 3 hits, if possible), and if your opponent is close to you, use one of his damaging combos, or you can use his QCB, f+P. Don't try to abuse of your mixups too much, you can abuse of them if you KNOW that the opponent is confused. Mix your QCF+P moves with your low and high moves, and then the match is yours.

Some combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
(Note: For Genjyuro's combos, you can add a meaty QCB+K unblockable on the end of them.)

1- [Jump Attack] cl/cr.LP, DP+P - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

A nice combo if you want to begin. If you want to use QCB, f+P instead of the DP+P, go ahead, because it can connect, but this is something harder.

2- [Jump Attack] cl.HP(1 hit), DP+LK, QCF(2x)+P/DP+P/ABC(When you have the Exceed)/BCD(Only when the opponent is on the corner and Genjyuro is with the red skin) - 11/6/6/6 hits; 12/7/7/7 with the Jump Attack

His best combo for punishing(without the Jump Attack, I mean). Abuse of it when you can(of course, when your opponent whiffs a move or when you can do a GSC). The best to use after the DP+LK is the QCF(2x)+P, probably. The BCD can be risky to use, so watch out. It is one of his most damaging combos.

3- (When Genjyuro is with the red skin) [Jump Attack] cl.HP(1 hit), BCD - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

The best way to do a hit confirm with the Exceed. The damage is nice(thanks to the Exceed boost), and this a nice option for a punish combo, but you can use it only one time, so use it at your own risk.

4- (When you are on the corner of the screen and the opponent is in the other side) QCB+LP, QCF+LP(3x) - 4 hits

Hard combo, but the best way to use this is when the opponent is in a dizzy state and you're far away from him/her. The damage is nice, but this is a hard combo to use.

Advanced Strategy

Using your setups effectively

Genjyuro's setups are something really important. The best ways to use them are(You can add if you want):

1- df+HP setups:

  • When the opponent is in a jumping state;
  • When the opponent whiffs an uppercut-like move;
  • After you block an uppercut-like move(Needs to be well timed, but is hard to do in some cases).

2- f+HK setups:

  • On the opponent's wakeup(Can be hard to do);
  • After you block a move(The move needs to be punishable);
  • After the opponent whiffs a move with bad recovery(Near you);
  • After a cl.LP(Hard to work, but you can use).

Some MAXIMUM Mode Combos

1- f./cr.HP, QCF+LP(3x) - 4 hits

Easy combo(but it's in Advanced Strategy, nice). Those two HP moves are his most damaging Normal Moves, and in MAXIMUM Mode you can cancel them, which is a nice thing. The opponent can block it, but don't worry with that, because you can use it to punish when you're far from the opponent(Just time well).

2- QCF+LP(2x), DP+LP(1 hit), QCF+LP(2x), DP+LP(1 hit) ..(After any QCF+LP).. DP+K, QCF(2x)+P - n hits; you can add normals, and a Jump Attack before the combo

His most damaging(But a little hard) combo. But I can give you some tips. When you do the DP+LP part, hold the LP button and the QCF+LP part will be done with more ease. If you want to add a attack after the first QCF+LP, go ahead. You can begin this combo with DP+LP too, but can be harder.