Gold War Machine (MVC)

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  • He had the Ultimate and Excellent Stamina in the game
  • He had More Damaging Normals and Specials
  • He uses Missiles instead of Lasers and they had better hitboxes


  • One of the slowest characters in the game along with Hulk and Zangief
  • Can be crossuped easilty
  • He doesn't had his Fly Move

Basic Tips


Magic Series
Ground Series: Hunter Series
Jump Series: Weak to Strong
Super Jump Series: Hunter Series

AC Finishers FP

Move List

Special Moves

Shoulder Cannon: QCF + P/K (also in air; P version only)

This move fires a single rocket at the enemy. It takes off a bit more damage than War Machine's Shoulder Cannon and stops projectiles. I'm still looking into the difference between the various punches with this move.

Crouching move is the same as above, but it goes low. This move will stop some beam supers if if hits your opponent. I really pissed off a megaman user like this.(evil laughter)

Smart Bomb: MP + LK (also in air)

This move is the same as War Machine's. You can control the range with the joystick. You should use this move so that you can attack from overhead without getting hit with anything. Also, if you super jump over a beam super, you can hit your opponent with this and knock him out of the super. A good followup to this move is the knee dive.

Use this move a lot, but don't get predictable.

Hyper Combos

Proton Cannon


This move is the same as War Machine's, but instead of a large beam, many missles fly out of the cannon. The missles hit high, so they may miss smaller characters completely. It seems to deal more damage than War Machine's Proton Cannon. This is Mega Armor War Machine's Team-up super as well.

War Destroyer


This super is the same as War Machine's War Destroyer, but it seems to do more damage as well. It combos after the launcher too.


1. c. SK, c. SP, c. FP, Low Shoulder Cannon
2. d.s. SK , s. RK , War Destroyer
3. d.s. JP , s. SK , s. FP , Shoulder Cannon
4. d.c. SK , c. SP , s. RK , SJ , s.j. JP , s.j. SK , s.j. SP , s.j. u + FP , (JP) Shoulder Cannon
5. d.c. SK , s. RK , War Destroyer , c. SK (otg) , c. RK
6. (FP) throw into corner , d.c. SK , s. RK , SJ s.j. JP , s.j. SK , s.j. SP , s.j. u + FP , any air combo finisher
7. Air Smart Bomb , Knee Stomp , j. d + FP , \/ , d.c. SK , s. RK , SJ , s.j. JP , s.j. SK , s.j. SP , s.j. u + FP ,S houlder Cannon