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Note: Guile is only playable on the Home and Handheld versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3.


A Family Man, sadly its nerfed from his last incarnation.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Reverse Spin Kick (close): F/B+HK [X Z]

-Guile flips upside-down and kicks his opponent in the head.

Spinning Backfist: F+HP [X Z V]

-A long-range backfist attack.

Rolling Sobat: F/B+MK [X Z]

-Guile's standard MK, but he can move slightly forward or backward while
 kicking if a direction is held.

Knee Bazooka: F/B+LK [X Z]

-Guile leaps forward with a quick knee strike. Note the button press is
 different in X-Ism and Z-Ism than in V-Ism.

Knee Bazooka: F/B+MK [V]

-Guile leaps forward with a quick knee strike. Note the button press is
 different in V-Ism than in X-Ism and Z-Ism.

Special Normals

Special Moves

Sonic Boom: CB,F+Punch [X Z V]

-Guile tosses a twisting wave of energy horizontally across the screen. The
 stronger the Punch button used, the faster the projectile moves.

Somersault Kick: CD,U+Kick [X Z V]

-Guile leaps into the air and somersault backwards while kicking, slashing
 with his leg. The stronger the Kick button used, the higher Guile will

Super Combos

Somersault Strike: CDB,DF,DF,UF+Kick [X Z]

-A more powerful version of the Somersault Kick, Guile kicks multiple times
 in a row. At Level 3, Guile does three Somersault Kicks.
    Level 1: 6 Hits      Level 2: 8 Hits        Level 3: 10 Hits

Sonic Hurricane: CB,F,B,F+Punch [Z]

-A more powerful version of the Sonic Boom, Guile swings his arms and makes a
 large spinning blade in front of him that hits multitple times.
    Level 1: 2 Hits      Level 2: 3 Hits        Level 3: 4 Hits

The Basics

Which Ism?




Easy V-Cycles and V-Strings



Advanced Strategy



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