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"You're pretty talented. I wouldn't want to meet you in the trenches: friend or foe." - By: Guile, Family Man.



"Go home and be a family man!", that's a classic quote from one of the most popular fighting game characters. Guile is the father of two Special Moves(You know them) and a great turtling game, and why would it change in this game? Well, the Sonic Boom got nerfed here(Is probably Guile's worst projectile ever, but it is still good to use, no worries), but his anti-air game got extremely boosted(Yeah, you won't use the Somersault only). Now for the good and bad things.

The family man's Good and Bad Things

Good things:

  • He is easy to learn(You only need to charge db, anti-air the opponent when you need, and block every attack, if possible);
  • Is one of the few characters that can have a chance against the boss characters**(Watch out for Dan, it is a bad matchup for Guile. Okay, I'm joking.)
  • Has his cr.MK here;
  • His Sonic Boom does decent damage and its very fast to charge;
  • You can buffer his charging moves(By dashing), which is very useful for him;
  • Has many anti-airs to use(Even Super ones);
  • His Exceed is very damaging and is useful for cheap kills(You know, it's his Sonic Hurricane).

Bad things:

  • His Sonic Boom has slower recovery here(It's not a bad nerf, but it still is);
  • His anti-air supers are very unsafe on block/whiff(Watch out against certain characters) and their inputs are... A little strange(You'll see);
  • His Command Moves are slower now, and they are very bad for pressuring;
  • His Command Moves can't be canceled from the normals;
  • Has not many MAXIMUM Mode options for comboing.

**I'm not saying that the boss characters are unbeatable, but most of them are broken(I think the only non-broken boss characters are Dan, Athena, and maybe Mars People).

Moves List

Normal Moves

You will know most of the moves here.

s.LP - The Far and the Close versions are the same. It's a punch. A regular LP. Will whiff on small characters only. Good for poking, can chain into itself and most of the other Lights, and can be normal canceled.
s.LK - The Far and the Close versions are the same. Guile performs a very low kick, but it doesn't hits low(Unlike some other characters). Can be normal canceled, and can chain into the ground LP normals(Only).
s.HP - (Far) A straight punch. Can't be normal canceled, but you can use it to poke the opponent(It won't whiff against most of the cast). (Close) An elbow. Can be normal canceled, but the cr.HP is a better option for comboing(Thanks to Guile's charging moves).
s.HK - (Far) Guile walks forward and performs a kick with good reach. Better than the f.HP in my opinion. Can't be normal canceled too. (Close) Guile performs a kick, but upside-down. Can't be normal canceled, but Guile will go over low-hitting moves.

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Guile does a simple punch that won't do that damage. Can be used as an air-to-air move, it comes out very fast.
j.LK - (Diagonal) Guile's j.LK from the old games. It's like Ryu's, but it's harder to crossup with it(Depending of the opponent's character). (Neutral) A kick aiming up. It's useless, and I know you will use the Somersault instead(But if you miss the timing, and pressed LK, you can end up getting this normal).
j.HP - (Diagonal) A chop that can be used to begin your combos. Does great damage and hitstun. (Neutral) A j.LP, but with less active frames, and more damage. I don't think you'll use this.
j.HK - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. You can use this move as a jump-in move(HP is better), or as an air-to-air move, thanks to its reach.

cr.LP - Like the s.LP, but better(You'll be charging during the move, that's why). Can chain into itself and most of the other Lights. Normally used to cancel into the Somersault.
cr.LK - A kick that hits low. Can't be normal canceled, and you can't chain Lights into it, thanks to the long startup(Long when compared to other Lights). Anyway, it's possible to link/chain(Dunno which one) into the Light Punches.
cr.HP - An uppercut, and a great move to anti-air! You can normal cancel it as well, which can help on your turtling game(You'll attack the opponent while charging).
cr.HK - Guile'sclassic double sweep. Each one will knock the opponent down, meaning that they won't connect. You can't normal cancel those two, but they are great for poking. This move is very unsafe on whiff, so don't abuse of it.

Command Moves

Knee Bazooka

  • b/f+LK - A (Kind of Tiger) knee(That was bad, I know). You can't cancel normals into it(No matter the mode), which is sad. But this move is important for punishing, because you can combo with any ground LP after the hit. You can practice something like: b/f+LK(Charge d during the move), cr.LP(You can do 2 if you're on the corner), (After the charge) u+HK. I think Guile can go over low moves with this move.

Rolling Sobat

  • b/f+HK - This is a move for footsies. You can't cancel normals into it(Again, no matter the mode), but Guile will go over lows. The direction pressed will determine which direction Guile will move.

Slide Kick'' (aka cr.MK)

  • df+LK - Guile's cr.MK from the old games. You can't cancel normals into it(Outside of the MAXIMUM Mode), and it can't be normal canceled(Again, outside of it), making it a great poking move.

Spinning Back Knuckle

  • f+HP - Classic move(It was Guile's f.HP, I think). You can't cancel normals into it as well(Outside of MAXIMUM Mode), but it can be MAX canceled into Special Moves(A very hard thing to do, I could cancel this move into the Somersault, and I don't even know how). Use it for poking. The LP Sonic Boom > (Walk forward) > Spinning Back Knuckle still works here.

Special Moves

Sonic Boom (aka Sonic)

  • Charge b, f+P - One of Guile's signature moves. You'll know how to use this projectile if you used Guile on any game. The button pressed will determine the speed of the projectile. If you're fullscreen away form the opponent, you can throw a LP Sonic, walk forward, and wait for the opponent to do something. If he jumps, you know, just anti-air him/her with a cr.HP. If he/she blocks/gets hit, you can use the f+HP to get some more damage(You can superjump to begin a combo too, but the opponent will block the projectile, no matter what you try).

Somersault Kick (aka Flash Kick/Somersault)

  • Charge d, u+K - Another signature move, and Guile's (main) anti-air(Main because it is the easiest to perform). There are some basic combos with it too. The HK version will make Guile go higher, and does more damage.

Super Moves

Somersault Slash

  • Charge db, df, db, uf+P(One of the strange inputs) - Damaging 10-hit move, can be used to anti-air(The Super below is better for that), and on combos(Better than the below), but it is unsafe on block. No difference between the versions. If you're having problems with the input, you can do: Charge db, HCB, uf.

Somersault Strike

  • Charge db, df, db, uf+K(Yeah, it is annoying) - Guile's best anti-air. It does 8 hits, has a great vertical angle, does almost 50% damage(Of one bar), but it is unsafe on block, like the above. You'll probably save meter to use this move, because it is incredible. There is no difference between the two versions.

Total Wipeout

  • Charge b, f, b, f+K(No problem with this one) - Guile will do a series of punches and kicks, doing 5 hits, and finishing with a Spinning Back Knuckle. This move is mainly used on combos, has some startup invincibility frames, and it is safe on block(Be happy).


Sonic Hurricane

  • Charge b, f, b, f+PP - Guile's Exceed, that would become his Critical Art on SFV. The Hurricane negates projectiles, does 13 hits, and it is Guile's most damaging move on this game. There are some easy confirms for it, so don't worry.

The Basics

Guile's gameplan

Guile is a turtling character, you probably know that. Most of the time, you'll be charging db/poking the opponent with the Command Moves/launching Sonic Booms. He isn't an offensive character, because he can't link many things(Which means, not many combo options, but his options are easy), and has almost no MAXIMUM Mode options. Just know that you'll need to play on the defensive everytime during any match. Your best anti-airs are the cr.HP(Easiest to perform, comes out fast, does good damage and has great angle, but has no invincibility frames), the Somersault(Not that hard to perform, does more damage than the cr.HP, and has invincibility frames), and the vertical Super(Dangerous to perform thanks to the input, does great damage, and has invincibility frames). You can use his classic strategy too: Launch many LP Sonic Booms from far away(You won't lose many projectile wars, so no worries), charge db as soon as possible, and if the opponent jumps over it, just Somersault him/her. That's it. Good luck on your matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
If you know more combos, you can share them here.

Links that you (maybe) need to know:

1- b/f+LK, cr.LP - 2 hits

This can be important for you(To add damage on your punish combos). It was mentioned before too. After the cr.LP, you can do many things too. You'll see later.

Sonic Boom(Charge b, f+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack](Charge db here) cr.HP, (After the charge) f+HP, f+HP(Command Move; this part is corner only) - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

This is an easy combo. The LP projectile won't connect due to the speed(I think it will connect against EQ).

2- (While fullscreen away) Charge b/db, f+LP, walk forward, f+HP - 2 hits

An easy and classic combo. That was mentioned before too. Remember that if the opponent jumps, you can do a cr.HP to anti-air him/her.

3- (While fullscreen away) Charge b/db, f+LP, Superjump forward/Dash forward and jump, Jump again(In case you need to), Jump Attack, begin your combo - More than 2 hits

This is to use just in case you stunned your opponent. The Sonic Boom does good damage here, so a little more damage for the combo can help, right?

Somersault(Charge d, u+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack(Will work only on the corner)] (Charge d/db here) cr.HP, (After the charge) u+K - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump Attack

Probably the easiest thing to do with the Somersault. This combo is mainly for punishing.

2- [Jump Attack] (Charge d/db here) cr.LP, (After the charge) u+K - 2 hits; 3 with a Jump attack

This can be your BnB. It's easy to do, does good damage, and you don't need to be on the corner to add a Jump Attack to the combo. On the corner, you can add another cr.LP for more damage. You can try that.

3- [Jump Attack(I think that only the j.HP will help you)] (Charge d/db here) cr.LK, cr.LP, (After the charge) u+K - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

A combo starting with a low. Can help you, but it's very hard to add a Jump Attack before it.

4- b/f+LK,(Charge d/db during the move) cr.LP, (After the charge) u+K - 3 hits

A great combo for punishing. It was mentioned before as well. Like the second combo, you can add another cr.LP to get more damage, which is nice.

5- (Corner only; but near from the opponent) Charge db, f+LP, (Charge db again), cr.HP, (After the charge) f+LP, (Charge db again) Dash, cr.LP(2x), (After the charge) u+K - 6 hits

Not practical, but it is a cool combo. By using the Sonic Boom as a starter, you won't receive a push, which is good to know. On the last part, you'll need to dash, due to two things: The push(Thanks to the cr.HP), and to buffer the charge(After the dash, you can continue charging with the cr.LPs). You won't use this combo on a match.

Somersault Slash(Charge db, df, db, uf+P) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] (Charge d/db here) cr.LP, (After the charge) df, db, uf+P(The shortcut is optional) - 9 hits; 10 with a Jump attack

Good combo. Basically, the things you can do with the Somersault Slash/Strike, are the same as the regular Somersault's, so I won't repeat combos here(Just go to the Somersault combo, and imagine this input instead of the regular one, and most combos will work).

Somersault Strike(Charge db, df, db, uf+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] (Charge d/db here) cr.LP, (After the charge) df, db, uf+K(The shortcut is optional) - 11 hits; 12 with a Jump attack

Same as the above, but better(On combos, Strike>>Slash. On the defensive, Slash>>Strike. Just remember that).

Total Wipeout(Charge b, f, b, f+K) combos:

1- [Jump Attack](Charge db here) cl./cr.HP, (After the charge) f, b, f+K - 7 hits; 8 with a Jump Attack

Useful combo. Easier than Somersault Slash/Strike combos, and it's damaging.

2- b/f+LK,(Charge db here) cr.LP, (After the charge) f, b, f+K - 8 hits

For punishing purposes. You can learn this one if you want. If you think that the Somersault punish is better, forget this combo.

Exceed(Charge b, f, b, f+PP) combos:

1- [Jump Attack] cl./cr.HP, Exceed - 14 hits; 15 with a Jump Attack

Probably the only way to confirm the Exceed(If Guile has another one, it won't matter, because this one will be the best). This is a combo that you need to know, because confirming your Exceed is the best thing you can do in SvC.

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Guile doesn't have many MAXIMUM Mode options(He can only cancel part of his Command Normals, and non-cancelable normals). But he has some good ones. If you want to add a combo, you can share it here. Sadly, Guile can't confirm his Exceed with MAXIMUM Mode combos(In a better way than in the Normal Mode combo).

Combos with Command Moves

1- cr.HP, f+HP, (MAX cancel into), df+LK, (Cancel again) f+HP - 4 hits

One of the few combos I found. Dunno if this is the best one too, but it can do some damage(Something like 30% of one bar).

Somersault combos:

1- (Corner only) (Charge d/db) [Jump Attack], cr.LP,(MAX cancel into) df+LK, (After the charge, MAX cancel into) u+K - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

A cool combo, but it is corner only, which is sad. I think you can use b/f+LK, to make the combo safer(Jumping is a very dangerous thing to do in SvC, depending of the opponent's character).