Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R/GGFN Normal Attacks

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Ground-based Normals

The MYTH: Guilty Gear Normal Attacks make no sense. They do all sorts of crazy things. Plus everyone has so many different Normals thanks to holding directions... Towards + Punch, Offensive Crouch + Hard Slash, Towards + Kick... it's too hard to learn just my Normal Attacks!

The TRUTH: Guilty Gear characters actually have VERY FEW Normal Attacks, and they are very logically placed.


  • Think of as 4 main buttons as "strengths"
    • Punch = Weak
    • Kick = Light
    • Slash = Medium
    • Heavy Slash = Hard
  • Chaining generally goes in increasing "strength": P -> K -> S -> H
  • Every character has a Close Slash and Far Slash
  • Every Character has Toward + Punch
  • Every Character has Toward + Heavy Slash
  • 60% of the Characters have Toward + Kick
  • Every other Unique Attack is found at Offensive Crouch
  • Standing Dust initiates a Dust Attack that is an Overhead
  • Crouching Dust is a Universal Sweep Attack that must be Crouch Blocked


Button "Strengths"

There are five attack buttons in Guilty Gear, but for now let's ignore one: the Dust Button. That leaves us with four attack button: Punch, Kick, Slash, and Hard Slash. On the ground, these will be the core buttons you will be using. The best way to think of these buttons really is in increasing "strength" order, much like Marvel 3's "Light", "Medium", and "Heavy" attack buttons. So ignore the names of the moves for now and just consider their roles:

  • Ggp.png Punch = "Weak"
  • Ggk.png Kick = "Light"
  • Ggs.png Slash = "Medium"
  • Ggh.png Hard Slash = "Heavy"

If you think of the attacks that way and not care what they actually do, it's much easier to grasp the when and where to use these buttons. The easiest way to trip yourself up in Guilty Gear is by thinking of the Normal Moves as categories like Punches and Kicks from Street Fighter. If you just think of the four buttons in terms of attack strength, it simplifies things a lot. And when you do Chain Combos (called Gatling Combos in GG), it's very much a standard and intuitive rule that you will go in strength order: from Weak to Light to Medium to Heavy.

Obviously, there are two versions of every attack on the ground, just like ALL 2-D Fighting Games: Standing and Crouching. So that's simple.

"Unique Attacks"

Now, every Fighting Game has "Unique Attacks", which are Normal Moves that require holding a direction on the Joystick when hitting a button. In other words, moves like "Back + Medium Punch" and "Offensive Crouch + Medium Kick" in Street Fighter. Another thing that may scare people is that Guilty Gear has a lot of Unique Attack, so memorizing all these Unique Attacks can seem daunting.

This notion is actually FALSE, as it's easy to memorize the Unique Attacks. "But in Street Fighter, it's easier because there are only like 2 or 3 Unique Attacks for my character!" you say. In Guilty Gear, it's the same. Because there are two UNIVERSAL UNIQUE ATTACKS that EVERY Guilty Gear character has: Toward + Punch and Toward + Heavy Slash. So no matter who you use, these are standard. And for every character, they nearly always fulfill the same role:

  • F.png + Ggp.png (6P) Toward + Punch: Universal Anti-Air
  • F.png + Ggh.png (6H) Toward + Hard Slash: Universal REALLY powerful Normal Attack

From there, every character has an average of maybe 2 to 3 more Unique Attacks to memorize, just like a Street Fighter character. And in the majority case, one of them will be Towards + Kick, which 60% of the characters have (15 out of 25). And the rest? Guess what: they're ONLY going to be found in one other place: Offensive Crouch + a button, and that button will either be Punch (3 chars), Kick (2 chars), or Heavy Slash (4 chars). There are NO Back + button Unique Attakcs. There are no Defensive Crouch + button Unique Attacks. And as a general rule, no character has a Unique Attack using the Slash button (see "Exceptions" section).

So if you can't "remember" what your Unique Attacks are that aren't the two universal ones, try Toward + Kick or Offensive Crouch + Punch/Kick/Hard Slash. Four possibilities, that's it.

The Slash Button Ggs.png

The Slash button has one unique feature that none of the other buttons possess. There are two versions when standing: close and far. This is just like most Street Fighter games where which version is executed is determined by your proximity to the opponent. Again, Slash is the ONLY button that exhibits this feature and every character has it. So a good way to think of it is, while every other button has a Towards version of it (60% of the characters for Kick), Slash instead has Close and Far versions and never Toward + Slash (again, see "Exceptions" section).

The Dust Button Ggd.png

The Dust button, when used on the ground, produces very specialized attacks. While standing, Dust causes you to perform your Dust Attack, which is always an overhead and leads to the Dust Combo (see Dust Combo section for details). Where you'll end up using this most, however, is with Crouching Dust. This performs the universal Sweep for every character that the opponent MUST block low and, on hit, knocks the enemy down to the ground, allowing you to apply strong wake-up pressure on the opponent. It can easily be claimed that you will use Crouching Dust 10 to 20 times more than standing Dust in a normal matchup. NO CHARACTER HAS UNIQUE VERSIONS OF DUST. There are literally only 2 options for every character: Standing Dust or Crouch Dust.

The Exceptions

Three characters really need to be pointed out for being the main ones that have a few exceptions to the rules listed above. The first character is Bridget. He has a Toward + Slash Unique Attack. Also, any rules that apply to Heavy Slash obviously don't apply to him, as his Heavy Slash is for placing and recalling the yo-yo, so that button has its own mechanic entirely. The other character is Anji: he has the most unique set of Normals in the game and breaks most of the Slash Button rules. Not only does he possess a Towards + Slash as well, but he also possesses an Offensive Crouch + Slash, the only character to do so. AND he is the only character who does NOT possess a Close/Far version of the Slash button! A good way to think of Anji, though, is that he is the only character with all four versions (Neutral, Toward, Crouching, and Offensive Crouching) of Punch, Kick, and Slash. And the last character that has to be mentioned is Zappa, who has a Toward + Slash Unique Attack ONLY with Ghosts activated. Also, with Dog activated, Dust controls the Dog only and he loses his standard Dust attacks.

A Handy-Dandy Chart

Here's a chart that describes the general roles for all of the standard Normal Attacks in Guilty Gear. Obviously, different characters will have different exceptions to these, but just like how in Street Fighter you expect most characters' Crouching Heavy Kick to sweep opponents and Close Heavy Punch to be quick and cancelable and Crouching Medium Punch to be a defensive short-ranged poke when you first pick them up, it's a good idea to keep these generalizations in mind whenever you pick up a new character.

Motion Move Name Property
Ggp.png (5P) Punch A quick attack that hits close to you but very short ranged and weak.
D.png + Ggp.png (2P) Crouch Punch A quick attack that hits further down in front of you, but still short ranged and weak.
Ggk.png (5K) Kick A good poke that covers more space in front of you than 5P. Good for fishing for hit confirms and defensive space controlling.
D.png + Ggk.png (2K) Crouch Kick Quick, close-ranged attack that must be Crouch Blocked. Very weak and typically leads to low damage if used to start a combo.
Ggs.png (c.S) Close Slash Quick, decently powerful move up close. Can almost always be chained into Far Slash regardless of distance. Can almost always be Jump Canceled.
Ggs.png (f.S) Far Slash The main poking tool. Tends to have the most utility in a "footsie" game. Usually has great range, but obviously a bit slower than 5P or 5K.
D.png + Ggs.png (2S) Crouch Slash A lower hitting poking tool. Typically has less range than f.S, but is another common weapon in the "footsie" game.
Ggh.png (5H) Heavy Slash Much larger range and great move for hit confirms. Typically fairly slow, but high priority and damage, especially when used to start combos.
D.png + Ggh.png (2H) Crouch Heavy Slash Tends to be a more high priority defensive move, but with slower startup, either hitting at anti-air angles or covering the area in front of your feet very well.
Ggd.png (5D) Dust Initiates the Dust attack which is always an Overhead and leads to Dust Combos.
D.png + Ggd.png (2D) Crouch Dust The universal Sweep attack for every character. Must be Crouch Blocked and, on hit, knocks the opponent to the ground.
F.png + Ggp.png (6P) Toward Punch The Universal Anti-Air button that grants the character upper-body invincibility.
F.png + Ggk.png (6K) Toward Kick For those that have one, it's a very utility-like move, fulfilling a very specific purpose for that character.
F.png + Ggh.png (6H) Toward Heavy Slash The very powerful and long-ranged but very slow move. Usually great damage and they tend to cover a LOT of space.


So in conclusion: no, the amount of Normal Attacks you have in the game is NOT staggering or hard to remember. It's very intuitive.