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As being one of the newest characters on CvS2 he seem to be one of the most underrated characters on the game. In the right hands, Haohmaru can be a force to be reckoned with due to his guard crushing ability, well-ranged pokes and overall strength. While most would consider K-Groove his best groove it seems he's one of those characters that can be played very offensively or defensively. While the SNK-grooves gives him more mobility and strength (some of the ingredients needed for rushdown) the Capcom-grooves tends to can make him a more defensive character that needs to rely more on zoning and turtling than rushing down. While some of the characters gives him problems once they get in close (ex. Iori) he does well against Sagat and Blanka as long as they stay within his comfort zone for pokes. Even though Haohmaru is classified as a low-mid tier character he has the tools to hang with most of the tiers on the game so don't underestimate him.

Haohmaru CvS2 colors.png

Moves List

Normal Moves

Damage Chart

  Standing Close Standing Far Crouching Jumping
Jab x 400 400 600
Strong 1100 1000 1000 † 1000
Fierce 1800 3000 1400 1600
Short x 300 300 † 500
Forward 800 900 700 † 800
Roundhouse 1300 1200 1100 † 1100

x = same move as standing far
† = must be blocked low
(note: all damage is calculated using Ratio 2 Haohmaru)

f + Fierce P (while close): 1900 dmg
f + Roundhouse K (while close): 2100 dmg

Special Moves

Secret Cyclone Slash
d, df, f + P
- Haohmaru throws a fireball that moves across the ground. If it hits the opponent, it throws them into the air.
LP: 1 hit - 1000 dmg
MP: 1 hit - 1100 dmg
HP: 1 hit - 1200 dmg

Fake Cyclone Slash
d, df, f + K
- Haohmaru does the first few frames of the Secret Cyclone Slash and then recovers before actually throwing anything. Used as a fake-out.

Secret Crescent Moon Slash
f, d, df + P
- Haohmaru circles his sword around himself then slashes upward, jumping into the air.
LP: 2 hits (only 1 will hit) - 1400 dmg / 900 dmg
MP: 2 hits (first hit doesn't knock down) - 900 dmg / 600 dmg = 1500 dmg
HP: 2 hits - 1000 dmg / 600 dmg = 1600 dmg

Secret Earthquake Slice
d, db, b + P
- Haohmaru jumps toward the opponent, does a sommersault and smashes his sword down. This move must be blocked standing.
LP: 1 hit - 1200 dmg
MP: 1 hit - 1300 dmg
HP: 1 hit - 1400 dmg

Super Moves

Slash of Supreme Judgement
d, df, f, d, df + P
- Haohmaru circles his sword around himself multiple times then slashes upward, jumping into the air
lvl 1: 9 hits (doesn't knock down until hit 7) - 2300 dmg
lvl 2: 12 hits (doesn't knock down until hit 9) - 4400 dmg
lvl 3: 15 hits (doesn't knock down until hit 11) - 5800 dmg

Flame of the Conqueror
f, df, d, db, b, f + P
- Haohmaru leans back then slashes fiercely in front of him. Haohmaru is completely invincible until after he slashes. Level 3 only.
lvl 3: 1 hit - 6700 dmg

The Basics

Poke a lot. Don't worry too much about combos or special moves. His best pokes are Jab and Strong (both standing and ducking versions of both).

His s.Fierce does a ton of damage but leaves him wide open for punishment if it doesn't hit. You must be very careful when using it and not to be predictable with it.

Basic Combos
d.Short x 3, d.Jab (1300 dmg)
d.Short, s.Short ~ hp Secret Crescent Moon Slash (2200 dmg)
sc.Roundhouse ~ hp Secret Crescent Moon Slash (2900 dmg)
j.Fierce, sc.Forward ~ hp Secret Crescent Moon Slash (4000 dmg)
d.Short, d.Jab ~ lvl.3 Slash of Supreme Judgement (6500 dmg)
d.Fierce ~ lvl.3 Slash of Supreme Judgement (7200 dmg)
j.Fierce, sc.Forward, lvl.3 Slash of Supreme Judgement (8200 dmg)

Advanced Strategy

Use the Fake Cyclone Slash to disorient your opponent. If they jump, use diagonal jumping fierce, crouching fierce or strong Secret Cresent Moon Slash which are good anti-airs. If they roll, try d.Short, d.Short, d.Short, d.Jab to put them towards the corner or kick throw to create a 50/50 mixup. Throw out a Secret Cyclone Slash just to mix it up, but at a safe distance. His dash is pretty good so if you Fake Cyclone Slash them and they do nothing then dash in for a throw attempt. Try to mix it up after the F.C.S. sometimes try two or three F.C.S. in a row to entice the opponent.


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